Swimmer Vladimir Morozov: biography, personal life, sports career

Swimmer Vladimir Morozov: biography, personal life, sports career
Swimmer Vladimir Morozov: biography, personal life, sports career

One of the most promising swimmers of today's Russian team - Vladimir Morozov - made a dizzying sports career. With all the available opportunities, he chose the path of a Russian athlete and successfully defends the colors of our flag at competitions of the highest rank.

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Childhood and family

June 16, 1992 in Novosibirsk was born Vladimir Morozov, a swimmer in the future, and at the time of birth, the most ordinary boy. When the baby was only a year old, his parents separated, and the child was left in the care of his mother. She left her grown son with her grandparents in Koltsovo near Moscow, where he began swimming at the age of 9. His first coach is Igor Vladimirovich Demin, who not only discovered talent in the boy, but also became his adviser and mentor in life. After all, Vladimir did not have a father, and he needed a male example and support, he found all this in the face of a coach.

First successes

In order to get high results, you need to start playing sports very early, then it candevelop a real champion biography. Vladimir Morozov comes to swimming quite late, and the first achievements also come later than other children. At the age of 14, he even seriously wants to quit swimming, because the training system was unbearable for him. He had to swim for many hours, but this did not bring results. Achievements begin to appear only after changing the training system at 16 years old. In the USA, Morozov conquers the first peaks, he has several US records in swimming at a distance of 50 m among boys, in 2010 he wins the title of "Best Swimmer of the Year" among schoolchildren.

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American History

In 2006 Vladimir Morozov moved to the USA. His mother remarried and took the child to Los Angeles. The boy had a very difficult time, especially at first. He did not know the language at all, he had no friends, he had nothing to do with himself, and Volodya went to the local swimming section. The coach asked to demonstrate his skills and after the swim Morozov immediately took him to the section, because he swam better than anyone who was then in the pool. He began to train with David Salo under the new system, and it was the combination of Russian and American schools that allowed him to pull ahead.

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Vladimir Morozov says that the Russian school was built on grueling swimming training, the emphasis was on honing swimming technique. Whereas in the USA training is based on endurance development. Every day an athlete for twohours in the gym, develops muscles, trains the heart and therefore can endure colossal loads more easily.

Morozov's special technique

Vladimir Morozov is a swimmer who was able to absorb all the best from both systems and achieve high results. Today he trains at the Volga club (Volgograd) with Viktor Avdienko and at the American club Trojan with David Salo. He says that there is a big difference in approach. In the USA, the results depend on the athlete himself, the coach develops a training program, but does not check the results, does not follow the honing of the technique. The swimmer himself must invest and fight for the result. In the USA, the spirit of competition is very strong, athletes look at each other, and other people's successes motivate them to new achievements. In America, sport is a business, big money can be invested in stars, but in order to reach this level, an athlete needs to achieve a lot himself. At the same time, the American system seems to him more interesting and diverse, but the Russian school still helps to achieve high results.

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In Russia, the coach works individually, gives specific advice to the athlete, helps to increase productivity. Here, the famous coach Viktor Avdienko works with the swimmer, through whose hands more than one Russian champion has passed, as well as a unique specialist Sergey Koigerov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, he developed a unique training system specifically for Morozov. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the indicators and physical form of the athlete, testing the movements of the swimmer in the water andon land with the help of video cameras, tracking shortcomings in technology and unnecessary movements. All this can significantly improve Morozov's athletic performance.

Certificate Record

Morozov had every chance to play under the star-striped phage, but he decided not to change citizenship and has been playing for the Russian national team since 2011.

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Vladimir Morozov, whose photo adorned all the world's sports media, has become a celebrity. Athlete specialization: front crawl, swimming on the back, complex. By the age of 23, Morozov has a long list of awards and achievements. He is a bronze medalist in the relay of the London Olympic Games, the owner of two gold and one silver medal at the 2012 World Championship in Istanbul, 7 medals at the 2012 European Championship in Chartres. The 2013 European Championship in Denmark also became a triumph for Vladimir, where he won seven medals at once and set several team and one personal records. At the Universiade in Kazan in 2013, he receives 6 medals, at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona - 3 medals, at the 2013 World Cup in Beijing - 4 medals, at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships he was second.

Since 2012, Vladimir Morozov has been an Honored Master of Sports of Russia, in 2012 he was awarded the medal "For Merit to the Fatherland" and a Certificate of Merit from the President of Russia. In 2014, Vladimir was recognized by the All-Russian Swimming Federation as the best athlete of the year, and great hopes are placed on him in the upcoming Olympic season.

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The 2014 season was not very successful for Morozov, he was sick, but still managed to show good results, but 2015 brought real pain. On August 5, 2015, the world media spread the news: Vladimir Morozov was disqualified! The leader of the Russian team, the hope of Russian swimming, was suspended from participation in the semi-finals and finals of the World Cup for a false start. This immediately crossed out all the hopes of the Russian four for medals. The athlete explains the cause of the incident by psychological factors, he says that he was very nervous at the start, and the signal was delayed, so it broke a second earlier than it should have. Experts say that the semi-final stage is the most difficult and exciting for athletes: it is imperative to get into the top eight, but at the same time not to splash all your strength and leave a reserve for the final. Swimmers really dislike this stage, and Morozov had something to worry about, because in Berlin at the European Championships for the same reason he did not make it to the finals at 50 and 100 meters. But if in Berlin Vladimir was not in the best shape, then for Kazan he was brilliantly prepared and seriously hoped for medals. After the championship, the athlete worked with psychologists and says that he will not change anything in the preparation program for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The only thing stopping him is nerves, but he intends to cope with them in the main competitions.

Private life

Vladimir Morozov, whose personal life is the object of close attention of millions of girls around the world, today says that his heart is free. He doesn't have time forserious relationship, he is young and serious about a career in sports. In his free time, Morozov likes to surf, meet friends, play video games on the console, and likes to sleep. So far, he is only seriously interested in sports, but he says that he is grateful to all the fans who write to him on social networks and cheer for him at competitions.

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Future plans

Vladimir Morozov, for whom swimming has become a matter of life, is making plans for the future in the field of sports. But after the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he intends to return to higher education at the University of Southern California in the United States, while he does not have enough time for this. The athlete is very young and says that as a sprinter he should be at his peak by about 24-28 years old, so he still has many achievements and competitions ahead of him. His idol and athlete he looks up to is Alexander Popov, who won 6 Olympic medals, Vladimir dreams of breaking this record.

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