The most famous monuments of Ufa. Description, addresses, photo

The most famous monuments of Ufa. Description, addresses, photo
The most famous monuments of Ufa. Description, addresses, photo

Ufa is the heart of the Republic of Bashkortostan and one of the largest settlements in the Russian Federation. The city, founded in 1574, is among the champions in the number of green spaces. However, not only the beautiful views that the capital is famous for attract tourists and are a source of pride for local residents. Monuments of Ufa are of interest to every history buff. So, which of the city's monuments deserve special attention?

Monuments of Ufa: where to start

Not everyone knows that the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan has a kind of visiting card. We are talking about such a majestic building as a monument to Salavat Yulaev. Any local resident will tell you the address of the attraction, it is located on the territory of the square named after Salavat Yulaev. This character played an important role in the history of the Bashkir people. Scientists still cannot decide whether he was a criminal or a hero. The debate continues, but the popularity of the monument among the local population and visitors to the city remains consistently high.

Ufa monuments

Grand opening of the monumenthappened in 1967. A realistic, "living" building, glorifying the image of a national hero, immediately overshadowed all other monuments in Ufa. The total weight of the monument is 40 tons; a heavier equestrian statue cannot be found on the territory of the Russian Federation. The monument is also interesting in that it has only three reference points at a ten-meter height. It is also worth knowing that the image of the statue was used to create the coat of arms of Bashkortostan.

Symbol of friendship

Another famous city building is the Friendship Monument. Ufa acquired this monument when the 400th anniversary of the annexation of Bashkiria to Russia, which occurred on a voluntary basis, was celebrated. Initially, the creators also wanted to place the Museum of Interethnic Friendship under this building, but the project was not implemented.

monument to janitor ufa

The monument rises on the mountain, which in the old days was decorated with the Ufa log fortress. Today it is Pervomaiskaya Square, in the center of which the building is located. The height of the monument is 35 meters, the building has the shape of a sword, immersed in the ground with a hilt. The form was chosen on purpose, it speaks of the peace concluded between representatives of two nationalities. The idea of ​​friendship is emphasized by two female figures, one of them, according to the idea of ​​the creators, belongs to the Bashkir, the other to the Russian. Women offer wreaths to each other as a sign of reconciliation.

Modern Style

Of course, the pride of the city's residents is not only the Friendship Monument. Ufa also has more modern monuments. As an exampleyou can bring the building, called I love Ufa. As follows from the name of the monument, as well as the features of its appearance, it was used to declare love for the "heart" of the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is easy to spot the amazing monument, it is located right behind the National Youth Theater, which is located on the Square of Two Fountains.

friendship monument ufa

The art object is a combination of the name of the settlement in the Bashkir language, the English letter I and the heart sign. Near this building, musicians and artists like to arrange concerts. Of course, next to the spectacular building in red and white, someone is constantly photographed.

Original monument

The monuments located on the territory of the city reflect not only its history, but also the atmosphere and lifestyle. The population pays maximum attention to ennobling the territory, maintaining cleanliness. It is not surprising that among all the local monuments, the Monument to the Janitor plays an important role. Ufa acquired this original statue only in 2007, you can see it on Oktyabrya Avenue, it is located right in front of the entrance to the Mir shopping center.

monument to Salavat Yulaev address

The monument is made of bronze, the total weight of the "janitor" and his tools is 300 kg. The opening of the monument was timed to coincide with the 450th anniversary of the annexation of the Republic of Bashkortostan to Russia. The bronze janitor serves as a kind of reminder that city streets should be kept clean and smart.


Among the unusual buildings located on the territory of the city, not only the Janitor Monument occupies a special place. Ufa also has such an original structure as the fountain "Seven Girls", the grand opening of which took place in 2015.

The creators of the monument drew inspiration from an ancient Bashkir legend dedicated to the story of seven girls taken prisoner. They managed to break free, but they were chased. The beauties preferred to drown themselves in a deep lake, refusing to become slaves again. The fountain, sparkling with multi-colored lights in the evening, is located on the territory of the Theater Square, you can find it right in the center. Next to it is a large screen that serves to broadcast a recording of the dance of the same name.

What else to see

Visiting Komarova Street and approaching the entrance to Victory Park, you can also see the memorial "Grieving Mother". Ufa acquired this monument in October 2003. It was created to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers from Bashkiria, who bravely gave their lives during local military conflicts.

memorial grieving mother ufa

Of course, other monuments of Ufa deserve attention, for example, the monument to firefighters. The opening of this monument took place in 2003, the ceremony was timed to coincide with the celebration of Fire Protection Day. The building reminds residents and guests of the city of the feat of representatives of a dangerous profession who gave their lives while saving people from the flames. Outwardly, the structure looks like a stele, it is made of granite. In the centerthere is a copper bell surrounded by flames. There is also a memorial plaque containing a list of all Ufa firefighters who died in the line of duty.

What other monuments of Ufa are the pride of this settlement? Once on the territory of the Ufa meat-packing plant, located on Tramvaynaya Street, you can see the monument to the bull. It is said that once you look at this amazing structure, it is easy to give up meat once and for all in favor of vegetarian food.

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