Tyler Seguin: life and career

Tyler Seguin: life and career
Tyler Seguin: life and career

Tyler Seguin is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who won the 2015 Ice Hockey World Championship gold medal. He currently plays for the NHL's Dallas Stars. How did Tyler come to such success, what does he hide under a layer of muscles and tattoos? All this in this article.

Tyler Seguin

Who is Tyler Seguin?

Tyler Seguin rushes across the ice, putting his whole soul into the game…

He is a professional hockey player, Stanley Cup champion, Dallas Stars player, son, brother, dog lover, friend, optimist, philanthropist, golfer, hiker, fisherman, collector, tattoo lover.

The tattoos on his arms are his memories. In a recent interview, Tyler shared that they are reminders every day of the things that matter. The tattoo is part of it. He hasn't really been home since he was 15, so he likes to carry a piece of home with him every day. Tyler's tattoos symbolize the importance of family in his life. On the left hand, Seguin placed the birth years of his parents and sisters, an angel and a family tree. The heart in the center became the impetus for all other tattoos. Tylerexplains that his father always said that his soul was wide open, so he decided to get a heart tattoo. This started the whole process.

Early years

Tyler Seguin personal life

Tyler Seguin was born in Brampton on January 31, 1992, into a family of hockey players. For generations, his family played hockey. Tyler's siblings, Candice and Cassidy, are also excellent hockey players. As a child, the boy's favorite player was Steve Yzerman, with whom Tyler's style of play is now often compared. Seguin's fearless nature, skill, speed, accuracy and agility on the ice attracted attention and propelled him into professional youth hockey.


At the age of 18, Tyler entered the 2010 NHL Entry Draft with an outstanding record that paid off in no time - he was the second overall draft pick this year and signed with the Boston Bruins. A successful season with the Boston Bruins in 2011 brought the young hockey player the Stanley Cup, the Spengler Cup and an invitation to the NHL All-Star Game.

During the NHL lockout, Seguin played for the Biel team of the Swiss National Hockey League.

In the summer of 2013, an exchange of hockey players took place between the Boston Bruins and the Dallas Stars. On July 4, Seguin joined the Stars. The trade turned out to be very good for Dallas, as Seguin's trademark speed and attack helped lead the team to the playoffs for the first time in six years.

Solving the shortage of centralhitters, Stars management moved Tyler to the center line. So Seguin quickly turned from a novice player into a superstar. Together with left winger Jamie Benn, they formed one of the most successful playing duos in the NHL, with Seguin scoring 107 goals and 234 points in 223 games. With over 30 goals each season, Seguin lived up to the Boston Bruins' predictions when they selected him in the NHL Entry Draft.

At the end of his first season with the Dallas Stars, Seguin was ranked 4th on the NHL Players list for the 2013-2014 season. In addition, he was awarded the "Mike Modano Trophy" for the highest points scored this season.

Tyler Seguin won the gold medal at the 2015 Ice Hockey World Championship with Team Canada.

Charity activities

Tyler Seguin personal life

Since moving to the Dallas Stars, Tyler has been actively involved in social activities. He created his own charitable organization that donates part of the tickets to people with spinal cord injuries for every home game. The hockey player regularly meets with them, takes pictures and gives commemorative autographs (this explains the countless selfies on his Twitter). His organization is a partner of the Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association

Private life

Tyler Seguin loves dogs very much. He has two Labradors at home: a black Cash and a brown Marshal.

Since 2013, the hockey player has been friends with Eli Nugent. They often appear together, so inThis stunning model is often considered by the press to be his girlfriend, and Tyler Seguin does not deny this.

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