Jared Gilmour is a young American actor

Jared Gilmour is a young American actor
Jared Gilmour is a young American actor

Jared Gilmour is a young actor who immediately woke up famous. After his famous role in the cult TV series Once Upon a Time, Jared became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Despite his relatively young age, he has not only roles in diverse series, but also participation in feature films that are released all over the world.

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It can be said that Jared Gilmour got into the cinema quite by accident. He is not one of those who long and stubbornly went to the goal of getting on one of the main channels of America. In his life, everything was decided by chance.

Jared Gilmore was born in 2000 in San Diego, California. Then his twin sister Taylor was born. Parents from the very birth of their children were interested in finding an agent for their daughter who would help her make a successful career.

When the twins grew up, the Gilmores seriously started looking for such an agent and one day the search was successful. Several people were interested in them at once, but theywanted to see Taylor Gilmour in person, not just photos and videos.

Parents could not leave Jared and took him to the audition with his sister. The agents liked Taylor, but they also liked Jared. This surprised the parents, because they soon received the first filming offers for their son.

Taylor Gilmore was never able to build a career and soon left this business, and her twin brother at first starred in clothing commercials. At that moment, Hollywood producers noticed him.

Once Upon a Time

One of the main roles in the career of Jared Gilmour at the moment is the role in the TV series Once Upon a Time. There he plays the biological son of the main character, who lives in a magical world. Jared's character - Henry - is called upon to save the kingdom from the evil sorceress, who is also his guardian.

Jared Gilmore starred in this series for six seasons, but then the channel's management decided to recast the character. The role of Henry took a guy older than Jared. This happened because in the final season, the events take place ten years after the events shown at the end of the sixth season.

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Jared Gilmour: movies

Despite the fact that Jared is more often filmed in TV shows, there are also several films in his filmography. Jared Gilmour can be seen in films such as "Plan B", where his colleague on the set was Jennifer Lopez, "The Night Before", "The Babysitter for Christmas".

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