Celebrities of short stature: interesting facts

Celebrities of short stature: interesting facts
Celebrities of short stature: interesting facts

Short height is a definite advantage, especially for girls, but the fashion industry dictates completely different ideals. Petiteness and fragility have always been appreciated, but many celebrities of small stature, especially show business stars, visually correct it with clothing, lighting or angle. So they seem taller than they really are, and their real growth is surprising.

Petite actresses

These include:

  • Christina Ricci. The height of the star of the remake of "The Addams Family" is 155 centimeters.
  • The star of teen films and the third part of the film franchise "X-Men" Ellen Page has a height of 156 centimeters. Thanks to him, the actress has retained her youth, she looks much younger than her age at 31. Ellen is absolutely not worried about this, rarely wears heels and does not seek to visually "stretch" herself.
  • The same height has actress Reese Witherspoon. She almost never leaves the house without heels, and prefers to go to public eventswear dresses with a slight train to look taller.
  • The X-Files actress Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Scully, is 157cm tall.
  • Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Emma Roberts, Sharon Osbourne, Alyssa Milano and teenage idol of the early 2000s, Lizzy McGuire star Hillary Duff have the same height.
salma haik
  • 160 centimeters in height have several celebrities of small stature at once. These include, for example, Audrey Tautou, Natalie Portman, Kelly Osbourne. The Olsen sisters, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lucy Liu and Jennifer Love Hewitt also have a small stature. Black Widow Scarlett Johansson is also no taller than 160 cm. By the way, according to some reports, the height of the Olsen sisters is 155 centimeters.
  • Jodie Foster and Jessica Simpson are 161 cm tall.
  • Julianne Moore and Megan Fox - 163 cm tall

Short stature actors

There are short men among the actors:

  • Danny DeVito's height is only 152 centimeters, which paved his way to comedy films. The actor doesn't worry about height, he treats it with humor.
  • Seth Green and Martin Scorsese are only 163 centimeters tall.
  • The growth of the famous American director and actor of Jewish origin Woody Allen in his youth was equal to 165 centimeters. Now, due to age reasons, it has decreased to 163.
  • Actor and musician Jack Black is 165 centimeters tall.
  • Dustin Hoffman - 166 centimeters.
  • HeightHarry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and Frodo actor Elijah Wood - 168 centimeters, which did not prevent them from building a brilliant acting career.
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • The famous Iron Man Tony Stark - Robert Downey Jr. has grown to 169 centimeters.
  • Al Pacino, Tim Roth, Tom Cruise, James McAvoy and Ben Stiller are 170cm tall.

Petite music artists

Among the singers stand out:

  • Vietnam singer named Charis is only 148 centimeters tall
  • Singer Kristin Chynoweth's height is about 148-150 centimeters, more precisely, it is not reported anywhere.
  • Tila Tequila is 150 centimeters tall.
  • Kylie Minogue is proud of her height of 154 centimeters
  • The growth of pop singer Lady Gaga is only 155 centimeters. For backup dancers, she selects people by height so that they do not contrast with her.
  • Just a centimeter taller than her singer Christina Aguilera.
  • The growth of the singers Fergie and Shakira - 157 centimeters each.
singer shakira
  • 160 centimeters - the height of Vanessa Paradis and pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne.
  • The height of Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Pink and Madonna is 163 centimeters.

Short singers

These include:

  • Bruno Mars is 165 centimeters tall. He admitted that in order to visually look taller, he wears hats and updos.
  • Bruno Mars
  • Rapper Lil Wayne has only grown to 168centimeters.
  • Musician and public figure Kanye West is 169 centimeters tall.
  • Singer Prince was 160 centimeters tall.

Other Famous Petite Stars

Also, other stars are short:

  • Lionel Messi, the famous football player, has a height of 167 centimeters.
  • Football player Diego Armando Maradona overtook him by just a centimeter.
  • Robert Casso is another 169 cm footballer.
  • British TV presenter Richard Hammond also has a height of 165 centimeters, which is constantly played out in the car TV show "Top Gear".
  • The Armenian politician Serzh Sargsyan has the same height.
  • The height of the former French President and politician Nicolas Sarkozy is 168 centimeters.
  • The growth of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is 162 centimeters.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is 169 centimeters tall.
  • The growth of Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut, was 157 centimeters. By the way, astronauts and pilots of that time were often short. The growth of Yuri Gagarin came in handy, since the cabins in the spacecraft were very small and cramped.
  • Socialite Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West, has a height of 159 centimeters.
  • Kim Kardashian

Short people from past centuries

It's a known fact that people get taller over time. The standard of living has risen, nutrition has become better, and heavy physical exertion and illness have ceased to be an inevitable part of life. However, it is interesting to know somepetite celebrities from the past:

  • Writer Charlotte Bronte was only 144 centimeters tall.
  • Singer Edith Piaf - 147 centimeters.
  • Writer Margaret Mitchell was 150 centimeters tall.
  • The same height were Charlemagne and Alexander the Great.
  • Kirov's height was 154 centimeters.
  • Famous poet John Keats was only 155 centimeters tall.
  • The height of statesman James Madison was 162 centimeters.
  • The famous cubist artist Pablo Picasso and Joseph Stalin had the same height.
  • Benito Juarez, who was the ruler of Mexico in the late 19th century, was only 135 centimeters tall.
  • The founder of the Italian fascist movement, Benito Mussolini, was 160 centimeters tall.
  • Russian classical poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin grew to 161 centimeters.
  • The height of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was 164 centimeters.

Napoleon Bonaparte is worth mentioning separately. A common misconception that he was short is based on a confusion of units. The French and the British used different concepts of "foot". It was the British who disseminated information about the small growth of the French emperor and some jokes about it. In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte was about 170 centimeters tall, which at that time was considered above average.

Many celebrities of small stature have achieved great success. The fact that they are somewhat lower than their colleagues does not affect their career in any way. Many of them do not even show that their growth is lower.average. Celebrities of small stature look sleeker than their tall counterparts. Nothing compares to the elegance of Audrey Tautou or Natalie Portman.

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