Leopold Museum in Vienna: description, reviews

Leopold Museum in Vienna: description, reviews
Leopold Museum in Vienna: description, reviews

Vienna - the most beautiful city in the world - the capital of Austria. It is also considered one of the biggest cultural centers. The wonderful Vienna Opera is famous all over the world, which is definitely worth a visit to all connoisseurs of beauty. In addition, the city has a whole Museum Quarter, consisting of a large exhibition center Kunsthalle and the Leopold Museum. The latter is very popular with tourists. Here you can see the best paintings by the masters of expressionism and many other interesting things. In this article, we'll tell you where the Leopold Museum is located, opening hours, entrance fees, and an overview of the most popular art exhibitions.

The story of a collector

The emergence of the museum is associated with the name of Rudolf Leopold. This famous Viennese ophthalmologist became famous not only for his medical practice, but also went down in history as a connoisseur of beauty. He collected a huge number of paintings by the masters of modernism, impressionism and expressionism. The collection of Rudolf and his wife Elisabeth consisted of 5,000 paintings.

Soon, the Austrian authorities decided to acquire it and create an art museum in the center of Vienna. In 1994, a decree was passed recognizing the Leopold collection as a national Austrian treasure. In mid-1999, the construction of the museum complex began. In the autumn of 2001, everyone could see it and enjoy the masterpieces. The collector of the collection, Rudolf Leopold, became the director of the museum. After the death of the professor, his son took his place. He heads the museum to the present moment. Read on for even more interesting information about this unique place.

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Leopold Museum in Vienna: Interior

The project of the building was developed by the famous Austrian construction company "Ortner &Ortner". In shape, it resembles a perfect cube, covered with an unusual white shell rock. Beautiful stained glass windows offer stunning views of Maria Theresa Square. In addition, they fill the entire space of the museum halls with bright sunlight. All 4 floors of the building are filled with art canvases. Near each one you can stand for hours. These are the best paintings of representatives of the classical Viennese school of art, as well as the work of representatives of the new movement. A pleasant atmosphere reigns inside the building, all conditions have been created so that visitors can fully enjoy the works of the Leopold Museum. Comfortable soft chairs with small tables provide an opportunity to sit and discuss what you see. On the top floor of the museum there is a huge window from which a wonderful view of Vienna opens. Here everyone can admiregreat views of the city.

The visit begins at the Grand Atrium. Graphic works are located on the first floor. On the second floor, the main value of the Leopold Museum is a collection of paintings by Egon Schiele, as well as interesting information about his life and the search for a creative path. On the third floor there are thematic exhibitions and works by Gerstl, Waldmüller, Moser, Kokoschka, Romako.

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Useful information for visitors

The Leopold Museum is located in the very center of Vienna, at the address: Museum Square, 1st building. Thanks to its unique design, the building immediately catches the eye. Therefore, you will definitely not pass by it. You can get here by metro (although you have to walk a bit) or by public transport. Buses and fixed-route taxis reach almost to the Museum Square. Opening hours of the Leopold Museum: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. The exception is Thursday. On this day, the museum is waiting for visitors from 10-00 to 21-00. Day off - Tuesday. The cost of the entrance ticket is expressed in euros. For adult visitors - 13 euros (about 950 rubles), for pensioners (upon presentation of documents confirming the benefit) - 9.5 (about 700 rubles), for students and schoolchildren - 8 each (about 600 rubles), kids under 7 years old can visit here for free. Tickets for visiting the Leopold Museum can be bought at the box office (they close an hour earlier) or at electronic terminals.

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Collections of paintings by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt

Now let's talk aboutthe main treasure of the Leopold Museum in Vienna - the paintings of the brilliant Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele. Here is a complete collection of 42 canvases, more than 100 pencil sketches made by the artist. The visitor will be able to see such works as "The Setting Sun", "The Cardinal and the Nun", "The Dead City" and many others. You can also see his personal belongings and interesting correspondence with relatives and friends. The paintings are placed in chronological order, having carefully studied them, one can trace the creative development of the artist and his search for his own style. His works evoke different sensations, but no one will remain indifferent.

The paintings of Gustav Klimt had a great influence on the formation of Egon's creative personality. His works are truly attractive, contemplating them, you can spend far more than one hour. The Leopold Museum presents the following paintings by Klimt: "Quiet Pond", "Death and Life" and others.

Interiors of the Leopold Museum

Resting place

There is a special shop with souvenirs on the territory of the museum complex. It is located on the first floor. Here visitors can buy not very expensive souvenirs (umbrellas, pens, T-shirts, books on art and graphics). You can also purchase a detailed map of the museum, which describes the most popular paintings exhibited in the museum. Going upstairs, you can visit the wonderful cafe "Leopold". Here you can take a break and try the most delicate apple strudel and delicious cappuccino. Prices are quite affordable.

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Leopold Museum: visitor reviews

Guests of the complex are usually delighted after visiting it. They advise everyone who has not been to the Leopold Museum to visit it.

People write that the experience is the most pleasant. Unique setting and breathtaking paintings. I especially like the exhibition of works by Schiele. Emotions from them are difficult to convey in words, they need to be seen. Many say that they will definitely come here again if the opportunity arises.

People really like the view from the huge windows on the square. They praise that inside there are places where you can relax and sit. Pictures are called unreal cool.

This museum is worth a visit for everyone, you definitely won't regret it. And a nice bonus - a cafe with delicious desserts.

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