The most drinking country: ranking for 2015

The most drinking country: ranking for 2015
The most drinking country: ranking for 2015

It has long been a stereotype that the most drinking country in the world is Russia, and Ireland shares the championship with it to some extent. Perhaps this was helped by the image of a cheerful “reveler guy”, replicated by the media and gradually becoming an integral part of the mentality of these countries. But the dry statistics put this, frankly speaking, far from an honorable championship into doubt.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data published in 2015 gives some serious food for thought.

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Top most drinking countries: who is ahead of Poland

A full report on the amount of alcohol consumed in 2013 (namely, these indicators were processed and became the basis of the new rating) will not be given in this article, but we will name the 10 most drinking countries in the world.

Poland is in tenth place in the named rating. The choice of alcohol in this country is rather big. Locals love both beer and stronger drinks, which they know a lot about. Particularly popular among Poles is Zubrovka, a vodka in which manufacturers place a stem in a bottle.herbs, giving it a special flavor.

Ninth place statistics of the most drinking countries assigns Germany. The Germans, unlike the Poles, prefer beer, which can be bought everywhere - in specialized shops, vegetable stands and even newsstands.

Paying tribute to this love of froth, Munich hosts a beer festival every year where visitors can gorge themselves on the famous fried German sausages and drink massive amounts of beer.

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Luxembourg and France ranked eighth and seventh

The inhabitants of Luxembourg, whose territory is located between Germany and France, adopted the drinking culture of both states in equal shares. In Luxembourg, they love both beer and wine. It must be admitted that both of these drinks are very tasty here. The small state has a large number of breweries and wineries, many of which have a long history.

France, ranked 8th, is by no means the most drinking country, but nevertheless, it has 12.48 liters of alcohol per capita per year.

The French love wine the most. It has long become an integral part of even a regular meal, which, unfortunately, has not only a positive effect on digestion - among the French, there are more and more people with alcoholism.

6th place - Hungary

Hungary is also not the most drinking country. But in our ranking, she overtook France. Hungary is no less famous than France for its vineyards. And wine is traditionalalcoholic drink of its inhabitants. And one of its varieties - palinka - has become a kind of national brand. It is prepared by distillation not only from grapes, but also from any berries - cherries, plums, apricots, raspberries, strawberries, etc., and as a result, a rather strong (37.5 °) drink is obtained.

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Perhaps to disastrous results, the fact that in the country you can buy alcohol almost around the clock.

Fifth place - Russia

Unfortunately, Russia is also on the list of the most drinking countries. It has been calculated that the inhabitants of the huge country consume approximately 15 liters of alcohol per person per year, which allowed her to take 5th place.

Everyone knows the passion of Russians for vodka, which has long become a national drink. Although recently, according to researchers, there has been a clear trend towards the fact that an increasing number of citizens of the Russian Federation prefer wine.

Maybe this, and also a tough policy in relation to the sale and consumption of alcoholic products, will somewhat reduce the "degree" among the population? Let's hope that Russia, in the end, will leave their positions.

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4th and 3rd place - Czech Republic and Estonia

The ranking of the most drinking countries in 2015 put the Czech Republic and Estonia in fourth and third places, respectively.

Czechs, as calculated by researchers, consume 16.47 liters of alcohol per capita per year. Everyone knows the famous varieties of Czech beer, dating back to the 12th century. ATIn the Middle Ages, beer was brewed in every home, so it is no wonder that the drink acquired the status of a national one and took a strong position in the culture of this country.

By the way, despite the seemingly frightening statistics, the percentage of people who abuse alcohol in the Czech Republic is rather low.

On the third line of the sad list is Estonia. And although everyone knows the balanced and unflappable nature of the Estonians, they, as it turned out, are very fond of strong drinks. The main one being ale.

Estonians themselves believe that the basis of their problem is the availability of alcohol, the excessive branching of points where you can buy it and the relatively low price of alcoholic beverages.

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Austria and Lithuania lead the ranking of the most drinking countries

Austria came second on the list. In this country, schnapps, a strong alcoholic drink, is especially respected, but beer is no less popular here.

As studies have shown, in Austria, however, as in other countries, a drinking person is, most often, a man who does not have a higher education and is at a low social level. Fortunately, there is a trend towards a gradual decrease in the number of citizens who consume alcohol in the country.

Finally, we got to the top of the rankings. So, the most drinking country in the world is Lithuania. The proportion of deaths associated with the consequences of alcohol consumption is 30.9%. And more than 36% of the population can be attributed to the category of drinkers. It is unlikely that the inhabitants of Lithuaniavery proud of the first place in this ranking!

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