Ussuri tiger - northern beauty

Ussuri tiger - northern beauty
Ussuri tiger - northern beauty

The Ussuri tiger (also known as the Amur tiger) is recognized as one of the biggest predators in the world. At the same time, it is considered the least aggressive towards humans, in comparison with other subspecies of such felines. It is this animal that is depicted on the coat of arms of Primorsky Krai. In ancient times, the peoples of the Far East even worshiped him.

Ussurian tiger

Ussuri tiger. Photo

Appearance and habitat

The Ussuri tiger differs from other subspecies in its paler coloration. The tone of its color is ocher or reddish-red. The body of the tiger is decorated with brown or black transverse stripes. In summer, its color is brighter. But in winter, the fur becomes longer and thicker. The weight of a male Ussuri tiger can exceed 300 kg. The females are slightly smaller. As a rule, they weigh about 130 kg. At the same time, the body length of the Ussuri tiger ranges between 1.6 m and 2.9 m, and the tail size is 1.1 m.

Ussuri tiger red book

The Ussuri tiger is the northernmost subspecies of the big cats. Its main habitat is the south of the Russian Far East. At the moment, Amur tigers can be found in the forestparts of Primorsky Krai and the southern part of Khabarovsk. The main population of these animals lives on the territory of the Sikhote-Alin mountain system.

General information

The Ussuri tiger is known for its enormous physical strength. In particular, he is able to drag the carcass of an adult horse for more than 500 m. In addition, the Amur tiger can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h, moving through the snow. In fact, in speed it is second only to the cheetah. It should be noted that low temperatures almost do not affect the vital activity of the named species. This makes him stand out from his other brethren.

Ussuri tiger photo

The shelters of the Ussuri tiger include niches under fallen trees and rocky ledges. Its favorite habitats are forests with high and steep cliffs and caves. Here, a predator will always find food for itself, and from high points it can survey its possessions. By the way, each tiger has its own separate habitat, which it regularly bypasses. In most cases, predators stick to a once-chosen route.

Ussuri tigers are solitary animals and do not recognize life in a pack. The time of their activity falls on the evening, the first half of the night and early morning. During the day, they usually lie on the crest of a ridge or on a rock for a better view of their territory. Cats are known to dislike water. Tigers, on the contrary, can stay in it for hours and swim perfectly. Under natural conditions, these animals live 10-15 years. The Ussuri tiger has almost no enemies, because only a very large bear can defeat such a strong man.

Already inIn the 1930s, the Amur tiger was found only in the most remote places of the Ussuri taiga. It was on the verge of extinction due to the mass shooting of adults, the capture of cubs and a decrease in the number of wild artiodactyl animals. Winters with little snow also negatively affected its population. Thus, the Ussuri tiger is also among the animals protected by the state. The Red Book refers it to those rare animals that, under adverse factors, can quickly move into the category of endangered species.

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