The French city of Cognac: overview, history and interesting facts

The French city of Cognac: overview, history and interesting facts
The French city of Cognac: overview, history and interesting facts

Eternally young and beautiful France… This country has a unique charm and charm of cultures from different eras, mixed with bold modernity. There are many interesting and amazing places here. One of these is the ancient city of Cognac.

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Indeed, the word "cognac" is perceived by many people as a household word. But in France, it takes on a slightly different connotation.

The city of Cognac is a small town that can be walked around in a couple of hours even on foot. No more than 20 thousand people live here. The locals are in no hurry. They are accustomed to lead a calm and measured life. The village boasts the most beautiful and oldest architecture, as well as the beautiful banks of the Charente River, surrounded by chic vineyards. But most importantly, it was in the French city of Cognac that the legendary drink was born.

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Some interesting facts

This city is not located along the route between the tourist points of the country, so people come here on purpose. And most often in order toto see with your own eyes the process of cognac production. After all, more than five hundred cognac companies operate on the territory of the town.

Practically all the houses in the city are built of stone, which is covered with black cobwebs - "angels' share". The local population claims that it appears from cognac fumes. If you listen closely, you can hear drunken angels rustling their wings.

Indeed, cognac in barrels during storage evaporates by 2-3% of the total volume. And how many cellars and cellars with such barrels are in the district - hundreds of thousands or even millions. It can be said that cognac fumes permeated the air of the city. It is from them that the fungus appears on the walls of the cellars.

However, in the city you can taste not only the most exquisite varieties of cognacs, but also a cheese plateau made from cow's or goat's milk with the addition of this drink.

Alexandre Dumas often described the central square of Cognac. Indeed, this is one of the richest settlements in the country. It is here that you can see some of the most exquisite and rich family estates in France.

This city has been hosting the International Police Film Festival for the past 20 years. To get to the event, you must come to the city in June.

Cognac itself is only white wine, which is double distilled and then aged in oak barrels. The uni blanc variety is most often used to make this drink. By the way, cognacs that are produced outside the Charente department do not have the right to put such a name on the labels of the drink.

How to get there?

The city of Cognac (France), is located 450 kilometers from the capital of the republic. Administratively, the city belongs to the department of Charente. You can get here from Angouleme (44 kilometers) along the river of the same name, as well as from other settlements, but by land transport.

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How did cognac appear?

According to one version, the drink was invented quite by accident. Wine producers wanted to find a way to freely transport it so that it does not spoil. As a result, after the distillation of wine, cognac appeared.

Although there is a more interesting, but less plausible legend. According to this story, a certain Chevalier de la Croix-Moron saw in a dream the process of distilling wine.

How it all began?

How did it all start?

The history of the French city of Cognac began in 1215. Then a port appeared on the Charente River, but it was intended to organize the s alt trade. Every year around it, on both banks, castles, estates, houses and other buildings began to appear. Over time, wine was also shipped through the port.

In the XII century, the city was annexed to the county of Angouleme. In 1494, the legendary King Francis I was born on the lands of this town. It was he who raised the whole country to a new level, and the city itself flourished. Industrial enterprises for the production of cognac appeared on its territory.

In 1651, when the city withstood the defense during the period of the noble movement of the Fronde, it was granted many privileges. King Louis XIV allowed local residents to start production and salecognac, thanks to which the settlement further strengthened its position.

During and after the revolution, the production and sale of the drink was suspended. It resumed only in the 19th century. Every year more and more enterprises for the production of the drink appeared. Naturally, the city of Cognac itself grew, the number of inhabitants increased.

The city also survived the difficult year of 1860. It was then that a huge number of vineyards died due to the phylloxera epidemic. All the owners of vineyards and beverage factories rallied and restored them.

After the First World War, the city was in a difficult situation. He was in a deep economic crisis. The population has been greatly reduced. However, by 1924 everything was back to normal. The city has again become the main supplier of cognac around the world.

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Famous natives of the city

It is a little-known fact that it was in the city of Cognac that the founder of the European Union, Jean Monnet, was born (11/09/1988). This man did a lot not only for the creation of the European Union, but also for his native country - France.

And in 1875 Paul Lecoq Boisbaudran was born in the city. It was he who discovered a new chemical element called "gallium", which is listed under No. 31 in the periodic table.

The glass blowing machine was created here. It was invented by engineer Claude Boucher.

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Walks for fans of the legendary drink

Most cognac houses organize tasting and other visits.The very first place where tourists go is the Valois Castle. Within its walls, guests will be told a lot of interesting historical facts. In the basement of the palace, experts demonstrate the production process of OTAR cognac. You can even try it if you wish.

Naturally, the overview of the city of Cognac cannot be imagined without the trading house of Hennessy. It is located two kilometers from the village itself, on the banks of the Charente River. At the beginning of the tour, guests visit the castle, and then they are taken on a pleasure boat to the other side of the river, where the cellars are located and you can taste the legendary drink. The trading house has been operating since 1765. For 8 generations, the Hennessy family has been growing their beverage business.

One of the components of the cognac production process is the production of bottles. Two kilometers from the city of Cognac is the second largest glass factory in Europe called Saint-Gobain.

In addition to the castle of Valois, it is recommended to visit a museum dedicated to cognac.

If you know French, be sure to chat with the local population. They talk about cognac for hours on end.

In the city itself, there are about 600 companies that produce this drink, from small enterprises to the largest industries. And each of these cognac houses is ready to open its doors for tourists and conduct a fascinating tour. If desired, even with a tasting.

Notable natives of the city

Other attractions

If you believe the reviews of the oldcity, Cognac is interesting not only for lovers of the legendary drink. Enchanting landscapes await tourists on the way to the city itself. There are huge rows of vineyards in the area. It is from there that they take the raw materials for the manufacture of cognac.

It is recommended to start your walk around the city from the main square named after Francis of Angouleme. Here, of course, there is a monument to this great native of the city.

Next, be sure to go to the gates of St. James, which appeared here in 1499. They go to the waterfront. From here you can immediately get to the church of Saint-Leger (XIII-XIV centuries). A little further is the Church of Saint-Martin, on the territory of which even medieval burials have been preserved.

Be sure to go to the local pier and take a ride on a pleasure water tram, admire the local beauties. Since the terrain here is not very hilly, you can safely explore the villages in the area by walking along the towpath. It stretches from the south bank of the river and leads upstream to the Thrush Bridge.

How cognac appeared

Interesting events

According to reviews of the city of Cognac, a huge number of significant and interesting events are held here. First of all, this is the June festival of police and detective films, which has long acquired international significance.

Blues lovers are advised to visit the city during the last week of July. It is at this time that the Passion for the Blues festival is held annually. And in the middle of the month you can get to the cognac festival.

If you lovecarnivals and street theatres, head to the city of Cognac on the first weekend in September. A street art festival is being held these days.

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