Symbols of the Airborne Forces: what to give on August 2

Symbols of the Airborne Forces: what to give on August 2
Symbols of the Airborne Forces: what to give on August 2

Everyone who had to serve in the Airborne Forces is proud of the fact of involvement in this type of troops. August 2 is the generally recognized day of the paratrooper. By this day, many who have a relative or friend who served in the Airborne Forces are trying to find the right gift. A wide range of different products is presented to the attention of consumers. Judging by the numerous reviews, a thing that will depict the symbols of the Airborne Forces will be a good gift. It can be original key rings, t-shirts and other things. Watches with the symbols of the Airborne Forces and various cutting products are especially in great demand.

Commander watch "Vostok"

According to experts, recently there has been a great demand among consumers for things of the Soviet type. One of these very popular products was the Vostok command watch with the symbols of the Airborne Forces. They are made at the watch factory in the city of Chistopol (Republic of Tatarstan). The cost of the product inwithin 2 thousand rubles.


This product with the symbols of the Airborne Forces (the photo of the product is presented in the article) belongs to the category of men's mechanical watches. Dimensions are 4 x 4 x 1.2 cm. Manual winding is provided for the watch. Product with organic glass. It has a round body, in the production of which brass is used. It has a chrome finish on top. The back cover of the watch is made of stainless steel. This model is considered waterproof (class WR30 3 ATM). Judging by the reviews of the owners, you can safely wash your hands in this watch without fear of ruining the mechanism. Also, do not worry if the watch gets caught in the rain. The dial is black with Arabic numerals. Its diameter is 2.9 cm.

command watch

On the dial there is the symbols of the Airborne Forces in the form of a red star, a parachute and aircraft. The watch is fastened on a special strap 225 mm long. It is made from genuine leather. The width of the strap is not more than 1.8 cm. The watch is completed with a passport and a one-year warranty card.

About JamesCraft quartz watch

Relatively young watch company James Craft started its activity in Moscow recently. In addition, this company produces various designer accessories, using natural materials - leather and wood. Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, an original watch with the inscription "No one but us" will be a good gift for a paratrooper.

knives with airborne symbols

The product is categorizedmen's wrist watches equipped with a quartz movement. Fastening on the hand is carried out using a strap made of genuine leather. The dial is black. It has a five-pointed star in red. For airplanes and parachutes, white color is provided. The watch comes with instructions and a warranty card.

About tactical knife "Paratrooper"

This product is manufactured by employees of the Russian company Zlatko. This knife is a versatile working tool, an indispensable assistant in field conditions. On the surface of the blade there is the symbolism of the Russian Airborne Forces.

symbols of the airborne forces photo

Designing the design of the knife, the developers used militaristic army models. For the "Paratrooper" a dagger-type blade is provided. There is a serrated part on its blade, and a false blade on the butt.

About specifications

  • In the manufacture of the knife, steel grade EI-515 is used.
  • The blade hardness is 58 HRC.
  • Total length - 27.5 cm, blade - 17 cm.
  • The cutting tool is equipped with a special stop to prevent slipping of the hand.
  • The handle is made of wood. Walnut is used as a material for it. A special polymer coating is applied on top of the handle.
  • In the production of the guard and butt plate, the developers use aluminum.
  • The cutting product is equipped with a through and non-separable shank.
  • Complete with leather sheath, passport, manufacturer's certificate.

This knife with the symbols of the Airborne Forces is available infree sale.

About the knife "Penal Battalion-VDV". Description

This model of the cutting product is manufactured by the Russian company "AiR" in the city of Zlatoust. The manufacturer uses a 1940 reconnaissance knife as a basis. The total size of the modern model "Shtrafbat-VDV" is 26.2 cm, the cutting part is 14.2 cm. The blade is made of steel grade 95 x 18, which is considered basic for this manufacturer. Blade hardness index is 58 HRC. Without a scabbard, this product weighs no more than 170 g. The blade is engraved and equipped on both sides with special valleys. The knife is equipped with an S-shaped guard made of stainless steel. The buttstock is aluminum. The shank is characterized by a through and non-separable design. The knife comes with a leather sheath, a passport, a certificate of quality and a sheet with a mark from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The knife is commercially available.

watches with symbols of the airborne forces

Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, the high popularity of this blade is due to its light weight, good cutting and stabbing qualities, as well as the presence of a double-sided guard that reliably protects the hand from slipping. The knife is made in the form of a finca and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

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