William Franklin-Miller: the most beautiful boy

William Franklin-Miller: the most beautiful boy
William Franklin-Miller: the most beautiful boy

William Franklin-Miller is an English teenager, model, actor and popular social media personality. After initially rising to fame with his modeling career, the young man is regarded as one of the most promising actors, having landed roles in television shows such as Jack Irish, Neighbors and Arrow.

This rise in popularity comes as a surprise when fans find out how old William Franklin-Miller is. Born in London, he spent much of his life in Melbourne, Australia. In 2019, the boy will turn 15 years old. He had been active on social media for some time when a Japanese schoolgirl shared a photo of him on Twitter in 2016. In a few days, he became an internet celebrity. In the same year, he made his debut in the short film Fish Out of Water.

In 2017, his performance as young Joseph Wilson on Arrow helped him establish himself in the entertainment industry. He is also set to star in Four Kids and It.

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Modeling career

Despite such a young age, the biography of William Franklin-Miller is very rich. He began his acting career at the age of four. Even then, as a child, he had already earned an impressive resume in Australia before becoming popular on social networks. It has been included in the catalogs of some of the world's leading fashion brands over the years.

William Franklin-Miller participated in advertising campaigns for companies such as Hackett, Harrods, Marks & Spencer, Country Road, Pavement Brands, Sudo. He has appeared in La Petite Magazine, Official Russia, Italian Vogue, Vogue Russia and Hooligans Magazine.

In 2017, Halcyon Kids ran a contest for their readers in Los Angeles, who were promised that the winner would be in a photo shoot with Franklin-Miller. He has also been featured in Bambini, Jr Model, Papillon, and Visual Tales magazines. He is currently modeled by Megan Klein of New York Model Management.

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Social networks

He posted the oldest photo on his Instagram page in February 2015. Two months later, in April, he created his Twitter account. From the very beginning he used his social media accounts to promote his modeling work. At that time, his popularity on the Internet was rather insignificant.

However, things changed in 2016 when a Japanese schoolgirl uploaded a picture of Franklin-Miller to her Twitter account. Subsequently, thisthe photo went viral, effectively making the boy a social media celebrity almost overnight. Since then, he has amassed over a million followers on Instagram and thousands of followers on Twitter.

William created his YouTube channel on July 18, 2016 and posted his first video within a week. His YouTube content consists predominantly of video challenges, Q&A, and updates. Each video collects thousands of views.

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Young actor

William Franklin-Miller has starred in several music videos, including Take Me Over by Australian duo Peking Duk, who once topped the ARIA charts. The young man made his debut in early 2016 in the short film Fish Out of Water. In the movie, he played a character named Zack. The boy subsequently appeared on the small screen in the Australian television drama Jack Irish.

In 2017, he starred in an episode of the Australian soap opera Neighbours. In the same year, he made his debut on American television, playing the young Joseph Wilson in the superhero series Arrow.

In 2018, the young man took part in the short film The Resurgence. William Franklin-Miller is set to star in The Watcher and his first feature film, Four Kids and It.

As an actor in the United States, he is represented by Bernard Kier of BMK-ENT, in London by Saskia Mulder of the Artists Partnership, and Charmaine Gilchrist of Gilchrist Management in Australia. In 2016 hewas unofficially declared the most handsome boy in the world.

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Family and personal life

William Franklin Miller's birthday is March 25, 2004. He was born in London, England. Father, Andy, is a doctor. Mother's name is Shannon. William is the eldest of three children: he has a younger brother, Noah, and a sister, Siena. Dr. Franklin-Miller completed his medical studies at Imperial College London in 1998. He later joined the British Royal Navy and worked with the Royal Marines. Since leaving the army, he has served as doctor for the UK Olympic rowing team, the England rugby team, the Melbourne Rugby League and the New Zealand Black Ferns women's rugby team. He has also worked in the UK with track and field athletes. Over the years, Andy has made numerous appearances on television and radio shows.

William's mother, Shannon, is an Australian actress and model. His sister, Siena, is a social media celebrity herself and occasionally appears on her brother's YouTube channel.

After spending the first years of his life in England, William moved to Melbourne, Australia in January 2013 with his family. Since 2018 he lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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