What does the expression "Jump over your head" mean?

What does the expression "Jump over your head" mean?
What does the expression "Jump over your head" mean?

Wise sayings, the author of which is the people, accompany us throughout our lives. We hear catchphrases and expressions everywhere. There are a huge number of proverbs and sayings for almost all occasions. There are very famous expressions that are familiar to almost everyone, while others are less common, but no less wise. What benefits do they bring to us and what are they for?

Proverbs and sayings

Folk proverbs are a reflection of the wisdom of our ancestors and embody the experience of generations. They contain smart thoughts, practical advice and explain many phenomena. Some proverbs state well-known facts. They are very convenient to use in certain cases, so as not to explain your thought for a long time. In this case, proverbs, as an ideological concentrate, briefly and clearly, sometimes, even in rhymed form, express whole concepts. Other sayings make you think. That is, the meaning that is embedded in them does not lie on the very surface - it is more hidden and deeper. When you analyze such a statement, you come to the conclusion that the folk proverbs that have come down to us are justa storehouse of wisdom, they do not err and do not deceive. This is knowledge that has passed through the centuries and confirmed by life itself.

The meaning of the proverb "You can't jump above your head"

Everyone knows that a person cannot jump above his head, well, at least not without special devices.

jump over your head

This proverb says that a person cannot do anything that is beyond his capabilities. This, as you understand, is not only about jumping. This proverb refers to any action that people perform throughout their lives. This expression is used when someone is aiming for something that they clearly cannot accomplish. You can't do the impossible. However, some people hide behind this proverb in order to veil their laziness and unwillingness to develop. They set some kind of bar for themselves, often too low, and do not want to raise it, arguing that for them it is a “ceiling”, and they are not capable of more. Although, as life shows, there are people who, thanks to their perseverance and diligence, are still able to jump above their heads, of course, in a figurative sense. However, not everyone needs this, someone prefers to be a completely mediocre person and use their resources quite sparingly.

What does it mean to "jump over your head"

This expression is used when a person manages to do something that most people cannot do. When everyone around them says that this is impossible, there are people who prove by their own example that human capabilities are not solimited. Of course, no one can walk on the ceiling or jump from the height of a nine-story building without a special device.

folk proverbs

However, there are goals that a person can achieve if he makes every effort. Sometimes it happens that a combination of various factors allows you to do the impossible: a favorable combination of circumstances, banal luck, perseverance, personal charm and other circumstances.

People who have some kind of gift from birth can also jump above their heads. Someone, for example, has a very developed memory. Such talents can memorize a volume of information in a minute that an ordinary person cannot learn in an hour. Or the so-called "snake people". They are very flexible and are able to bend in forms unthinkable for us or settle down in spaces inaccessible to ordinary people.

do the impossible

Not everyone, of course, has some unique abilities, but even those who do have to work to develop their gift.

Similar proverbs

The expression "jump over your head" is not the only one of its kind. There are a lot of similar proverbs and sayings. For example: “The soul desires, but the flesh is weak”, “The falcon does not fly above the sun” and others.

you can't jump above your head

They all carry the same meaning. No need to try to do something that is impossible to implement in principle. However, you should not also greatly underestimate your bar and be afraid to take a step to the left or right. Always needimprove, make every effort to get a result, take on things that are achievable - and then a person will be able to be proud of himself, he will not have low self-esteem, and relations with others will be harmonious and fruitful.

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