Legendary Broadway is the main street of American musicals

Legendary Broadway is the main street of American musicals
Legendary Broadway is the main street of American musicals

Legendary Broadway is the main street and landmark of New York Manhattan. The significance of the street is not limited to Manhattan and even the whole of America, it is one of the ten longest streets in the world (25 km).

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But Broadway doesn't end on the island, it goes through the Bronx and the famous Sleepy Hollow. The total length of the road is 55 km, which, passing through the entire city, stretches all the way to Albany (the capital of the state of New York).

Meaning of broadway

The structure of the street is unique. It is not straight, unlike the classic roads, but a curved line that starts in the south part of Eastwood from Bowling Green and crosses the island diagonally. Literally translated from English, the word broadway means "wide road". The path was laid by the Indians from the south to the north of the island even before Columbus discovered America itself.

Even the well-planned architectural development of the most prestigious district of the most beautiful city in the world, New York, has not been able to change the outlines of the street since then. Traffic on Broadway is one-way, in places the road curves and has an undulating terrain. On both sides of the street are shopping and business centers,entertainment venues, amusement parks and, of course, theaters that stage famous Broadway musicals.

World Musical Center

For the world of theater and music, Broadway is the axis of cultural coordinates, and not just a place of permanent residence. The musicals staged here enjoy well-deserved fame all over the world, almost all theaters in America are Broadway. More than 30 performances at the same time on Broadway every evening. Delightful colorful shows and a huge selection of musicals for every taste, the famous Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King.

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The Metropolitan Opera House and the Theater District are also located on the street of the same name, this section of the street attracts increased attention from the cultural population of New York.

Depending on popularity, shows can run for several years (The Phantom of the Opera) or disappear fairly quickly (Evita with Ricky Martin). The most prestigious vernissages are held here, and exhibitions that do not fall into this space are called "off-Broadway".

What is Broadway?

This word has a lot of meanings, and almost all of them are associated with New York, Manhattan and America. For each person, this street - Broadway - the definition may have its own:

  • The main street of American musicals.
  • The Great Star Trek.
  • Musical Mecca in New York.
  • Entertainment Street.
  • Wide white path.
  • The Great Diagonal of Manhattan.

There is a notion in Russian jargon that Broadway is a gathering placeoffenders. You can talk for hours about Manhattan and its famous street, but there is a saying for a reason: it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

the meaning of the word broadway

It would be an offense to be in New York and not visit Broadway. New York is fully revealed here. By the way, this is often the name of the central street in Russian cities.

Broadway Attractions

Don't set yourself the main goal - as quickly as possible to go all the way to find out what Broadway is. There's a lot to see and do, and it's a pleasure to drive as you get to iconic landmarks like Times Square, home of the legendary New York Times newspaper.

Here is Columbus Square and Central Park. No city in the world could afford something like Central Park. This is a huge green rectangular area in the very center of the island, which is the pride and luxury unprecedented for the modern metropolis that New York has thanks to the active position of the townspeople who opposed the development of the center.

the meaning of the word broadway

In the slang sense there is another meaning of the word "broadway" - "street from the ace". For example, while playing cards, the participants say: “Yesterday, Sanka had Broadway three times in a row.” In Russian, the word also took root as a synonym for the concept of "promenade".

Broadway is the symbol of the entertainment industry

New York's Broadway is one of the must-see attractions for tourists and a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The street is especially admired at night, when it sparkles in the neon light of signboards and lights, billboards give solemnity to the appearance. Most tourists believe that the only way to experience the American spirit of culture is to visit the island of skyscrapers Manhattan.

broadway definition

In 1880, Manhattan's Broadway became one of the first streets in America to be lit by electricity. Today it is a bright, sparkling 24/7 and noisy street that never sleeps. This is a huge number of stores that represent all the world's and little-known brands, restaurants, cafes and much more.

This is interesting

  • Indigenous people are sure that it is on their island that the real New York is located. All the main attractions are collected here, as in a piggy bank.
  • Like an avenue, Broadway runs along Manhattan, but is called "Street".
  • Streets called Broadway, New York has three more - in the areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. If you do not specify in a taxi which street is needed, it always means the one in Manhattan.
  • It's impossible to get lost on the island knowing Arabic numerals and being able to count up to 12 in English. If you sit north of 14th Street, you can determine the location by signposts within a few minutes.
  • In New York City's austere architectural layout, Broadway is the onlya street that violates the perpendicular formation.

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