Talia Aybedullina: photo, biography and personal life

Talia Aybedullina: photo, biography and personal life
Talia Aybedullina: photo, biography and personal life

Thalia Aybedullina deserves to be called the most titled beauty of Russia - she brings the country victories in various international beauty contests like no other. Her modeling career is developing rapidly, she travels around the world, representing her native country in different parts of the world.

Talia Aybedullina's biography

The girl was born on July 1, 1996 in the city of Ulyanovsk.

At school, the girl fell in love with the exact sciences, she studied them diligently, but despite this, she decided to enter the faculty of journalism at Ulyanovsk State University. In the profession of a journalist, she was attracted by the fact that she combines two principles: social and creative. In addition to studying, the girl worked as a choreographer at the Lyceum, played in the university KVN team, sang in the faculty choir, and helped organize charity events.

The fact that she went to study as a journalist, Thalia ended the family dynasty - both her mother and grandmother worked as math teachers all her life.

Image"Miss Ulyanovsk-2015"

Career start

The first beauty pageant forTaliya Aybedullina became "Miss UlSU 2014". 13 girls took part in it, but thanks to her talents and beautiful appearance, Talia confidently won.

Having achieved the championship, the girl realized that she wanted to participate in such competitions in the future, although she had never thought about it before.

After this event, Thalia was able to take third place in the competition "Miss Students of Russia" and decided to take part in the "Miss Ulyanovsk 2015" contest.

The final of the event was held in the Aquamall shopping and entertainment center. About a hundred girls took part in it. Despite the large number of participants, Talia was able to win this competition.

Also, Taliya Aybedullina works at the Terminal–models agency, actively participates in various photography and fashion shows. The girl is not afraid of cameras, she behaves well in front of the lens, she can try on any image.

Miss Russia 2016

Thalia admitted that it was amazing for her to get to this event. 70 thousand participants applied for the contest, and Talia was included in the list of the 50 most beautiful girls in Russia.

According to Thalia, there was no particular competition, on the contrary, all the finalists became friends, tried to support each other.

They worked hard, trained, but there was also time for rest - the girls attended various events.

Talia Aibedullina's parents and the organizer of the Miss Ulyanovsk contest came to support the competition.

Despite the fact that Talia could not win the crown, she received unforgettableemotions and wonderful experience. In addition, the participants were presented with all the clothes and shoes in which the girls prepared for the finals.

A nice bonus was that, according to the readers of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Thalia was the most worthy of the victory contestant.

Thalia in competition costume

Waist now

In addition to winning the Miss Russia contest in 2016, Talia decided to participate in the Miss Volga event, in which she became the winner, won 1 million rubles and got the opportunity to represent Russia at one of the largest Miss International contests from USA.

After this competition, Thalia signed a contract with Casta Models. This is an international company in Moscow and Barcelona. She began to fly frequently to shoot and show in Moscow. The work of the model has become the main one for Talia.

In 2017, she won crowns at the Miss Kemer International-2017, World Miss Tourism Ambassador, Miss Global City 2017 contests. In 2018, the girl came to Myanmar to participate in the Miss Grand International contest. It was attended by representatives from 80 countries who fought for the main title and 40 thousand dollars.

Paraguayan girl won, but Talia was able to enter the top 20 most beautiful and talented contestants.

Despite the fact that 2019 has just begun, Taliya Aybedullina has already managed to win another crown for Russia - she won the 53rd Miss All Nations-2019 world beauty pageant.

The most beautiful girl in Ulyanovsk

This event was attended bygirls from thirty countries. The tests were quite traditional - the participants had to go out in national costumes, evening dresses and show a creative number.

Talia Aybedullina performed a Russian folk dance to the song "I'll go out into the street", which captivated the jury.

According to the girl, the Chinese were delighted with her performance, as they love Russian music and costumes.

Thalia won an undisclosed cash prize and signed a two-year contract with an international company. In addition, during the year the girl will take part in projects in Asia.

About the wedding

In 2017, there were rumors that Taliya Aybedullina got married. All netizens began to actively discuss this event, admired the girl's dress and her handsome fiancé. The reason for this was the appearance of wedding photos of Taliya Aybedullina on the World Wide Web. However, this was soon found quite a reasonable explanation - the girl got married "pretend".

In fact, Talia took part in the second annual wedding exhibition in the city of Ulyanovsk. The exhibition was held in the same place where the contest "Miss Ulyanovsk" was organized - in the shopping center "Aquamall". This exhibition was devoted to the main theme - the family, the wedding and the future relationship of the spouses.

Thalia performed a graceful, beautiful dance with her partner that was full of lightness and romance.

Miss Grand International

Waist about me

The girl says that at the beginning of her modeling career, she is veryI was embarrassed to go on stage in a bathing suit. But one day one of the organizers told her a wise thing: if she already came to a beauty contest, she should be ready to show not only her gait, talents and face, but also her figure. And in order not to be ashamed of this, you need to carefully monitor her.

Thalia advises all girls to learn to adequately evaluate themselves. If, looking in the mirror, a beauty sees that her appearance is suitable for the modeling business, you need to boldly go there and not be afraid of anything.

Thalia even invites girls who want to become models to write to her personally so that she can objectively assess their chances.

Student Ulgu

The girl does not reveal her personal life to anyone, she smiles at the interview and declares that it is a secret.

Thalia only named the qualities that real men should have: responsibility, purposefulness, self-sufficiency. A girl should feel behind a man, like behind a stone wall.

Mom about Thalia

Gulnara Aybedullina speaks of her daughter as a very responsible and stubborn girl. She sees how Thalia makes sure to keep a great shape - the choreography she teaches helps her in this.

Gulnara is her daughter's biggest fan and supports her in all her endeavors.

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