Tatar names for girls - modern, beautiful

Tatar names for girls - modern, beautiful
Tatar names for girls - modern, beautiful

Today, Tatar names for girls are widespread among Turkic-speaking and Muslim people - modern, but at the same time keeping a thousand-year history, mentioned in scriptures and historical documents.

Really beautiful Tatar names for girls today are found in numerous collections of names. We want to give examples of the most striking, in our opinion, with excellent meanings, carrying surprisingly colorful descriptions and meaning.

Tatar names for girls modern

Tatar names for girls, modern, coming from the Arabian Peninsula

  • Aliya - ex alted, high, honorable, outstanding.
  • Amani (emphasis on the second syllable) - dreams, desires. There is a version that this name can mean "secret".
  • Amilya is an Arabic name, translated means a hard worker, worker.
  • Amira - princess, princess, daughter of royal blood.
  • Anisa (emphasis on the second syllable) is an interlocutor, sweet, affectionate, friendly, pleasant in communication, friendly, friend. If to dostress on the first syllable, we get another word with a different translation - an unmarried girl.
  • Asiya (emphasis on the first syllable) - healing, comforting. This is the name of the wife of the pharaoh who oppressed the people of Moses.
  • Jamila is undoubtedly beautiful. Old Arabic name.
  • Karima - a very noble, giving, generous daughter - this name carries such different meanings.
  • Farida (emphasis on the second syllable) - exclusive, unique, rare, incomparable, extraordinary, amazing. Another translation is pearl.

Tatar names for girls, modern, coming from the Turkic-speaking peoples

  • Guzel - in Turkic means incredibly beautiful, graceful, delightful.
  • Jana (the first syllable is stressed) - a name meaning "soul" in translation. This name is also found in Arabic. It is translated as "fresh fruits", mentioned in the Qur'an.
beautiful Tatar names for girls

Tatar names for girls are modern, coming from Persia

  • Fairuza - turquoise (semi-precious stone), azure, radiant. Another translation is famous, famous, popular, famous.
  • Yasmine - the heavenly flower of jasmine. If you add the letter A at the end - "Yasmin", then it will mean - a sprig of jasmine or its flower.

Popular Tatar girl names, folk motifs

  • Aisylu is the one who keeps the secret of the moon.
  • Ayla or Ayly - light-faced like the moon.
  • Alsu is a famous name, meaning beautiful, charming, beautiful.
  • Guzelia - girlincredible beauty.
  • Irkya - gentle, refined, affectionate, touching. In another translation, it means baby, female baby (daughter). Another option is intelligent, pure, generous, honest.
popular tatar girl names

In the history of Tatar names, interlacing with Arabic words is most common. The reason is the tendency of the Muslim world to give children names in Arabic. Indeed, according to Islamic etiquette, it is preferable to call babies names from the Koran and the history of the emergence of Islam, which were worn by the companions and descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

Turkic roots also had a considerable influence, since the Tatar language belongs to the Turkic group.

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