Model Tess Holiday (Tess Holliday): biography, personal life

Model Tess Holiday (Tess Holliday): biography, personal life
Model Tess Holiday (Tess Holliday): biography, personal life

The largest professional model in the world - American Tess Holliday - was born in 1985, lives in Los Angeles and, with a height of 1.65 m, wears the 60th clothing size. Looking at her photos and reading numerous interviews, you will say that she is not a bit complex and does not worry, but on the contrary, she is proud of her appearance.

But how safe is this for a girl's he alth? After all, Tess weighs over 150 kilograms! Nevertheless, she is a sought-after model, loves to be photographed in lingerie and show off her body.

Thinness is not for her, not every person is given to be slim, but I want to be a model. If you spend your whole life trying to sculpt yourself according to a certain pattern and love the resulting Galatea, life will rush by, and you will not have time to see anything. Diets, calories, those words don't seem to be in Tess' vocabulary.

She candidly states that her relationship with her body is a huge journey, full of positivity and calmness, and not a path to any goal. She isopenly tells everyone that she absolutely does not care what they think of her.

tess holiday biography

However, she still managed to surprise the fans by making a post in her account at the end of August 2018, dedicated to her playing sports in the yard of her own house with five-liter bottles as weights. She answered questions from subscribers that she just wants to keep herself in good shape.

Plus-size model on the cover of Cosmo

What is this - a challenge to feminism? A photo of model Tess Holliday appeared on the cover of British Cosmopolitan at the end of August 2018. The appearance produced the effect of an exploding bomb, opinions were divided. Tess is basking in the glory and celebrating her victory.


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Tess Holiday, nee Munster, was born in 1985, July 5, in the American outback - the city of Laurel, Mississippi. Her relationship with her parents was not easy at all. In some interviews, she admitted that she was harassed in her youth and tried to rape.

A girl from an early age dreamed of getting into the world of fashion and walking on the catwalk, but from childhood she was very full, and strict canons of beauty, alas, did not allow liberties in appearance. For as long as she can remember, she has been the object of ridicule all her life, due to bullying by her peers at the age of 17, she even dropped out of school. Today she has a steady immunity to any kind of criticism - school hardening has made itself felt.

Tess came to the first casting in Atlanta with her mother, but small in staturethe girls (only 165 cm) and non-model dimensions once again reminded of themselves - she was told that she did not fit the standards of height and body proportions. Nevertheless, she was offered to pose for a plus size catalog for women. None of the family and friends believed in Tess's success, except for the girl herself and her mother.


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Tess worked as an administrator at a dental clinic, she sent her portfolio to many sites and waited a long time for a response. In 2011, she was invited by the producers of the A&E reality show Heavy, which talked about how people fight obesity through dieting and exercising. Tess did not like the format of the show, but she agreed. After the broadcast, she began to receive offers for filming, she did not expect this, although since 2010, plus size models began to gain popularity. "Imperfect" girls literally "rose from their knees" - now they will be considered as people.

The owner of the XXL clothing size (60th Russian size), Holliday starred for the authoritative glossy Vogue magazine. In 2015, she signed with MiLK Model Management and today, at the age of 33, Tess Holiday weighs 155kg.

She made not only a dizzying career as a model, but also wrote the book "The Fat Girl". The girl is an activist of "body positivity", gives lectures in which she teaches people to accept themselves with all their shortcomings, to eat what they want, and not what is imposed as a he althy product. She believes that society shouldaccept people for who they are: fat, thin, he althy, sick.

Tess has a place of physical activity in her life, she plays sports, goes hiking, swims, but does not adhere to any diets, she believes that it is possible to be full and he althy.

Tess' photo on the cover of "Cosmo" has become a real challenge for both today's feminists and their opponents.

tess holiday personal life

She does not respect the principles of a he althy lifestyle, does not take care of herself

So thinks one half of the split army of caring people. The non-standard appearance of the model is a reason to make fun of her, to mock her appearance.

Many people express dissatisfaction that the model Tess Holiday with her appearance does not promote body positivity, but an unhe althy lifestyle. But what about following a he althy lifestyle? Is it all in vain?

Two years ago, Facebook refused to publish an ad with model Tess Holiday in a bikini, citing the fact that the body does not look the best way. But later a "miracle" happened: representatives of the social network reported that they had made a big mistake and the photo was approved.

Famous British TV presenter Piers Morgan accused Holiday of "promoting obesity". And things would not have been so acute if not for the height of the "ongoing crisis of overweight people in the UK." To these words, Tess retorted that she was American, and Pierce need not worry. In addition, she added that those who see Tess Holiday's weight as a glorification of obesity suffer from the glorification of stupidity.

What is body positivity

The model, as well as the authors and adherents of this style, testifies that fullness is not always a sign of ill he alth. On the contrary, those who lose weight lose their he alth and sanity. Propaganda of harmony and antagonism to "generous" bodies leads to the fact that obese people literally become outsiders of modern life, they do not sew clothes for them, do not create amenities: for example, it is difficult for a fat person to accommodate in some types of transport.

Fat girls bring themselves to anorexia, which, unfortunately, ends in death if treatment is not started on time. Tess claims that if a person has decided to lose weight, then it should be exclusively for himself, for himself. Not for the public.

Body positivity - accepting your body - is a fashionable modern trend.

My body is my business

Many feminists believe that the body and everything connected with it should concern only the person himself, and not his environment. Tess Holiday achieved popularity on her own, without anyone's help, and was able to become happy in her body. Despite a difficult childhood, first motherhood at the age of 20 and harassment, Tess today is on the wave of popularity, she is provided for, she has people's love.

Her life

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Hips of 130 centimeters and non-reducing weight do not interfere with Tess Holiday's personal life. The beauty has been married to Nick Holiday since 2012, but took his last name only in 2015. Earlier, in 2005, Tess had a son, Riley, and in 2016, Nick and Tess had a son, Bowie. According to the beauty, the most important thing forher life is not her career, but her children.

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