Flag and coat of arms of Novorossiysk: description, history and interesting facts

Flag and coat of arms of Novorossiysk: description, history and interesting facts
Flag and coat of arms of Novorossiysk: description, history and interesting facts

The flag and coat of arms of Novorossiysk are the official symbols of this city. Each of them has its own meaning and history.

From history

Until November 1909, the port city of Novorossiysk did not have its coat of arms. After consideration by the Governing Senate of the preparation of a draft coat of arms for this city, on September 15, 1914, he received the Highest approval.

Revolutionary events pushed the problems of the city coat of arms into the background. Only in the 60s did interest in heraldic subjects reawaken.

In the Novorossiysk City Council of Deputies in 1968, a new emblem of the city of Novorossiysk was approved.

Outwardly, it was a shield, the diagonal of which was an order ribbon, similar to the one on the Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree. The gray or silver half of the shield contained the image of smoking pipes, which were located on the gear half.

The blue or azure half included a gold anchor. The ribbon was decorated with a red carnation, a symbol of revolutionary traditions.

09/14/1973 Novorossiysk was awarded the honorary title of Hero City. After this event, the coat of arms of Novorossiysk was supplementedmedal "Gold Star", as well as a ribbon that adorns the Order of Lenin. This version of the coat of arms of Novorossiysk lasted a little over twenty years.

coat of arms of Novorossiysk

In early 1995, at a meeting of the City Duma, a new version of the coat of arms was approved. For its basis, the composition used in the pre-revolutionary city coat of arms was used, which was supplemented by certain important events that happened in the city during the Soviet period.

However, this option was rejected by the President's Heraldic Council.

How the modern coat of arms of Novorossiysk was created

07.07.2005 The Novorossiysk City Duma decided on the expediency of returning the city coat of arms to the historical form that Emperor Nicholas II approved at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Flag and coat of arms of Novorossiysk

The Presidential Heraldic Council supported this option in principle, but it was proposed to make some changes. The status crown should become more appropriate, and the coat of arms should be without framing elements.

21.02.2006 a new, modern coat of arms of Novorossiysk was adopted, the description of which was approved at a meeting of the city duma. The new edition took into account all expert recommendations. Soon the State Heraldic Register was replenished with a new coat of arms of the Hero City of Novorossiysk.

Description of coat of arms

The emblem of Novorossiysk speaks of the high status of one of the Russian hero cities, which is the Black Sea outpost and the southern sea gate.

On the coat of armsdepicts a golden shield with a black wavy tip. It has an image of a black double-headed eagle with the Imperial crown on top. A scepter in one paw, an orb in the other.

Persians of the eagle are equipped with a shield with a gold Orthodox eight-pointed cross inscribed in a scarlet field, which is hoisted on a silver overturned crescent.

Atop the shield is a golden five-pronged tower crown. In an earlier version of the coat of arms, there were also two golden anchors, which are connected by the Alexander Ribbon.

The image of the imperial eagle belongs to the so-called Nikolaev type, which is quite rare in our heraldry. This emphasizes that the founding of the city dates back to the reign of Nicholas I.

The presence of an Orthodox eight-pointed cross, hoisted on an overturned silver crescent and placed in a scarlet field on a shield, recalls that Russian weapons won a historic victory over the Turks on the North Caucasian Black Sea coast.

A special kind of golden five-pronged crown calls to remember the glorious traditions and heroic history of Novorossiysk.

Gold coloring on the armorial field speaks of power, greatness, generosity and glory. The black shade speaks of wisdom, modesty, honesty, eternity of being.

Under the red color (scarlet) means the presence of courage, bravery, celebration and beauty.

Silver usually symbolizes perfection, nobility, purity, faith and peace.

History of the city's flag

On the first version of the flagHero City, approved at the session of the City Duma on September 10, 1999, blue waves were depicted at the bottom of the white cloth. Next to the pole was the city coat of arms of Novorossiysk.

coat of arms of the city of Novorossiysk

The presidential Heraldic Council did not approve this version of the flag.

The reason for the refusal of state registration was that the composition of the flag included colors and figures that were not in the city coat of arms.

The heraldic commission under the city mayor soon developed a new draft flag that would fully take into account all the requirements of national heraldry and flag science.

22.07.2007 in the Novorossiysk City Duma a meeting was held at which an updated version of the city's flag, provided by the mayor, was approved, which has not lost its relevance to this day.

Flag Description

The modern flag of the hero-city of Novorossiysk consists of a double-sided rectangular panel attached to the flagpole, the width of which is two-thirds of the length.

The color of the cloth is yellow. Parallel to the lower edge is a wavy black stripe, on which there are eight ridges. Its width is one fifth of the width of the cloth.

flag and coat of arms of the city of Novorossiysk

Near the pole at the top of the flag on both sides there is a figure of an eagle depicted on the coat of arms of Novorossiysk.

In terms of dimensions, the figure of the coat of arms has a width equal to a third of the length of the flag.

About the city's anthem

1999 brought Novorossiysk its anthem. For these purposes wasused the music of Dmitri Shostakovich, one of the great composers of the twentieth century.

coat of arms of Novorossiysk

In 1960, the composer presented the city with a handwritten version of "Novorossiysk chimes", a work written in honor of Novorossiysk.

This music can be constantly heard at the most sacred heroic place for all citizens - the Heroes' Square.

Using symbols

The flag and coat of arms of the city of Novorossiysk as official symbols are used during official solemn and celebratory events.

They are used as legal identification marks of this municipality.

The flag is fixed on the roof of the buildings of the local government, the buildings of the official representation of the municipality, in the territories of other subjects of the Federation.

coat of arms of novorossiysk description

The flag is set in the room where meetings of city government and executive bodies are held, in the office of the mayor and senior officials.

The coat of arms of Novorossiysk is used for seals and forms in municipal enterprises and institutions.

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