The most famous Tajik beauties - list, biographies and interesting facts

The most famous Tajik beauties - list, biographies and interesting facts
The most famous Tajik beauties - list, biographies and interesting facts

Representatives of the Tajik nationality are amazingly pretty. Their special charm and beauty are undeniably unique throughout the world. Luxurious hair, an expressive line of cheekbones, a magnificent shape of eyes and lips - such external properties were the result of a merger over the millennia of the Caucasoid race with Indian, Iranian, Mongolian, Turkic peoples.

Feature of Tajik women

The territory where this nationality lives is not limited to Tajikistan or Uzbekistan. Tajiks also inhabit Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. It is not easy for women to realize themselves in a Muslim society. Famous Tajik beauties, almost all live outside their homeland in more prosperous countries. In Tajikistan, however, there are many girls who freely perform on the stage or participate in beauty contests without being subjected to religious pressure.

Tajik beauties have very expressive features even without make-up. But all women, in an oriental manner, emphasize their eyes very intensely,which become the brightest and most noticeable feature of their appearance.

Tajik beauties

Hadiya Tajik

It's hard to believe that this beautiful charming woman is a major Norwegian statesman, lawyer and journalist. Her political career began in 2006 when Hadiya was hired by the Ministry of Labor and Social Integration as a political advisor. In 2013, she became the first Muslim and at the same time the youngest minister in Norway. Hadiya was then 30 years old. And two years later she became one of the two deputies of the Labor Party of the country.

the most beautiful Tajik women in the world

Her parents are Pakistani Tajiks who emigrated in the early 1970s to Norway, where Khadia was born (1983) and raised. In the list of beautiful Tajik girls, Khadia could become number one, as the most intelligent and educated. She holds a BA in College Journalism from the University of Stavanger, an MA in Human Rights from Kingston University in England, and an MA in Law from the University of Oslo.

Sayora Safari

26-year-old film actress from Dushanbe joined the list of famous Tajik beauties after the release of the series "Gyulchatay" (2011), where Sayora played the main role. Her first experience in filming the film "Desantura" (2009) was accidental, but after that the girl decided to enter the Moscow Theater School. Her parents were against such plans, but in the end they allowed Sayorato go to Moscow. Today she has roles in a dozen films, and Sayora Safari is recognized as one of the most beautiful and talented Russian actresses. Among the natural talents of the actress, it is worth mentioning her possession of a beautiful singing voice. No wonder she dreamed of becoming an opera singer from childhood.

list of beautiful tajik girls

Hammasa Kohistani

This British model has become a celebrity among the most beautiful Tajik women in the world, not only because of her impeccable appearance.

In 2005, the Liverpool Miss England pageant was held two months after the terrible events in London, when 52 people died from explosions arranged by Islamist extremists. The crown of the beauty queen in the national competition was won by a Muslim woman, I must say, for the first time in the history of these competitions in Britain. The next day, portraits of the 18-year-old winner appeared on the front pages of most English newspapers.

The Kohistani family are Afghan Tajiks. The girl's parents fled to Tashkent at the beginning of the Afghan war, where Hammasa was born. Later, the family returned to their homeland in Kabul, but when the Taliban took control of the city in 1996, Kohistani fled the country again. They eventually moved to the United Kingdom and settled in the West London area. There, the girl graduated from high school and then Uxbridge College.

The brilliant victory of Hammasa in the competition became an example for every Tajik model, but at the same time causeddiscontent in the religious Islamic communities in Britain. The Kohistani family received insulting and threatening letters accusing the girl of betraying the principles of Islam. This was reported by the press, and it was mentioned that Hammasa was having a hard time persecuting her family by fellow believers. Perhaps these events were the reason that she interrupted her participation before the semi-finals of the Miss World contest, although she was listed as a favorite with good chances of winning.

Hammasa has made a career as a successful British model, has been the face of famous brands, her photos are published in many fashion magazines, including Teen Vogue (2006), and she is still the first among the world's most beautiful Tajik women.

Mozda Jamalzad

The eyes of this Canadian-Afghan singer are gray, and her hair is dark blond, which is not uncommon among mountain Tajiks, which include Mozda Jamalzada. She was five years old when the family fled from Kabul to Canada during the Afghan civil war. Growing up, the girl studied journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, as well as philosophy and political science at the University of British Columbia. Possessing excellent singing abilities, Mozda, in her student years, began to compose and perform songs herself. One of them was Dokhtare Afghan ("Afghan Girl"), which became an unexpected hit on Afghan radio and television. The song brought Mazda many nominations and awards from Afghan, Canadian, international radio and TV stations.

the most beautiful famous Tajik women

In 2009the singer was offered the leadership of the program "Afghan Talent" on the 1TV channel in Kabul. Mozda accepted this offer because it allowed him to return to his homeland. Soon after starting work on 1TV, she realized that her presence in the country could at least slightly solve the problems of the Afghan society. This is how the Mozda Show program was born, which highlights taboo topics: what it is like to be a woman, a child and, in general, a person living in Afghan society. The show provides an opportunity to explore and see the current situation in Afghanistan through the eyes of the Afghans themselves.

Mozda Jamalzada is the recipient of several Canadian and international art awards. She is considered one of the first Afghan and Tajik beauties, as well as Canada's prettiest singer.

Tajik singers and models

The image of Tajik girls who seek to establish themselves in the modeling business seems to be the limit, the perfection of female beauty. Nodira Mazitova is a fashion model who is rightfully considered the most beautiful girl in Tajikistan. Fatima Makhmadulaeva is the finalist of the 2016 Face of Central Asia. The most promising Tajik model Gulbahar Beknazar for the first time participated in the 2016 international competition Queen of USSR Dubai. And you can name dozens more names of the most beautiful female models of Tajikistan, whose natural data is admired by the whole world.

On the Internet there are photos of stunning beauties who have not reached world popularity, but have become famous within their region. For example, the albums of the popular pop singer Mohirai Tohiri enjoy incredible popularity in demand and sold in large numbers. And Noziya Karomatullo is not only a talented singer, but also masters the art of oriental dance and became the winner of the Indian Katak competition. Folklore singer Nigina Amonkulova performs in national costumes and gives the impression of a fabulous princess of oriental tales. Manizha Davlatova, Takhmina Niyazova, Shabnam Surayyo are girls in whom nature has combined amazing beauty and talent.

Munira Mirzoeva

The last story tells about a girl whose captivating beauty could have remained unknown if it had not been captured by Mihaela Noroc. A woman photographer from Romania, traveling the world, chose female images for her Internet project "Atlas of Beauty". One hundred portraits of the most beautiful, according to the traveler, girls were posted online. Among them was an image of 19-year-old Munira Mirzoyeva, whom Mikhaela photographed on a street in Dushanbe.

Tajik model

Since this pearl of Tajik beauties was in an orange uniform at that moment, the Romanian considered her a janitor, which she mentioned in her blog. In fact, Munira is an employee of the city's landscaping service, but on the Internet she has remained a "beautiful janitor", which only made her irresistible appearance more touching. Her photo received thousands of likes, with a huge number of Facebook users to this day praising Mirzoyeva's "natural beauty", sweet smile and elegance. After that, the big girls became interested in the girlregional media, and the Russian-language edition of Cosmopolitan published her interview and photo in one of the issues.

Munira Mirzoeva accidentally became a celebrity. But this girl is one of the many fabulous beauties that the Tajik nationality is rich in, and whose portraits could adequately decorate the most prestigious glossy publications.

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