Biography, family and filmography of Maria Mironova

Biography, family and filmography of Maria Mironova
Biography, family and filmography of Maria Mironova

Maria Mironova - the daughter of a true favorite of all Soviet citizens and the famous "radio operator Kat" - from the very birth she adequately bears the stellar burden of her parents, not inferior to them in talent, and in many ways even surpassing them. The silent, mysterious Masha is the real daughter of her father: everyone talks about her, but few people managed to find out more than the actress herself would like.

Filmography of Maria Mironova

Little Masha and adult twists of fate

Masha was born on May 28, 1973. Father - famous throughout the country and far beyond its borders, the famous handsome Andrei Mironov. Mother - no less famous actress - Ekaterina Gradova (she owns the role of radio operator Kat in the cult television series "Seventeen Moments of Spring"). By the way, it was in this film about spies that Masha made her debut as an actress: Kat held her little radio operator in her arms. Another little-known fact - Masha was named after her grandmother - Mironova Maria Vladimirovna. Andrei loved his mother very much, and Catherine was not against such a kindname. However, their family happiness did not last long. Three years later, Andrei Mironov left his wife and little daughter and married the notorious actress Larisa Golubkina. Fate played a trick on him: Larisa also had a daughter, Masha, whom Mironov later adopted. By the way, both Masha today are theater and film actresses.

Maria Mironova: films

How a ballerina didn't turn out of Masha

When little Masha was 2 years old, the girl showed unprecedented abilities in dancing. Andrei Mironov wanted his daughter to become a ballerina. However, when Maria was brought to the dance class for an exam, the girl flatly refused to demonstrate her skills. No matter how hard the choreographers tried, it did not work out to persuade Masha to dance dialogue. From early childhood, the future actress made it clear that she does not like it when they show her the way, consider and evaluate her. However, she herself was very fond of silently watching people, however, like her father. Since childhood, Masha loved to go to the theater with her mother, looked at the costumes of the actors and often gave practical advice on their color performance. Who knows, perhaps Maria would have turned out to be a real couturier, but fate decided differently.

Maria Mironova: photo

The first role and immediately with Govorukhin

Maria's film debut at a more conscious age took place when she was 10 years old. Even then, the rather famous actor Stanislav Govorukhin invited Masha to play the role of Becky Thatcher in the children's adventure film The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Once Masha told me that it was not at all possible to playwanted, but her parents decided everything for her. Maria's mother persuaded her daughter to play with "Govorukhin himself." "Govorukhin himself" called Masha a real soldier of Russian cinema. The fact is that the movie was shot in Abkhazia - in Sukhumi. It was 40 degrees hot, and Maria had to deal with animals that didn't smell very good. The bull-calf was capricious every now and then, and the goat, which, according to the plot, Masha was supposed to carry in her arms, endlessly emitted fetid odors. In addition, Maria was always afraid of Injun Joe and constantly asked everyone: “Where is the Indian?”. And even when she was introduced to the "terrible Indian", Masha still experienced unprecedented fear, walking around the cave with either a bull or a goat. And yet, despite all these “cons” of acting, the then young actress really liked the whole process. And at that moment, one might say, a new "star" began to light up - Maria Mironova. Photos of early works are almost impossible to find anywhere.

The atmosphere on set was amazing. Perhaps this influenced the further choice of the profession of the future actress.

Maria Mironova: personal life

Whatever one may say, but you need to study

Actress Maria Mironova is perhaps one of the few who decently attended classes at the university, went to all couples, practical classes. Masha entered the Shchukin School in the early 90s. But after some time, Masha had to leave school for a while - they and Igor Udalov had a son, whom the couple named after the famous grandfather - Andrei Mironov. Maria fell out of the acting rut for a couple of years, but when she was smallAndrei grew up a little, his restless mother continued her studies, but already at VGIK. While still on maternity leave, Maria realized how dear she was to acting in theater and cinema. Therefore, having entered VGIK to Mikhail Gluzsky, she regularly attended all classes, did not miss a single pair, went to all practical classes. She studied acting. And thanks to the workshop of Mikhail Gluzsky, Maria directed her first work - the short film "Lullaby for Daughter". The seventeen-minute sketch showed the eminent audience, which consisted of venerable professors at VGIK, that Maria is talented not only in acting, but also in directing.

