Stephen James: biography, career, interesting facts

Stephen James: biography, career, interesting facts
Stephen James: biography, career, interesting facts

In this article we will talk about a guy from England, Stephen James, who connected his life with a modeling career. Steve could also start a professional football career, but due to an injury, it did not work out.

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Stephen James was born on December 4, 1990 in the western part of the Hammersmith area of ​​London. The guy's mother is of Jewish origin, Stephen's distant relatives are from Scotland.

From childhood, the boy became interested in football. Going to school, he sought to devote all his free time to training, as he wanted to spend his life on the field. The guy made his debut in professional sports in 2007. Three years later, the young man began playing in the Greek Super League and traveled to Australia, where he underwent pre-season training. After James was diagnosed with a hernia, his sports career had to be left in the past.

Modeling career

In 2012, when Stephen James was in Barcelona, ​​one of Elite Model Management's modeling agents noticed the appearance of a young guy and invited him to come to the show. Steven took advantage of the offer.

It will take some time, and James will already be collaborating withbrands such as Diesel, Calvin Klein, ASOS, XTI. Issues of magazines with photos of Stephen James went around the world, the guy quickly gained fame. By that time, the model's body had a lot of tattoos, and in some places there was a piercing, thanks to which the guy stood out from other models.

Stephen achieved the greatest popularity after a photo shoot for the fashion magazine DT. After the release of photos, where he is against the background of bewitching landscapes, the audience was simply delighted. The model was photographed by Spanish photographer Sergi Jasanada.

Interesting facts

Stephen James's body is tattooed with portraits of Salvador Dali, and you can also find a wonderful tattoo of Queen Elizabeth. The guy has a large skull on his back, which is a symbol of a deity in India.

Stephen James

Model Steven James is 185cm tall with light brown hair and blue-green eyes. The guy has a pet - a dog named Gala, which is named after the wife of Salvador Dali.

In addition to her modeling career, Stephen James is active on social media. He currently has over 1 million followers on his Instagram page. After Steve accepted the offer to star in the clip of Victoria Daineko, he realized that social networks are not only a place for PR, but also a place for earning money. The guy is actively in correspondence with his subscribers and shares all the latest that happened in his life.

Stephen James for a momentIn 2017, he turned 26 years old, and at that age he achieved considerable heights. Nothing is known about the plans for the future of the model, but we can say with confidence that he has great prospects for the future.

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