Alexey Shadrin - color correction expert

Alexey Shadrin - color correction expert
Alexey Shadrin - color correction expert

Aleksey Shadrin is a photographer with over 25 years of experience, color grading expert, teacher and author of many books on the art of color and photography.

Master about his work

Alexey Shadrin is convinced that photography is the same language. There is a literary language, painting, cinematography, music, and there is such. The master once said that if he had masterfully mastered the gift of writing - he would have been the second Paustovsky, would have owned a brush - he would have been an artist, but fate did not reward him with these abilities, so he is forced to talk to the world through the language of photography.

Alexey Shadrin

Aleksey considers it his duty to give fans of his work the highest possible image quality, to speak his language simply and concisely, but elegantly.

Like an author writing his own story, Alexei Shadrin captivates into the world of a photographic story with unexpected color schemes, extraordinary framing and light, catchy forms.

Colleagues about Alexey

Fellow teachers highly appreciate Shadrin's professionalism and creative activity, comparing him with nothing less than Stephen Hawking himself. Detailed study of the material, structuredpresentation, innovative approach - these are the few definitions that describe Alexey's courses and lectures.

In addition to his outstanding teaching qualities, many note Alexey's amazing versatility.

Alexey Shadrin as teacher

Alexey Shadrin, without exaggeration, is considered the most prominent expert in the CIS in the field of color grading. He has written many printed works, translated a large number of foreign publications on image visualization techniques, conducted live and online lectures, and developed an innovative training program.

alexey shadrin photographer

Many people note the pedantic refinement of his program, impeccable structure and consistency, and at the same time a lively presentation of the material, which makes it easy to assimilate information. The emotional component is already a highlight of Shadrin's lectures, this makes him much closer to the students, thus smoothing out the academic and scientific nature of the program.

Besides teaching gift, Alexey Shadrin is endowed with other talents. He understands people, he is impressed by inquisitive and thirsty students, and Alexey is always ready to meet their needs.

About the course "History of Art"

One of Alexey's most popular online courses is "History of Art - for a Modern Photographer". This course is designed for both beginners and advanced photographers who lack artistic fundamentals.

shadrin alexey color correction

The uniqueness of Shadrin's techniqueis to combine anthropology, physiology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, cognitive science. The photographer considers color and its components from the point of view of the above sciences, which makes him, perhaps, the only specialist with a scientific approach in this field.

The 35-hour course contains a lot of useful and unique information, after each lesson or lecture there is a homework task aimed at consolidating the acquired knowledge.

The main objective of the course is to give students the most complete idea and understanding of the fine arts of Europe, to tell about its origin and development. After all, only knowing the origins, it is possible to conduct an analysis and subsequently create your own masterpieces, relying on an artistic basis. The author masterfully reveals the theme of fine arts and photography, showing the mutual influence of these areas from a new angle.

You can also find an online course (author Shadrin Alexey) "Color Correction and Digital Color Management", this will allow you to understand the basics of building a composition in terms of color and light, draw inspiration for your projects.

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