Personality and society: why do we wear a mask?

Personality and society: why do we wear a mask?
Personality and society: why do we wear a mask?

It is impossible to imagine a person existing outside of society. It is precisely this that makes a personality out of an individual, educates him, shapes his character. Therefore, the individual and society are closely interconnected. It is the science of sociology that studies this connection.

Personality and society


As mentioned above, the individual and society interact closely. By the way, the term "personality" comes from the word "mask". Yes, yes, everyone is probably wondering what I'm talking about now. No matter how sincere our friends think we are, we are still wearing a mask. And not just one. Depending on the situation and the society in which we find ourselves, we put on such a mask. You can not call these masks a negative trait of a person, because it is thanks to them that a person knows another. And most importantly, he knows himself, because by analyzing the behavior, or rather the guise of a person in a given situation, we understand what he wants to be and why he chose just such a mask. How do you think a child can be defined by the word "personality"? Philosophy, and psychology in particular, says that we are born as individuals. That is, the primary signs of a person, generally accepted qualities. From birth wewe have instincts, reflexes, temperament. But qualities that are distinctive from other people are formed throughout life, the main role in the formation of which is played by the society in which a person is brought up and lives.

Society and personality

No wonder they say that we are born as individuals, but we become a person. It is personal qualities that distinguish us from others, and make each person unique. Society and the personality that is brought up in it, as a result of interaction, form a person with a set of unique character traits.

Personality in society

Family, society and school play a key role in the upbringing of the individual. The family and the school, in turn, act inseparably from society. Individual character traits are formed during the first 5-6 years of a person's life. Depending on the environment in which the child is brought up, this is his behavior and outlook on life. For example, if a small person is brought up by the street, then do not be surprised when an egoist grows out of him, who does not see anything wrong with stealing. The child was taught that stealing is normal, everyone survives as best they can, and this is easy money. And this is just one example of how the individual and society interact. Philosophy in relation to this connection claims that we are all individuals, individuals too, but not everyone becomes individuals. Only the chosen ones. With an individual, everything is clear, since a person is born to him, we become individuals in the process of development and education. Traits that are inherent in this particular person are formed. ATeach of us has something that makes us different.

Personality philosophy

But only strong, unique, talented people become personalities. For the most part, these are famous people: inventors, politicians, talented musicians, actors, politicians, artists, philosophers, writers, people who have their own, different from others, point of view on things and problems. They are not afraid to express it, showing by this that they are really independent and strong people. These are called "Man", with a capital letter. This is how the individual and society, a he althy society, interact.

All geniuses were brought up by parents, teachers. Do not think that they were born unique, and even before they were born, life had prepared for them the fate of a great man. The individual and society act inseparably, and it was society that made a genius out of a child who later managed to stir up the world. Everyone has the same chances to achieve heights in life, because there are examples when people from the slums were able to become individuals. By taking care of the environment in which your child is brought up, you can grow out of him a person who will turn this world upside down.

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