Why there are fires in the forest

Why there are fires in the forest
Why there are fires in the forest

Forest land in our country covers more than one billion hectares. It should be noted right away that not all areas are suitable for economic use. At the same time, forest fires, no matter where they occur, always cause great damage to the environment. Conservationists have the term "forest fire", which is used to characterize and assess the situation. According to this indicator, Russia lags behind Europe and North America. This fact is partly explained by the large areas of unprotected forests. In the northern regions of Siberia and the Far East, it is very difficult to protect from the technical side.

Protect the forest from fire

Dispassionate statistics show that forest fires are most often caused by human activity. More than 80 percent of the number of fires occur due to careless handling of fire. The cause of an emergency may be an outstanding cigarette butt, a match, or sparks from a fire. Even exhaust fumes from a running bulldozer can start a forest fire. Given these circumstances, the Federal Forestry Agency has developed special methodological materials on the organization of forest protection fromfire. This memo can be useful not only to representatives of local governments, but also to individual citizens.

Forest fires

Of course, it is not enough just to make an appeal "Protect the forest from fire!". Appropriate activities and training should be carried out. Every year, when the fire hazard period begins, in many regions they try to limit people's access to forest lands. This way to prevent fires in the forest is acceptable, but only with an integrated approach. It is no secret that a significant number of people still remain, who, as they say, "live in the taiga industry." To forbid them to get mushrooms, berries and nuts means to deprive them of sources for subsistence. In such situations, it is necessary to conduct practical and theoretical classes on the rules of staying in a forest area.

Fires in the forest

Forest fires are the process of uncontrolled spread of fire. More precisely, it spreads in the direction in which the wind blows. In appearance, the fire can be grassroots, riding and underground. According to the speed of distribution, grassroots species are divided into stable and runaway ones. The latter type most often occurs in the spring. Burning last year's grass and fallen leaves. The propagation speed depends on the wind speed. Sustained burning may occur in mid-summer. In this case, the entire fertile layer burns out in one limited area.

Horse riding spreads through the crowns of trees, and underground when the peat layer ignites. AnywayForest fires pose a great danger to humans. As already mentioned, fire must be prevented. But if this happened, then if possible, it should be paid off and reported to the administration of the nearest settlement. When a fire grows, it is necessary to leave the danger zone as soon as possible. Go to the windward side perpendicular to the edge of the fire. If there is heavy smoke, you need to cover your mouth and nose with a damp bandage, towel, or just a piece of clothing. It is very important not to panic in such situations.

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