Father of Zeus - Kron

Father of Zeus - Kron
Father of Zeus - Kron

Greek mythology is a very complex and interesting science. Unfortunately, not every person who knows its main points is familiar with the beginning of the beginnings of deities.

Father of Zeus

Like many other peoples, the Greeks talk about the initial chaos that reigned in the universe. After that, the future progenitors of all divine characters appear from it - the first titans, Uranus and Gaia. Dominating the living world, they constantly produce offspring. Uranus turns out to be a very passionate husband, but he clearly lacks love for children, his first sons - hecatoncheirs and cyclops - fall out of favor: frightened by the power of his own children, he sends them to Tartarus. Of course, the mother - Gaia - is upset, and therefore her next offspring, Krona, she teaches to overthrow her father and deprive him of the opportunity to have descendants through castration.

The future father of Zeus obeys his parent in everything and achieves success. But his mother suddenly predicts that he will fall at the hands of his own son.

Now the myths tell about the next divine couple - Kron and Ray. Having become fertile in his father, the unfortunate man is obsessed with fear, and therefore devours his own children. But this is precisely what causes trouble - Rhea, yearning for her descendantssaves one of his sons by feeding his beloved husband an ordinary cobblestone instead.

The young god was born in one of the caves of Crete - where, according to his mother, Kron would not look for him. According to legend, she endured the torment in silence, sticking her fingers into the ground, and at that time the entrance was guarded by the Kurets. Leaving her son in the care of these amazing creatures, Rhea returned to her husband. Over time, the Cave of Zeus became famous and popular among people. Today, any tourist who comes to Greece can visit it.

God Zeus

Zeus' unsuspecting father lives on as before, while one of his children builds up strength and hatred to get even with the murderer of siblings.

And now the hour has come. Zeus, who has grown up and strengthened, waters his father with a special potion, forcing him to spew out previously swallowed children (who, by the way, managed to grow right in his womb). Of course, the saved gods and goddesses are grateful to the savior, and therefore, together with him, they go to war against the tyrant, who was the father of Zeus - Kron the child-killer.

However, the war was much more difficult and long than everyone expected. The Titans proved to be extremely strong and cunning opponents. But, in the end, the young gods still managed to prevail, and Zeus's father was sent to Tartarus by his own son.

Zeus cave

Well, Zeus himself remained with his brothers and sisters on Olympus - a high mountain, reaching the top into the sky. Wise and childish, cunning and merciful, beautiful and quick-tempered, they began their own life, and the god Zeus is the great Thunderer- became the eldest among them.

What is most interesting, the Greeks themselves, despite their seemingly even attitude to all stages of their mythological history, consider the golden age to be the period when Kronos and Rhea ruled everything. According to the legends, then people themselves were in many ways similar to the gods - they did not know grief and loss, time did not have such power over them, there was no need to work, the souls of all living people had purity, and the mind had extraordinary clarity and piercing.

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