The Gullivers of our time, or the largest foot size according to experts from the Guinness Book

The Gullivers of our time, or the largest foot size according to experts from the Guinness Book
The Gullivers of our time, or the largest foot size according to experts from the Guinness Book

There are no records in the Guinness Book, which is published annually: the largest hot dog, the smallest / largest people and animals, the largest human foot size and much more. Some records delight, others disgust.

largest foot size

This is one of the most reliable and authoritative sources that confirms the facts and resolves disputes. The main goal is to provide reliable information about the record achievements of the human, animal and natural world.

Who has the bigger foot?

According to the data from the book, Hayson Rodriguez has the largest foot size in the world. The title was given because of the 59th shoe size worn by a resident of Venezuela.

largest human foot size

The giant's height is 2 meters 20 cm, the length of the foot is 40 cm. From the age of 14, as Hayson admits, when the leg had already grown a lot, I had to sew shoes from pants or sometimes walk barefoot.

Brian Takiula

At 29, the North African, now a resident of Paris, wears a size 58 shoe. The growth of a young man is 2 meters 46 cm. Such dimensions bring a lot of inconvenience in everyday life. Difficultmove around the apartment, not to mention public transport and the lack of affordable sale of shoes of this size.

Regular walks cost a guy 3,500 euros. That's how much one pair of shoes in size 58 costs. Brian no longer suffers from the scrutiny that passers-by give him every day due to the fact that he has the largest foot size.

largest foot size in the world

He is happy, imaginary or real, but posing in front of camera lenses and answering questions. He admits that he hopes to grow up a little more to become the hero of the Guinness Book twice as the tallest man in the world.

Robert Wadlow had the tallest height recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, he also had the biggest foot in the world. Shoe size - 76, height 2 meters 72 cm, foot size 47 cm. Absolute world record holder. Robert suffered from a terrible disease - acromegaly and a pituitary tumor and died in his sleep from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 22.

Ukrainian giant

Leonid Stadnikov, a native of Ukraine (Zhytomyr region), died from the same diagnosis as Robert Waldow in 2014. He was 44 years old. The owner of the 60 foot size is not listed in the Book of Records, Leonid Stadnikov's height was 2 meters 55 cm. This is the largest foot size not officially registered.

Abnormal development is not congenital, in adolescence the boy needed urgent surgery to remove a benign brain tumor, during which the pituitary gland was affected. Leonid started very fastgrow and gain weight, by the age of 41, the weight reached 200 kg.

English 41-year-old Mandy Sellars lives with a diagnosis of Proteus syndrome. Pathology is congenital, in which bones grow very quickly. Mandy's feet are incredibly large, she has the largest foot size in diameter - 1 meter, 95 kg in weight and 40 shoe sizes. Moreover, they are deployed in different directions and unequal in length. The left leg is 13 cm longer than the right one.

and the biggest foot in the world

Special shoes cost $4,000. Sellars even has a special car that doesn't require the help of legs to drive. Her legs do not stop growing, even an operation was performed to amputate one of them for medical reasons, but after a while the leg began to grow again.

Carl Griffiths' feet grew to size 63 when the American athlete from New South Wales turned 20 years old. The guy's height is 197 cm. By the age of 12, parents noticed the abnormal development of their child, at this age the teenager wore shoes of size 43. Today, for playing rugby and everyday wear, you have to buy custom-made shoes and socks very often. After all, sports quickly wear out things.

Emma Cahill has the largest European foot size among women - 49. At the same time, the height of the Englishwoman is 196 cm, which means that her size can be called proportional. Although it is very difficult for a 19-year-old British woman to find something suitable, especially in heels.

Hollywood Cinderella

Hollywood's biggest foot size:

  • Kim Cattrall - 39.5 size;
  • Cameron Diaz,Liz Hurley - size 40;
  • Kate Winslet - wears 41 shoe sizes;
  • Oprah Winfrey - 41.5 size.
  • Meg Ryan, Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman - size 42;
  • Claudia Schiffer - 42, 5 size;
  • Tyra Banks - size 43;
  • Monica Bellucci is a size 44.

Matthew McGrory The Hollywood actor who passed away in 2005 reportedly wore size 65 shoes. Matthew was an incredibly talented person and an optimist, for which he had great success in his acting career.

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