Sonya Kuzmina: biography and personal life

Sonya Kuzmina: biography and personal life
Sonya Kuzmina: biography and personal life

Vladimir Kuzmin is a famous rock musician, he has numerous hits to his credit, most of which live in the hearts of fans to this day.

Unlike many musicians, Vladimir realized himself as a husband and father. True, information often slips that communication with numerous children leaves much to be desired. One native son, one stepson and four daughters cannot boast of warm family relationships, but they don’t say anything bad either: Vladimir Kuzmin simply does not find time for them. The exception is one daughter, Sonya - she periodically appears in the photo with her father. When the girl was 8 years old, she starred in her father's video for the song "Soul".

Perhaps Kuzmin favors her because of her sincere desire to become a pop star. Father and daughter have common interests, which is very important.

Sonya Kuzmina

Children of Vladimir Kuzmin

First wife - Tatyana Artemyeva

  • Daughter Elizaveta Kuzmina (1977-2002).
  • Son Stepan Kuzmin (1983-2009).
  • Daughter Sonya Kuzmina (1985).
  • Stepson Nikita Kuzmin (1988).

Secondwife - American fashion model Kelly Curzon.

Third wife - Ekaterina Trofimova.

Sonya Kuzmina: biography

Sonya was born in Moscow on August 23, 1985. She is an interesting and sociable girl, a creative person who constantly strives to develop and learn something new. Sonya Kuzmina is fond of karate, tai-bo, plays two musical instruments - piano and flute.

Sonya is a passionate fan of Mariah Carey. The girl loves to read, one of her favorite authors is Paolo Coelho (Brazilian poet and prose writer). She loves dark chocolate and loves to spend time in nature - that's how she is, Sonya Kuzmina, daughter of Vladimir Kuzmin.

The biography of the young singer began with participation in the TV project "Star Factory-3" - it was there that Sonya showed herself in this role for the first time.

In the first nomination, Kuzmina performed a song of her own composition called “To Your Girlfriend.”

Sonya Kuzmina biography

At the second nomination Sonya performed her father's song "Your home is with me".

She didn't win the competition, but she made it into the top ten and won the audience award. For participation in the project, she received from the directorate of the "Star Factory" a photo shoot and a page from her interview in Yes magazine.

After the end of the TV project, she participated in the final concert at the Olimpiysky Palace, in various TV shows and concerts. In early 2004, Sonya Kuzmina, together with other "manufacturers", toured the cities of Russia and the CIS. From the end of the same year, she began solo practice.

Mother wascons

The most interesting thing is that the mother did not support her daughter in her endeavor and even dissuaded her from participating in the "Star Factory-3", citing the fact that Sonya did not have the necessary vocal skills. But Sonya's desire was so strong that she decided to try herself in this TV show against everyone.

Sonya Kuzmina daughter of Vladimir Kuzmin biography

Kuzmin's daughter Sonya: biography and life now

Despite the rather tragic circumstances of the 2000s, which greatly crippled Sonya's morale, she was able to pull herself together and continue the fight for her place in the sun.

In 2002, her older sister Lisa passed away. She was found brutally murdered in her apartment. The strange circumstances of her death shocked the investigation, let alone relatives … The girl was found tied to a radiator with her throat cut, the whole apartment was covered in blood. Information about this terrible spectacle swept across Russia. Lisa was addicted to drugs and had connections with a sect of Satanists. In addition, she had two novels at the same time … There could be several motives for the murder.

After 7 years, her brother Stepan fell off the ledge, fleeing the fire in the apartment. Against the backdrop of the previous death, gossip spread about a possible murder, but all family members reject this information, since Stepan was a respectable and honest person.

Mother and brother Nikita, with whom Sonya was very close, helped to cope with the heartache from the loss of relatives.

In an interview, Sonya admitted that she had come to terms with the tragedy and realized that she needed to livenext.

Kuzmin's daughter Sonya biography

Now Sonya Kuzmina is working hard on developing her vocal abilities and musical skills, writing songs and music. She does not want to become one of the one-day pop artists, but wants to give the world something of quality. Sonya is gradually moving towards her goal, and her father, Vladimir Kuzmin, supports and gives her good practical advice.

We hope that soon we will hear bright and original musical compositions performed by Sonya Kuzmina.

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