Where is Michurinsk located and what is known for

Where is Michurinsk located and what is known for
Where is Michurinsk located and what is known for

A small ancient city was founded by decree of the first Russian Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich to protect Ryazan and its environs from nomadic raids. Now, probably, few people can immediately answer the question of where Michurinsk is located. Although this is the only science city in the country operating in the agro-industrial complex.

General information

The usual provincial town of Michurinsk is located 73 km north-west of the regional center - the city of Tambov. The second settlement of the region in terms of economic and cultural potential. The administrative center of the district of the same name, which is not included, is a city of regional subordination. In 2003 it was given the status of a science city of the Russian Federation. The population in 2018 was 93,330.

Where is Michurinsk? In the central European part of Russia, between the Volga and Don rivers, on the right bank of the Lesnoy Voronezh river. A large transport hub of the region, through which the Caspian federal highway and the Moscow-Volgograd road pass. There are four stations of the South Eastern Railway in the city.roads.

Fort base

Voevodas I. Birkin and M. Speshnev founded a small fortress on September 5, 1635 to protect the southern borders of the Russian state from the attack of nomadic Tatars. Now the day of the city of Michurinsk is celebrated on September 22. From the middle of the 17th century, it was a reliable stronghold on the defensive line at the junction of the Tambov and Belgorod lines, which more than once repulsed the attacks of nomads.

Temple in honor of the icon of the Mother of God

The area where Michurinsk is located has long been attractive to fugitive peasants from more populated regions of the country. What is indicated, for example, by the complaint of the landowner Ivan Bobrishchev-Pushkin about the flight of serfs from his Don patrimony to the Kozlovsky district.

At first, the fortified point was called the "New City", then the New City on the Kozlov Urochische" and the "New Kozlov City", which gradually decreased to Kozlov. There are several generally accepted theories of the origin of the toponym. According to one of them, the city is named after the last name Semyon Kozlov, the first inhabitant of the settlement, after the second name "Kozlovo tract", was renamed Michurin in 1932, in honor of the scientist-breeder I. V. Michurin, during his lifetime.

Development of the region

Elias Church

Roughly from the beginning of the 18th century, Kozlov began to develop as a regional center, which concentrated the trade in agricultural products of the region. Trade in wheat, cattle, s alt, rawhide, cloth and silk flourished in a small town. Appeared andthe first handicrafts, which later grew into full-fledged production. In the 19th century, many enterprises related to the processing of agricultural raw materials began to operate: an elevator, slaughterhouses, mills, tobacco factories, lard and distilleries.

In the twentieth century, several small metallurgical plants operated in Kozlov (Tambov region). A significant contribution to the development of the city was made by the construction of the railway, which operated large railway workshops (now a locomotive repair plant). Around the same time, the architectural appearance of the historical part of the city was formed, which has survived to this day.

Plant Breeding Center

Station Michurinsk-Uralsky

The city of Kozlov became widely known already in Soviet times thanks to the active propaganda of the activities of Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. Who moved here in 1872 and never went anywhere else. At his own expense, he took up the breeding of new varieties of horticultural crops. By 1917, more than 900 species of plants, drawn from around the world, were growing in his nursery.

The scientist himself expressed his desire to work for the new government. In 1918, his nursery was nationalized, Michurin himself became the head and received funding to continue the work. In 1934, a genetic laboratory was organized, which later grew into the Institute of Genetics and Breeding of Fruit Plants, named after him.

Science City

International street in Michurinsk

The region where Michurinsk is located, from the pre-revolutionarytimes is a recognized center of Russian horticulture. The city has several scientific and educational institutions dealing with breeding, genetics and horticulture. In 2003, it was given the status of a science city with a specialization in scientific and innovative activities in the field of agro-industrial complex. Institutes and high-tech enterprises were supposed to be engaged in fundamental research in the field of genetics, breeding, biotechnology of berry, fruit and vegetable crops; development of experimental technologies for the production of fruits and vegetables; development of various types of plant foods, including speci alty and he alth products.

In 2010, by a government decree, a decision was made to create an agro-industrial technopark "Green Valley" in Michurinsk, which specializes in the cultivation and processing of agricultural raw materials. In addition, it is supposed to produce plant foods for a he althy diet with genetically defined properties.

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