Marina Gazmanova - wife of Oleg Gazmanov

Marina Gazmanova - wife of Oleg Gazmanov
Marina Gazmanova - wife of Oleg Gazmanov

Marina Gazmanova is the second wife of a famous Russian pop singer, composer, actor and producer. The spouses have a common child - the girl Marianna, who is now 14 years old. What is known about Marina Gazmanova? What does she do and how did her personal life develop? We will talk about this in our article.

Biography of Marina Gazmanova

Marina Anatolyevna (nee Muravyova) was born in March 1969. After completing her studies at school, she entered Voronezh State University, where she graduated with a degree in economics. It is known that Marina Gazmanova (there is a photo of the woman in the article) was married to Vyacheslav Mavrodi, who is the brother of the founder of MMM, Sergei Mavrodi.

At that time, Gazmanov's wife worked as an accountant at MMM. From her marriage to Vyacheslav, Marina has a son, Philip (born in November 1997), whom Gazmanov adopted and is raising as his own.

Becoming Gazmanov's wife, the girl abandoned accounting and devoted herself entirely to her family. When Marianna grew up a little, Marina found a new occupation for herself. Now Gazmanov's wife is a designer by profession.She is engaged in the development and implementation of original interiors for her home and for the apartments of customers.

Marina with her husband

Meet Gazmanov

In an interview, Marina shared her memories of meeting a popular singer. The girl at that time lived in Voronezh, and Oleg Gazmanov came to this city on tour. The singer noticed a beautiful girl from the car and sent his musician to her to invite Marina to the concert.

However, Marina was brought up in an intelligent family and in strict rules, on classical music and good poetry, she was only interested in arts and crafts and ballet. Therefore, she refused the proposal to the sent drummer and added that the pop performer could personally invite her. But the girl nevertheless got to Oleg's concert and here she could no longer resist the spell of the singer.

Oleg Gazmanov with Philip

Oleg and Marina lived in civil relations for about 8 years. The girl then independently raised her son from a previous relationship and was not particularly in a hurry to get married. The popular singer was previously also married, from whom he has an adult son, Rodion.

And only in July 2003, the wedding of Marina and Oleg Gazmanov took place in Moscow. Among the guests were such popular personalities as fashion designer V. Yudashkin and Moscow Mayor Y. Luzhkov.

How does Marina Gazmanova raise her daughter?

In one of the interviews, the woman told how she is raising her daughter Marianne. Marina supports her in everything and believes thatmost of the subjects in the school should be removed, and instead of them free time for everyday science. In addition, Marina thinks that it is not worth raising girls on fairy tales, since in a real mature life with a worldview built on such literature, it is very difficult to live.

Marina and Oleg

Her daughter Marina Gazmanova, when she went to school, removed all fairy tales with princesses and princes from the shelves. She read everything to Marianne before she was seven years old. Now she should move on and grow up, the girl's mother decided.

Now Marianne is studying at a school with a theatrical bias. Mom often posts her photos on her social media page.

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