Shake and Cooper - a love story

Shake and Cooper - a love story
Shake and Cooper - a love story

The love story of a popular couple has been followed by millions of people around the world for several years. Yes, and celebrities themselves stir up interest in themselves by the fact that they still do not comment on their relationship in any way, despite gossip and evil tongues. Shake and Cooper have chosen not to live in public, away from camera flashes, and do not intend to give up this in the future!

Starting a relationship

For the first time, the romance of popular model Irina Shayk and Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper began to be discussed in April 2015. It was then that the first photos appeared, in which the couple was captured. Irina, at that time, was a popular model who was able to break through from a small town in the Chelyabinsk region to world recognition, and Bradley was a popular actor who regularly starred in all Hollywood projects. Due to the fact that the couple still refuses to comment on their relationship, it is not known exactly how they met. Rumor has it that this happened at one of the secular parties, but one thing is for sure - the Russian model immediately won the heartAmerican actor.

Shake and Cooper wedding

Paparazzi immediately began to actively pursue the couple. Initially, it was not clear whether they were friends or something more, but then it turned out that Shayk and Cooper had a romantic relationship. Photographers caught them walking and relaxing together, but the celebrities themselves did not react to this in any way. No one knew how long this relationship would last, but, as it turned out, the young people were very serious.

Rumors and gossip

Almost immediately after the couple began to appear in various fashion publications, the yellow press began to compose a lot of rumors about Irina and Bradley. The news went completely different, starting from the fact that the couple secretly got married or, on the contrary, is on the verge of a break. Of course, not a single gossip has been confirmed by the representatives of the couple.

Shayk and Cooper relationship

Shake and Cooper have been through a lot. The tabloids have long attributed to Bradley an unconventional sexual orientation, and to Irina that she continues to meet with her ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo, whom she had met for quite some time in the past. But Irina and Bradley proved that their relationship is strong enough and that they can go through anything, away from the annoying attention of the press.

Shake and Cooper baby

At the end of 2016, it became known that Shayk was expecting a baby. Despite the fact that the couple carefully concealed their relationship and rarely appeared in public, they could not avoid public attention. Irina still continued to hide the pregnancy underloose clothing and refused to comment on all the rumors. Bradley did the same and completely ignored all questions regarding this topic.

Shake and Cooper baby

In March 2017 in Los Angeles, Shayk gave birth to a girl, whom it was decided to name Leah de Sena. Close friends of the couple said that Bradley is crazy about his daughter and spends all his free time with her. At first, her mother helped Irina with her newborn daughter, but then the girl began to cope with everything herself and even returned to her usual work schedule.

Shake and Cooper now

The couple has not yet officially registered their relationship. Despite the wishes of fans and the press, the wedding of Cooper and Shayk remains in doubt. Irina and Bradley no longer hide their relationship as carefully as they used to, so now they appear at various social events and take a lot of photos together.

Irina continues to work as a model, and Bradley acts in films, but despite being very busy, they spend a lot of time with their daughter. They can often be seen at various playgrounds in the city center. Recently, news began to appear in glossy publications that Shayk and Cooper are already thinking about a second child.

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