Garcia Caroline - French tennis player

Garcia Caroline - French tennis player
Garcia Caroline - French tennis player

Garcia Caroline has become known all over the world due to the fact that already at a relatively young age she showed herself as a young and talented tennis player. The girl takes part in various competitions and championships, regularly bringing prizes to her country.


Garcia was born in 1993. Her parents had their own small real estate agency, but the girl herself showed interest in sports from childhood. Garcia did not know for a long time what exactly she wanted to do, so from the age of five she attended many different sections. But over time, Garcia Carolyn realized that she really wanted to do only tennis, so the girl quit all other activities and focused only on this.

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Career start

In 2009, Caroline won her first title. This happened in Portugal, where the young tennis player was invited to the ITF doubles ten-thousander. After that, she had to train even harder to achieve more. In 2011, she received a special invitation to the prestigious Grand Slam tournament. The girl went to Australiawhere she made it past the first round. In the second round, her opponent was Maria Sharapova, who had already established herself as a strong and successful tennis player at that time. Caroline Garcia was able to snatch victory in the first round, but Sharapova was stronger and defeated her in the remaining two. Perhaps the lack of experience of the young tennis player affected, but her perseverance and desire to win amazed many.

In 2013, Garcia was called up to the French national team and went to the Fed Cup. After that, the girl went to the French Open, where she accidentally hit the best tennis player in the world - Serena Williams. For Garcia Carolin, this game ended in a complete rout, but brought a lot of experience. Thanks to this, she managed to score a large number of points and enter the ranking of the top 100 tennis players, ranking 75th line.

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Professional sports

The girl got to Wimbledon in 2014. It was one of the most serious events in her life. Garcia Carolin easily passed two stages, but still lost in the third. After Wimbledon, Garcia visited the US Open, Brisbane and Moscow. In the ranking of the best tennis players, the girl rose to 38th place.

In 2015, Garcia won the Eastborough doubles title with Slovenian tennis player Katarina Srebotnik. Garcia appears in all tennis tournaments, bringing himself and his country various titles and awards.

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