Actor Denis Burgazliev: biography, personal life

Actor Denis Burgazliev: biography, personal life
Actor Denis Burgazliev: biography, personal life

Denis Burgazliev is a talented film actor who managed to become famous not only in Russia but also abroad. In his youth, he dreamed of a career as a musician, but fate decreed otherwise. By the age of 46, Denis Aleksandrovich managed to act in about forty films and TV shows. "The Bourne Supremacy", "Roses for Elsa", "The Executioner", "Cobra Special Squad", "Spider" are just some of them. What else can you say about him?

Denis Burgazliev: the beginning of the journey

The actor is a native Muscovite, was born in August 1970. Denis Burgazliev was born into a family that has nothing to do with the world of cinema. His father held a responsible position in the trade mission, he often traveled abroad. Thanks to this, the boy dressed in beautiful and fashionable clothes, which were the envy of all his classmates.

Denis Burgazliev

When Denis was a teenager, he was attracted to music. He mastered playing the guitar and saxophone without anyone else's help, and then became a member of a youth group. Concerts hostedcreative team, were popular in narrow circles. Also during his school years, Burgazliev learned English, which was very useful to him in adulthood.

First successes

There was a time when Denis Burgazliev did not doubt that he wanted to connect his life with music. However, by the time he graduated from school, the young man changed his mind. His admission to the Moscow Art Theater School was a big surprise for everyone, including parents. At first, Denis was not sure that he was dreaming of an acting profession, but he unexpectedly liked studying at the School.

Denis Burgazliev photo

In his student years, Burgazliev found time for his childhood hobby - music. The young man founded the VIA "Hearts", for some time he performed with this group as a soloist. Also, a talented student took part in several productions of the Moscow Art Theater. The play "Bald Brunette" was especially successful, in which he got a bright role.

Moving to Germany

Denis Burgazliev moved to Germany in the mid-90s. The actor did not see prospects for himself in his native country, there was practically no work for him. Knowledge of English helped the young man quickly adapt abroad. He began to learn German and at the same time was looking for a job. Talent and charm helped Denis get the first roles in German films.

Denis Burgazliev personal life

Denis Burgazliev, whose photo can be seen in the article, was actively filmed during the years spent in Germany. "The Bourne Supremacy", "Happy August", "Svetlana","England" - pictures in which you can see it. There was no shortage of work, but gradually Burgazliev began to realize that he was missing his native country. The actor returned to Russia in 2005.

New Age

In Russia, Denis Burgazliev quickly became a sought-after actor. His filmography is constantly updated. "April", "Clairvoyant", "Canned food", "Roses for Elsa", "Route M8" - where only he did not act after returning to his native country.

Denis Burgazliev filmography

Music is still the hobby of the star of the national cinema. For example, the work of Burgazliev "Spouses" sounds in the comedy film "Love-carrot", which tells about the misadventures of spouses who exchanged bodies. In addition, Denis is working on a new musical project, which he named "Collector".

Private life

Of course, fans are also interested in whether Denis Burgazliev is in love with anyone. Personal life is a topic that the actor does not refuse to discuss with journalists. While still young, he married a girl named Marina, who was also an actress. His wife went with him to Germany, but refused to return to Russia.

Denis and Marina began to live in different countries, as a result of which their relationship went wrong. It is not surprising that the actor soon became interested in another woman. This happened thanks to Evgeny Stychkin, who invited a colleague and friend to celebrate his birthday. Burgazliev fell in love at first sight with a beautiful stranger whom he met at this celebration. She was the ballerina AliyaKhasenova, soloist of the Kremlin Ballet and a rising star. The actor also impressed the girl, so they soon started dating.

At the moment Denis is officially single. He divorced his wife Marina, but has not yet remarried. Khasenova and Burgazliev live together, they are thinking about building a house in the suburbs.


The actor has a daughter, Alexandra, who was born to him by his ex-wife. Denis has an excellent relationship with Sasha, he tries to see his daughter as often as possible. The girl can be seen in the TV series Volkov's Hour, in which she played a small role.

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