actress Maria Mironova

First big roles

Pavel Lungin invited Maria to his Russian-French melodrama "Wedding" one of the first. Almost all the scenes from the film were filmed near Tula. Actress Maria Mironova often says that almost all the actors lived non-stop near Tula for about two months. Work was in full swing. There were a few hours left for sleep. Many episodes were filmed at night, but despite this, the cast was on the rise all the time. The film was lively and dynamic. Lungin was pleased with Masha's work. She was not capricious, efficient and hardworking actress, who was not afraid of any difficulties. By the way, many famous actors of Russian cinema took part in the "Wedding": Maria Golubkina (the adopted daughter of Masha's father), Marat Basharov, Alexander Semchev, Andrey Panin, Natalya Kolyakanova and many other cine celebrities. For such a stellar composition, the picture received the prize "For the best selection of an acting team" in Cannes in2000.

Maria Mironova daughter


The filmography of Maria Mironova is truly impressive. Since the 2000s, Maria has starred in dozens of films and television series. Having inherited from her father an unprecedented capacity for work and one hundred percent return, Maria is a frequent guest on film sets with famous Russian directors. However, despite this, Maria Mironova carefully selects the films in which she will act - she plays in those that are interesting to her as an actress. According to her, it is better to play in one but worthwhile movie than in 10 mediocre ones. Therefore, the entire filmography of Maria Mironova is, first of all, a careful selection of the actress herself. The best works include paintings:

  • "Three Musketeers".
  • "Major Baranov's personal file".
  • "Day Watch".
  • "Death of an empire".
  • "Night Watch".
  • "Ice Age".
  • "Wedding".

Erotic with Vladimir Mashkov, or Maria Mironova chooses the right films

In 2004, Maria played in Lungin's film "Oligarch" along with Vladimir Mashkov. Interestingly, Lungin was not originally going to invite Mironova. But, after reading the script, Masha recognized herself in the main character, Lungin gave way to her beloved actress, and subsequently never regretted it. So the filmography of Maria Mironova was replenished with a role in this picture, and she played amazingly. The fact is that there is one very explicit scene in the film. However, this did not bother Mary, the actressstoically endured the shooting and once mentioned that she would never have filmed in such a scene if it had not been necessary for the picture. It was much more difficult for Maria to dye her blond long hair black and almost beyond recognition to change her appearance with the help of all kinds of cosmetics.

The filmography of Maria Mironova soon replenished with one film - "State Counselor". Nikita Mikhalkov, of course, did not justify the trust of the public. The film was not particularly interesting and did not live up to the expectations of the viewer. However, the role of Julie was remembered by many (she was played by Maria Mironova). Photos from the shooting are still relevant and are being reviewed by fans. Even film critics noted that Maria is a real Julie, who did not break down until the end of the film and did not fade against the backdrop of the venerable actor Nikita Mikhalkov.

Maria Mironova: family

Maria Mironova. Personal life

Maria Mironova is an actress with an established outlook on life. Her cinema, her performance in the theater only confirm that the actress is true to her choice to the end. A loving mother, a kind person, a good daughter - this is all Maria Mironova. The family of the actress is carefully guarded from prying eyes. Her son is the main man in Mironova's life. And although she was credited with marriage to Alexei Makarov, however, Maria declares with confidence that she has always had friendly relations with the actor.

Interesting! Maria, according to her, was married twice. From her first marriage with Igor Udalov, she had a son, Andrei. The second husband of the actress is Dmitry Klokov. Maria divorced him after several years of The third marriage with Alexei Makarov is categorically denied by Maria Mironova. The personal life of the actress has always interested her fans, but, unfortunately, they rarely managed to find out anything.

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