Beautiful fish: species, names. The most beautiful fish in the world

Beautiful fish: species, names. The most beautiful fish in the world
Beautiful fish: species, names. The most beautiful fish in the world

Practically all water bodies of our planet are inhabited by beautiful inhabitants - fish. The world ichthyofauna is represented by 25,000 diverse fish. Each species has unique shapes and unique coloring. Nature is an amazing creator. Thanks to her, the most beautiful fish in the world and their completely nondescript, almost inconspicuous counterparts exist nearby.

Varieties of beautiful fish

All kinds of beautiful fish inhabited the seas and oceans, freshwater areas and aquariums. The biodiversity of fish is incredibly high. They come in countless sizes, shapes and color palettes. The adorable aquatic creatures have stunning looks, unique features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful fish names enhance the impression of the stunning inhabitants of the water element. The list of beauty fish includes Moorish idol, discus, coy, triggerfish, symphysodon and other types of nimble hypnotizing swimmers.

Mandarin and lionfish

All the most beautiful fish in the world are brightly colored. A tiny colorful inhabitant of the Pacific waters, scurrying next to coral reefs, is called mandarin ducks. This name was given to the fish for its colorful pattern,reminiscent of the clothes of Chinese nobles - mandarins. The body of bottom fish is enveloped in mucus, saturated with toxic substances. Therefore, they are dangerous to many marine predators.

beautiful fish

Mandarin dragon (the second name of the fish) is too small. Its size is only 2.6 inches. Individuals are difficult to see among the bright coral gardens. Tangerines have a strict diet. They try with fish eggs, polychaete worms and ostracods.

The thorns of the luxurious beauty, which bears the formidable name of the lion fish, are filled with poison. She uses them for self-defense. This beautiful fish with red, brown, white and black stripes releases poison that is not fatal to humans. However, an injection with chic rays is very painful. The underwater beauty lives in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. She likes to settle in coral reefs and crevices.

Fish trigger

The blue-finned balisthod (or trigger) inhabits the waters of the Indian and Pacific basins. Trigger individuals are found in coastal waters and near corals. These beautiful marine fish have an oval body, a large head with a tiny powerful mouth. A strong mouth allows the fish to crush tough shells.

the most beautiful fish in the world

Triggers are highly intelligent creatures. They learn successfully from past experience. Blue-finned balistodes willingly eat sea urchins, mollusks and crustaceans. They may well snack on some fish, plankton and seaweed.

Butterflyfish and Cardinal

The range of the butterflyfish has spread from South Africancoasts to the Red Sea. Its specimens are also found off the coasts of southern Japan and the Hawaiian Islands. Incredibly beautiful fish strikes with an amazing combination of white, black and yellow color palette.

The combination of vertical stripes that outline the entire abdomen looks original. Butterfly fish are up to 12 inches long. This is a lot for linemen. They feed on various invertebrates, algae and polyps.

the most beautiful fish

The handsome Cardinal Bangai belongs to endangered fish species. The range of this fish is too small. She lives near the Bangai Islands in Indonesia. The length of the cardinal does not exceed three inches. It has a branched tail fin. Its dorsal fin is adorned with long rays. The head, body and caudal fin of the fish are accentuated with black stripes with white rounded dots.


Angels are the most beautiful fish in the universe. There are several types of angels. They are very different from each other. French angels live in the west of the Atlantic Ocean. Its individuals inhabit the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. This delightful marine life has a contrasting coloration. The black body of the fish is lined with bright yellow wide stripes and dotted with golden dots. Individuals grow up to 15 inches. Sponges are the basis of the French Angel's diet. This kind of wonderful fish is kept in aquariums and eaten.

beautiful fish species

Fire angel is a beautiful fish with an amazing red-orange color and five blackvertical stripes on the sides. The rear fins of the fish are decorated with violet-blue and blue-black dots. An inhabitant of the Pacific waters eats crustaceans and algae.

The blue-headed angel chose the shallow waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean for life. The population is found on coral reefs in the Maldives, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, the fish feel great in the lagoons, descending to a depth of 25 meters. They amaze with a harmonious combination of bright yellow, intense and pale blue colors. Young angels have six vertical lines colored in white and pale blue. Their tail fins shimmer with two blue tones.

The Imperial Angel is rightfully categorized as the most beautiful fish on the planet Earth. In the color of the fish, dark blue and white shades harmoniously merged with electric blue. A juicy range of colors forms an enchanting round pattern that does not disappear until the fish reach maturity. In an adult imperial angel, black tones predominate, emphasizing the eye area. Blue and yellow stripes form original patterns.

Clownfish and Moorish Idol

Clownfish has multiple color combinations. But the most beautiful are intense orange individuals with white stripes outlined by contrasting black lines. There is another amazing species of clown fish. Their black body is decorated with yellow and orange stripes along the fins and on the abdomen. The length of the fish varies from 3.9 to 7.1 inches.

beautiful fish names

Amazing with its expressive beauty is a fish wearingthe name of the Moorish idol. The body shape of the fish resembles a disk. The idols have a stunning mix of white, black and lemon yellow sections. In wild waters, Moorish idols settle in shallow water or depths of up to one hundred and fifty meters. They feed on polyps, sponges and tunics.

Clown Trigger and Symphysodon

The clown triggerfish is a beautiful fish with striking coloration. Her 19-inch body is colored with white, black, yellow and blue hues. The abode of triggerfish is oceanic waters in the subtropics and tropics. They inhabit shallow waters and coastal lines. Crustaceans and mollusks are the main menu of these exotic fish.

Symphysodon, a popular aquarium fish, has a disc-shaped body. On the sides, individuals are decorated with unique patterns of white, green, blue or brown shades.

beautiful sea fish

Surgeon Fish

A blue fish with an original pattern on the sides that starts at the eyes and ends at the edges of the caudal fin with a rich yellow spot in the center. The surgeon fish has a pointed nose and a 12-inch body. Young individuals are happy to eat plankton. Mature representatives of the species are omnivores.

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