Group to help abandoned animals "Island of Hope" (Chita) - review, features, history and reviews

Group to help abandoned animals "Island of Hope" (Chita) - review, features, history and reviews
Group to help abandoned animals "Island of Hope" (Chita) - review, features, history and reviews

"Don't tease the dogs, don't chase the cats…" This children's song could be made the anthem of the modest organization "Island of Hope" (Chita).

Do you remember how it all started…

There is an interesting message in the group: an elderly man writes about the offspring of stray dogs brought in a dacha cooperative: “We, the children of the Brezhnev era, cannot kill them, because we know for sure: a dog is a man’s friend.” Touching. But time passes, and it becomes difficult for people to live (more precisely, to survive). It is common for Chinese workers to keep a dog on a leash so that they can simply eat it soon.

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The story of the "Island of Hope" began when two girls began to collect kittens and puppies and find owners for them. Soon there were too many pets to keep everyone in the apartment. The shelter migrated to the parking lot - adults helped build an aviary. Soon the help of volunteers was needed in organizing overexposure and serious operations.

And finally, on November 1, 2012, caring people founded the "Island of Hope" community in Chita in order to find a home for the poor.To return the lost to their owners, to cure the sick and place them in good hands. If necessary, activists sterilize and overexposure pets.

Search for animals

Volunteers from the "Island of Hope" (Chita) respond to requests to find a home for abandoned kittens and puppies. They help owners who cannot attach offspring from their animals. But not only the guys work on ads. They constantly inspect basements, porches, attics and hatches - places where small creatures can be thrown. They usually need treatment and are very scared and afraid of people.

On the group's page, there was even an advertisement with a photo of a frightened dog, which could not be caught. These activities are best done together. After all, it is not difficult to call and inform about the animal you have seen, and they will help him. By the way, in Chita "Island of Hope" is not the only organization that helps animals. There is no competition, of course. The guys do one thing, cooperate with each other and invite you to join them.

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This generally has a positive effect on the citizens. According to the messages in the group, it is clear that people already consider it their duty to call the help desk and tell about the shooting of dogs in front of the window, about the puppies thrown into the dumpster, about the lost one they saw. Of course, animals need it. But people need it no less. At least to remain human.

How to house animals

I remember a plot from Yeralash: children find out where lonely adults live, andthey come to them with a stray cat or dog, saying: “Uncle, this is your dog!” After several unsuccessful attempts, the animal still finds a home. And then the guys see these people walking with their pets. And as it turns out, a strong friendship is established between them.

Why is this happening? It's just that people are created with the need to take care of someone. And dogs and cats desperately need an owner. Therefore, deep contacts arise quickly. And look, the fence dog turns out to be a funny dog ​​who knows how to listen. And the skinny misunderstanding, saved from death on the street, turns into a cat full of dignity, and her owner puts a photo of the beauty on the Internet.

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Experienced breeders know that the strongest impression is tactile. Therefore, immediately give into the hands of a puppy. When a charming cutie looks at you with his blue baby eyes, his breath smells like seeds, and his soft fur warms his hands (the normal temperature of dogs is 38 degrees), then there is no time to argue about the purity of the breed. You just understand that this is your child and carry it carefully home, hiding it in your bosom.

Volunteers from the "Island of Hope" (Chita) said that they use many ways to attach the animal. The most interesting, perhaps, is the Sunday distribution at the entrance to the Old Market, where the “Help in any way you can” action is held. The announcement on the group page indicates the time of the event and a list of what is accepted as a gift. These are medicines, leashes, bowls, cages - it looks like a list for a zoo.Financial assistance is also accepted.

From the street to the owner

When an animal enters the "Island of Hope" (Chita), a thorough inspection is carried out. The wounded after first aid are sent for treatment. Everyone is bathed, rid of parasites and placed in quarantine. If an infection is found, the animal is treated. The most important thing is that he no longer needs to look for food, to escape from danger. The band's motto is: "We give animals back their faith in people." A well-fed, washed pet is photographed and an ad is placed looking for an owner.

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Some of the rescued volunteers remember for a long time: the dog Nyusha with a damaged spine, who now lives in St. Petersburg, was restored to he alth by the owner. A toy terrier puppy with no legs. After an expensive operation, for which funds were raised through advertisements, the puppy fully recovered. About the joint operation of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and "Island of Hope" (Chita): then they closed a fictitious shelter full of animal corpses.

The distribution of homeless people has become a regular event. From one to five on Sundays you can visit the Old Market and choose a friend. You will be photographed together and asked to leave your phone to check how the foundling lives in a new place. Anything happens. But if contact with the adopted animal does not work out, it will be taken back and a new home will be found. According to statistics, twenty percent are returnees.

There is a rule: do not give a dog to guard the dacha and do not give an animal for breeding. This, after achieving the goal, can lead to a worsening of his fate. By all meansvolunteers seek to reduce the flow of living beings thrown out as unnecessary.

It is important to sterilize animals

The group's announcements indicate that the "Island of Hope" (Chita) provides assistance to homeless animals. But activists deplore the situation that has arisen in the city. The fact is that offspring from domestic cats began to be offered for distribution through a group. The guys take the boxes with the animals, feed, attach. But the stream is flowing, continuously increasing. Therefore, volunteers are sure that the topic of sterilization should be raised in the media. Explain, convince.

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An indicative case occurred not so long ago. A box of puppies appeared at the bus stop. As it turned out, they were brought by a dog living on the territory of one enterprise. They found a home for the kids, and the owner of the enterprise was advised to sterilize the dog. But history repeated itself.

Just the facts

  • The initiators of the community are two seventh-graders who started a city business with their pocket money.
  • Thousands of pets found.
  • In the Island of Hope group (Chita), five schoolgirls, three adult administrators and about a dozen activists provide assistance to animals.
  • Volunteers are fundamentally not paid for their work.

Abandoned Animal Help Group "Island of Hope": people's feedback

Many write to the group, thank, express wishes. Among the proposals there are also such: it would be nice to fine for the irresponsible maintenance of the animal. Suggested fine amountsreach one hundred thousand, and the money received is proposed to be used for treatment and sterilization.

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The problem of attitudes towards animals is actually a problem of attitudes towards living things. Evil is back. However, as good. Let's get kinder!

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