Igor Mosiychuk: biography and political activity

Igor Mosiychuk: biography and political activity
Igor Mosiychuk: biography and political activity

Igor Mosiychuk is called the first political prisoner of the Petro Poroshenko regime. This Ukrainian journalist and politician went hand in hand with the idea of ​​radical nationalism throughout his conscious path and spent some time behind bars.

Far Eastern nationalist

The biography of Igor Mosiychuk is replete with facts pointing to his radical views. The future politician was born in the stagnant year of 1972 in the heart of Ukraine - the city of Lubny, in the Poltava region. Here, Igor Mosiychuk was educated at secondary school No. 1, after which he went to do military service in the Far East. Already there, he showed himself as a conscious nationalist, organizing an active Ukrainian youth around him. It was the time of perestroika, and the Soviet Union collapsed. For this reason, Igor's nationalist activities in the army were not interfered with and minor skirmishes between servicemen turned a blind eye.

igor mosiychuk

Recreated an old Ukrainian edition

This start inspired the guy to new achievements. Upon his return from the army in 1993, together with Oleg Gavrylchenko, Mosiychuk recreated the first Ukrainian-language edition in Lubny, which was publishedunder tsarist Russia - the newspaper "Hleborob". Also in his hometown, together with Oles Vakhniy, he initiates an action in local libraries to replace Soviet literature with Ukrainian literature for free.

The first arrest of Mosiychuk

Already next year, a public figure can be seen in the ranks of UNA-UNSO, known for its radicalism. And a year later, in 1995, the name of the young politician first appeared on the pages of the central press. Together with other party members, Igor Mosiychuk becomes a participant in a brawl with the Berkut special forces, which flared up right at the funeral of Patriarch Vladimir in Kyiv. The latter did not allow the body of the Ukrainian Orthodox leader to be buried on the territory of St. Sophia Cathedral. As a result, the young politician finds himself behind bars for the first time. The arrest lasts for several days. After that, Igor was released and they did not start a criminal case.

People's Deputy Igor Mosiychuk

Second arrest of Mosiychuk

But this detention did not frighten the radical politician. On the contrary, he communicates more and more closely with Ukrainian dissidents. In 1996, he ended up in prison again on a framed case. This time, Igor Mosiychuk spent six months in prison, but thanks to the assistance of reputable politicians, he was released.

Active journalism

Together with his fellow party members from UNA-UNSO, he edited the publications Our Land and Our Word in Poltava. In 2000, in tandem with the ex-head of Luben (Vasily Koryak), he published Quiet Horror, a printed publication that tells about the dark sides of the work of the then head of state and Kuchma's henchmen inareas.

biography of Igor Mosiychuk

Left soft "Freedom"

In 1998, UNA-UNSO ceases to exist, and the radical figure joins the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU). From 2002 to 2005, the politician is associated with the capital of Ukraine. Here he actively opposes Kuchma's policies. In 2004, when the SNPU was dissolved at the 9th party meeting, and the all-Ukrainian association "Svoboda" was organized instead, the politician decides to leave the organization. He is not satisfied with softening the rhetoric of the party. In 2005, Igor Vladimirovich became a resident of the city of Vasilkov, which is 25 km from Kyiv.

Head of Media Relations

In 2010, Igor Mosiychuk, without changing his political views, joins the Social-National Assembly. Subsequently, he will lead the party service for media relations. Promotes the formation of the Social Nationalist Party and its official recognition in the country.

Vasilkovsky terrorist

2011 for Mosiychuk is marked by a new clash with law enforcement officers. This time, he and several other nationalist figures are charged with a serious charge of organizing terrorist attacks. Employees of the capital's SBU find an explosive device in Vasilkov. At that time, local MP Igor Mosiychuk, Sergei Bevz and deputy assistant Vladimir Shpara are accused of initiating two terrorist operations at once. In Boryspil - on the blowing up of the local monument to V. Lenin, and in Kyiv - on the occasion of the holiday on August 24.

Deputy Igor Mosiychuk

In 2013, the Metropolitan Court sentences politicians to six years in prison. But the events on the Maidan in 2013-2014 entailed the decision of the Verkhovna Rada to rehabilitate these political prisoners. And they were safely released. Igor is actively involved in the reconstruction of the country's political system.

Climbing the career ladder

Already quite well-known thanks to the "Vasilkovsky case" Mosiychuk in the spring of 2014 is elected to the capital's council from the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko. And in the fall of 2014, the "terrorist" gets into the Verkhovna Rada. People's Deputy Igor Mosiychuk becomes the ninth in the list of Lyashko's party. All this time, he has been actively involved in the demolition of monuments to Lenin and other communist figures throughout the country.

People's Deputy Igor Mosiychuk

The fourth arrest of Mosiychuk

It would seem that now the radical has found his place in the political sky. But already in 2015, they again tried to tie his hands. People's Deputy Igor Mosiychuk is accused of a scheme with a corruption component. Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who showed the corresponding video recording with the participation of Mosiychuk, becomes the main accuser. In September, the Verkhovna Rada lifts his parliamentary immunity and allows him to be arrested again. For a radical figure, this conclusion becomes the fourth. He remains behind bars at the moment.

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