Singapore Ferris wheel - breathtaking attraction

Singapore Ferris wheel - breathtaking attraction
Singapore Ferris wheel - breathtaking attraction

Attraction for thrill-seekers in Singapore was built for 3 years and at that time was considered the highest in the world. Thanks to an interesting architectural solution, this Ferris wheel, unlike any other, can be seen from any part of the country. No tourist leaves without admiring the cityscape from the height of a 50-story building.

Opening luxurious view

Singapore, considered both a city and a state, has always surprised with the luxury of its buildings. Safe vacations and unique sights with an Asian flair are adored by foreign tourists. The Singapore Ferris wheel provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy the view not only of the metropolis itself, but also of its surroundings. More than 7 million people visit the attraction every year.

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Design safety

The wheel, created in collaboration with German sponsors, was created according to the standardssafety and is considered one of the most reliable and powerful designs. 112 huge steel cables keep the Singapore Flyer stable.

Two huge towers are equipped with multi-ton steel shock absorbers, ensuring operation even in the strongest hurricanes.

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The cabins rotate very slowly, so the Singapore Ferris wheel does not make any stops, all passengers take their seats on the go. Each capsule is equipped with air conditioning, as the thick glass heats up very quickly, and comfortable benches, because the journey at altitude takes about half an hour.

Weather conditions interfering with work

After the opening of the breathtaking attraction, its owners often changed, which did not affect the operation of the attraction in the best way. Singapore's supposedly safe Ferris wheel got stuck several times due to bad weather. Singapore is a city that is sometimes hit by heavy downpours, however, they pass quickly. And on one of these days of bad weather, lightning struck the structure, but thanks to the coordinated actions of workers who quickly evacuated passengers, no one was hurt.

8 - lucky number

Singapore's Ferris wheel, equipped with 28 suspended elongated booths made of high quality and durable material, can accommodate up to 800 people at a time. So that nothing interferes with the view of passengers of an exciting attraction, each gondolas structure, almost the size of an entire bus, is attached from the outsidewheels. One glazed capsule of an unusual shape will also accommodate exactly 28 passengers.

The numbers with eights, which bring good luck in Feng Shui, are very fond of the Chinese and use them wherever possible. And speaking of the Singapore Ferris wheel, the price of a ticket in the first days of opening in 2008 was 8888 local dollars. From the very beginning of the attraction, the movement of the booths was counterclockwise, until Taoist practitioners suggested changing direction in the opposite direction.

VIP trip

For those who want to combine a fascinating spectacle with an exquisite Asian cuisine dinner, there are special VIP cabins. The trip for passengers who paid a lot of money lasts 1 hour, after which they are given free access to the gallery, which offers a truly magnificent panorama of the city, and couples in love often wait here for dawn.

Entertainment Center

It should be mentioned that the Singapore Ferris wheel, originally planned as a separate giant structure, is built into a shopping center complex with numerous boutiques and restaurants. At night, a delightful view opens up from a height of the metropolis shining with lights; a colorful show with musical fountains begins to work in front of the entrance to the attraction.

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Unbelievable live pictures are projected by lasers on multi-colored jets, clearly visible from all sides in the open air. Now this entertainment center is also loved by children, who enthusiastically react to the opening landscapes fromgreat height, and their parents relaxing in the mall.

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