Fennel is an amazing plant

Fennel is an amazing plant
Fennel is an amazing plant

Fennel is a bi- and perennial herbaceous plant of the Umbelliferae family, reaching 1-2 meters in height. Even in ancient Rome, it was used as a seasoning and medicine against many diseases. Fennel has a bright aroma and a pleasant sweet taste.

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In appearance, fennel, the photo of which is presented in the article, resembles dill: it has a straight stem, pinnate leaves with filamentous lobes with a whitish coating. The flower is a complex umbrella of bright yellow color. The fruit is a two seedling with a sweet taste. The root is fleshy, spindle-shaped. Flowering begins in mid-summer and continues until September.

Fennel grass (from cultivated species) is divided into ordinary (Voloshsky dill) and vegetable (Italian), with a more fleshy powerful stem. Both of them are well known to Russian gardeners.

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Ordinary fennel is a medicinal plant that was used in their healing practices by Avicenna and Hippocrates. It has also found its application in modern medicine. An infusion of this herb is an excellent expectorant and is used for coughs. Essential oil improves intestinal motility andactivates the excretory system of the kidneys. Fennel tea is an excellent diuretic that complements drugs in the treatment of urolithiasis, and also helps to increase lactation in lactating women. Water prepared from the seeds of the plant is used as a carminative in the treatment of flatulence in infants. The roots are used as a laxative. Decoctions are used in the treatment of colds. In addition, the flavonoids and vitamins contained in the plant will help to cope with the blues and avert the danger of an autumn-winter depression associated with a lack of heat and sunlight.

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Vegetable fennel is an herb that has been successfully used in cooking. All parts of the plant can be eaten. Its seeds and leaves are used as flavorings in preparations for the winter. They serve as an excellent decoration in salads, first and second courses, as well as in the preparation of lemonades and infusions. Baked or stewed onions are a great light side dish for meat dishes. But the most advantageous combination of the taste of fennel with fish: cod, flounder, halibut, haddock. If you use it with ginger when stewing, they will further emphasize the taste of your dishes.

It should be remembered that every day the aroma of the collected grass loses its brightness, so fennel bulbs, like its greens, should be used in the first 3-5 days after cutting. If this is not possible, the greens can be wrapped with cling film and stored in the refrigerator. When purchasing on the market, you should pay attention tothe quality and freshness of the herb. Young, freshly cut bulbs are dense, light, with anise flavor.

Fennel is a real natural pantry. The plant contains such important trace elements for the human body as iron, zinc, chromium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, copper.

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