The most beautiful phrases about love

The most beautiful phrases about love
The most beautiful phrases about love

The theme of love is somehow touched upon in almost any literary work. It is very simple to explain this - love is recognized as one of the eternal topics, so discussions about it will never go out of fashion. Even today, along with such a rapid development of progress and utter moral decline against the backdrop of a raging sexual revolution, the beautiful theme of love is exploited in all forms of art.

Phrases about love and life in the masterpieces of world literature

Love experiences of characters in cinema and literature can sometimes touch not only sensual young ladies and housewives, but also harsh men, especially if these experiences are described with real talent.

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Phrases about love are present in almost all literary genres, including the same detective novel. True, horror masters have so far refrained from exaggerating this topic in their works, but who knows how long this trend will continue in modern literature. However, those phrases about love and various aphorisms on this topic that can now be found on the Internet most often belong to the pen of the classics.

Lord of literary figurative means - William Shakespeare

Most topiclove was exploited, of course, by poets. William Shakespeare imbued all his sonnets and plays with love experiences, and he did it so exquisitely that today some romantics even use his work in their confessions.

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Phrases about love by Shakespeare are all thoughtful and very sophisticated. For example, this quote of his is very famous: “Lovers swear to fulfill more than they can, and do not fulfill even a fraction of what is possible.” But really, how many promises do lovers make to each other during the period of “rose-colored glasses”! And seldom are any of them actually fulfilled. Shakespeare also wrote a magnificent phrase; "One glance can kill love, and it is also possible to resurrect it." This should also be thought about - what kind of love is this, which self-destructs because of just one look? It's more like an infatuation or just an unhe althy attachment. Although, judging by the sonnets, Shakespeare certainly knew the feeling of true love.

Beautiful Laura

Many catch phrases about love belonged to the pen of the Italian poet Francesco Petrarch. His collection of lyrical poems dedicated to Laura still fascinates literary critics.

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The writer masterfully captured his ever-changing feeling while raising the bar significantly for other romantics. Quote from Petrarch: “To be able to express how much you love is to love too little,” is now exploited by modern young people,whose young ladies reproach them for the fact that they rarely express their feelings verbally. Beautiful phrases about love are, of course, good, but actions and actual manifestations of one's affection are much more valued than memorized poems or carefully prepared love speeches. George Byron, in his ironic poem about Don Juan, made a clever reference to Petrarch: “Do you really think that if Laura were Petrarch’s wife, he would write sonnets to her all his life?” This reference, as it were, hints to the reader that, according to the author, any marriage actually only destroys love.

The contribution of German realism to world romanticism

He loved to use phrases about love with meaning in his works Erich Maria Remarque. On the Internet, you can find entire quotes of his, compiled by devoted fans of his work.

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This quote is very popular: “Love is not stained with friendship. And the end is the end." This is a very sad, but quite true expression. Any friendship after a beautiful romance will only cause unnecessary feelings of nostalgia and sometimes a desire to return everything. Remarque also owns the phrase: “No person can become more alien than the one whom you sincerely loved in the recent past.” Of course, Remarque's novels are sad and almost always end badly, but the writer justifiably takes his rightful place among the world's classics of literature. This German realist endowed his heroes with amazing spiritual depth, putting extremely existential phrases about life and love into their mouths.His works are a stronghold of wisdom, and therefore their presence in the modern high school curriculum cannot but please true connoisseurs of quality literature.

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