Hurricane in China: "Hato"

Hurricane in China: "Hato"
Hurricane in China: "Hato"

The strongest storm occurred in China in August 2017. The hurricane left 16 dead, dozens of injured and thousands of frightened people who had to flee their homes.

Hurricane in China

Powerful Typhoon Hato struck a gambling house in Macau and the nearby city of Hong Kong on August 23, but continued its deadly course across China in southern Guangdong province the next day.

Measures to protect the population

The Chinese authorities called for measures to protect against geographic disasters such as rock shifts, floods and landslides. This was reported by the state news agency Xinhua.

During a hurricane in China on August 23, 2017, rail traffic was suspended and fishing boats returned to the harbor. Airlines canceled 450 flights, and commuter and river routes were also suspended.

Citizens have been warned to be prepared for damaging winds, possible flooding and landslides, and advised to stay away from low-lying areas because storm surges can cause severe flooding.

After the hurricane stopped in China, parts of Guangdong andneighboring Guangxi was expected to receive up to 30 centimeters of precipitation.

China Hurricane August 2017

8 people died in mainland China, and eight more died in Macau (in a gambling house, where, as the media showed, cars sank under water, and people had to swim along the streets instead of walking). Three men, aged 30, 45 and 62, died as a result of falls or accidents involving heavy rain and gusty winds. Details regarding the other victims are unknown.

The former Portuguese colony was completely flooded with water as the storm peaked along with 160 kph winds.

Effects of the hurricane in Macau

Hato has taken power out of Macau, including famous casinos and hospitals, forcing backup generators. Numerous institutions and organizations located throughout the city were unable to start operations the day after the storm because of this.

Locals posted photos on social media showing them wading through muddy water that flooded the streets of the city.

Hurricane in China August 23, 2017

Local authorities said the day after the hurricane in China, many citizens were still without water and electricity.

Effects of the hurricane in Hong Kong

Officers said a total of 273 people were injured in the crash, 153 of them in Macau and 120 in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, "Hato" led to the closure of some companies, governmentorganizations, schools and the stock market, turning normally bustling streets eerily quiet.

Chinese media reported that 27,000 people were evacuated to safe areas in China, while another 2 million people remained in areas hit by the hurricane.

Wu Zhifang, chief forecaster at the Guangdong Meteorological Center, noted that compared to other typhoons, Hato was gaining strength very quickly and caused unprecedented precipitation.

TDM, Macau's public broadcaster, announced that Typhoon Hato has become China's strongest hurricane in 40 years, reaching a magnitude of 10.

The most severe storm to hit Hong Kong was Typhoon Wanda in 1962. Then the wind gusts reached a speed of 284 kilometers per hour, and the hurricane claimed the lives of 134 people.

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