Princess Madeleine Theresia Amelia Josephine, Mrs. O'Neill

Princess Madeleine Theresia Amelia Josephine, Mrs. O'Neill
Princess Madeleine Theresia Amelia Josephine, Mrs. O'Neill

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has experienced many happy events in recent years. She met the man of her dreams, married him and became the mother of two wonderful kids. But it seems that quite recently the girl grieved because of the betrayal of her ex-fiance and, breaking off her engagement with him, flew overseas in the hope of starting a new life.

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Princess Madeleine is the youngest daughter of the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. She was born in June 1982 in Stockholm. The weight of the girl at the time of birth was 3 kg 340 g, height - 49 cm. At the baptism, which took place on August 31 of the same year, the baby was named Madeleine Theresia Amelia Josephine. In addition to her, the royal couple has two more older children: daughter Victoria and son Karl-Philip. In accordance with the laws of her country, Madeleine is fourth in line to the throne after her sister, brother and niece Estelle, who was born in 2012.


The crowned parents made sure that Madde (as the princess is called by relatives and friends) received an excellent education. The girl's mother Silvia (Queen of Sweden) wanted her daughter to study at a decent educational institution where she could notdisturb journalists. As a result, the choice fell on the Enskidla Gymnasium located on the outskirts of Stockholm. Madeleine's older sister, Princess Victoria, also received her education there. The girl graduated from the main course of the institution in 1998. In 2000, she became a bachelor of arts at the Enskild Gymnasium School.

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In 2001, Madden went to London to study English. In 2003-2006 the girl studied at the Faculty of Art History at Stockholm University. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, Madeleine decided to get another speci alty at the same higher educational institution, and in 2007 she began to study child psychology. The girl combined her studies with work in the international charitable organization "Childhood", one of the founders of which is her mother Sylvia. The Queen of Sweden approved this choice of her daughter.


Craving for knowledge is not Madden's only hobby. From early childhood, she was attracted to equestrian sports. The first horse of the girl was the pony Travolta, whom she saddled at the age of 4. Later, the young Princess Madeleine began to engage in equestrian sports at a professional level, which caused a lot of anxiety for her parents. But they did not have to blush for their daughter. The girl repeatedly took part in equestrian competitions and even won an honorable second place in one of them. In order not to draw too much attention to her person, Madeleine competed under a false name. She chose the name Anna Swenson as a pseudonym.

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Exceptequestrian sport Princess Madeleine of Sweden is fond of skiing. She has been seen more than once at popular ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland. Traveling is another passion of Madden. The princess feels comfortable in foreign countries and practically does not use the services of translators, because in addition to her native language she is fluent in English, French and German.

Romance with Bergström

Madeleine has always been surrounded by attention from the representatives of the stronger sex. For some time, the press predicted her to be the groom of the English Prince William, but the expectations of the journalists did not materialize. For 8 years, the girl's lover was a lawyer from Stockholm, Jonas Bergström. Young people delayed the wedding for a long time because of Swedish laws: the youngest daughter of the king could not marry before the eldest, and Crown Princess Victoria was in no hurry to marry. Only after she was going to become the wife of her longtime boyfriend Daniel Westling in 2009, Madeleine was able to think about her own wedding. In the summer of 2009, the subjects of the kingdom learned that she had become engaged to her chosen one.

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Breaking off the engagement

The wedding, which the youngest daughter of the Swedish king so dreamed of, was never destined to come true. In the spring of 2010, Princess Madeleine publicly announced the breakup of relations with her fiancé, without explaining the reason for this decision. As it turned out later, the young people broke up because of Jonas's excessive love for the opposite sex. Shortly after the annulment of the engagement, revelations of a 21-year-old handball player fromNorway Tora Uppstrom, who publicly spoke about her affair with Bergström at a time when he was the princess's fiancé. Later, information was leaked to the media that the windy Jonas, during his relationship with Madeleine, even managed to have a child on the side.

Meet your future husband

Princess Madeleine was very upset by the betrayal of her former lover. To heal spiritual wounds, she went to New York, where she plunged headlong into her work at the Childhood Foundation. Life in the USA brought her an acquaintance with the American financier of English origin, Christopher O'Neill. Rumors that Madeleine had a new lover appeared in early 2011, but the royal family refused to comment on them for some time. But it is difficult to hide an awl in a bag, and after a couple of months, the crowned parents had to admit that their daughter had an affair with an American. In November 2011, the princess began to live with her chosen one in Manhattan. After dating for about two years, the lovers announced their engagement.


The wedding of Princess Madeleine and Christopher took place in June 2013 in the Swedish capital. About 500 guests of honor from different countries were invited to the celebration. The bride wore a luxurious wedding dress with a four-meter train, created by popular designer Valentino Garavani. The wedding day of the princess became a real holiday for the Swedes. It was accompanied by a solemn procession, festivities and grandiose fireworks. After the wedding, the newlyweds went to live in New York, where the princess continued to work in"Childhood".

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Birth of daughter and son

In early autumn 2013, the world became aware of the pregnancy of the youngest daughter of Carl XVI Gustaf. February 20, 2014 in New York, she gave birth to a girl. They decided to name the daughter of Princess Madeleine Leonor Lillian Maria. This was announced at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the kingdom, held a week after the birth of the baby. In Sweden, the name Leonor is extremely rare. At the beginning of 2013, only 128 subjects of the kingdom were its owners. The middle name Lillian was given to the granddaughter of Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia in honor of the wife of the king's uncle. The newborn, like her mother, is a princess of Sweden. At the time of her birth, she was fifth in line to the throne.

Princess Madeleine's daughter

In mid-June 2015, the King and Queen of Sweden became richer by one more grandson: their youngest daughter had a son. The boy was named Nicholas Paul Gustav. This time, the Swedish princess flew to give birth in her homeland, in Stockholm. The names Paul and Gustav were given to the baby in honor of his grandfathers. The boy was sixth in line for the Swedish throne. For Madeleine, the birth of children was a real gift of fate, because both princesses and mere mortal women dream of the happiness of becoming a mother.

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