Political educational program: the opposition is

Political educational program: the opposition is
Political educational program: the opposition is

Plunging into the bottomless world of information, people stumble upon terms that, on the one hand, are understandable and familiar, and on the other, are deep and very multifaceted. Let's turn to politics. Everyone hears the word "opposition" regularly. What is it? People who want to get promoted? Maybe serious rivals of power? What do they do, why do modern society need them? Let's dive into the topic.

Let's start with dictionaries

opposition is

There is a very clear definition of the term "opposition". It is a kind of opposition or resistance. It is present not only in politics (we just hear this word more often in this sense). In a broad sense, opposition is an idea, a thought that opposes the generally accepted (main) one. That is, we conclude that this term defines what fights for an alternative idea, expresses an idea that is not accepted by the majority, and so on.

To understand the meaning, ask your family. Mom wants to go to the sea on vacation. At the same time, it is customary in the family not to be separated, but to relax all together (socheaper). Dad wants to go to the mountains. They have three children (the electorate). The direction of travel is determined by "general vote". So parents are trying to “seduce” their children with their dreams. Whoever "gets more votes" will become the "ruling party", the second will remain in opposition. In a family, as a rule, love and respect win. Therefore, the confrontation is not so obvious and long. It is completely different in society.

Fighting parties

opposition in russia

In a democratic society there is a certain political system. It consists of parties fighting among themselves. Each is aimed at attracting as many supporters as possible. To this end, programs are developed that take into account the aspirations and hopes of voters. One or more parties, whose views are recognized by the majority of the population, become ruling. The rest either join the leader or oppose him. They are the political opposition. These are parties (movements) that defend the opinions of those people whose views the leader does not take into account.

Very useful if you look at the theory. Society cannot be homogeneous. There are always groups professing "other ideals" in it. It is their political interests that the opposition cares about. This process occurs, as a rule, peacefully. Although from time to time there are excesses. The example is on everyone's lips. In Ukraine, the opposition turned 2014 into a period of horror and chaos. A real war began there.

Opposition in Russia

opposition 2014

The political system in a democratic society is enoughcomplicated. Ideas develop at different levels. Naturally, they unite supporters. At the same time, there are adherents of opposing views. They form the opposition. The parliamentary parties that have the opportunity to influence the policy of the state have the greatest influence on the Russian Federation. However, the opposition in Russia is not limited to the struggle of views on the Duma rostrum. There are parties that fail to get representative mandates from election to election. They are "non-systemic opposition". It is these parties (individuals) that are considered to be opponents and ardent enemies of the authorities. The systemic opposition, due to the circumstances, is not perceived as a force opposing the ruling party.

Is opposition needed?

opposition party

The modern world is diverse and rich. And this applies not only to material objects. There are many ideas in the minds of people that turn into needs, desires, aspirations. At the same time, views can be both similar and diametrically opposed. When it concerns the organization of public life, the activities of the state, conflicts and disputes inevitably arise. Everyone is familiar with the concept of "budget". There is an endless heated "dialogue" about where to send the "common money". Or questions of foreign policy. Political leaders try to gain supporters by promoting their ideas and beliefs about how the state should act. Naturally, there can be no single opinion in a developed society. There will always be someone who is against. This is how the opposition party is created, because this is how people feel that the state system is notforgot about them. Albeit in this way, but their beliefs are "heard" by the authorities, they are taken into account when making decisions. That is, the opposition is needed as an alternative force that creates a balance in society, expressing the opinion of the minority.

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