Chard plant: what is it and what is its value?

Chard plant: what is it and what is its value?
Chard plant: what is it and what is its value?

Don't assume that vegetables are limited to boring turnips and radishes. Among them there are extremely original and beautiful views. Take chard, for example: what is it and what does it look like?

chard what is it

In everyday life, it is often called leaf beet, and it looks like a large plant, the height of which exceeds 60-70 cm. It is noteworthy that chard has not only nutritional, but also aesthetic value. Its varieties with red petioles can become a real decoration of the garden.

The plant is quite whimsical, as it grows best only on fairly fertile soils with a slightly acidic or slightly alkaline reaction. If chard is grown (what it is, we found out) with a leaf orientation, then there should be a distance of at least ¼ meter between plants. Stem varieties require twice as much space.

Gardeners around the world grow a huge number of varieties, but they can all be combined into certain groups:

  • varieties with green petioles;
  • plants with silver-white petioles;
  • species with red petioles that look like rhubarb;
  • chard (what kind of plant is this,you already know) with yellow veins on the leaves.
chard photo

As in the case of the rhubarb we mentioned earlier, only the youngest leaves, which contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements, should be eaten. And these leaves from one plant alone can be collected over a kilogram.

Useful qualities and applications

Red chard is especially valuable, and in spring, when there is a strong shortage of greenery. It can be used both in the form of classic greens for soups and second courses, and for making salads and cold appetizers. By the way, its petioles can be s alted like cucumbers, and also fried after deboning in breadcrumbs.

It is not surprising that a plant with such a content of medicinal substances is medicinal. So, it is extremely useful to consume it with anemia, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

It is strongly advised to include chard (photos of the plant are presented in the article) in the spring diet, since at this time the weakened body is extremely susceptible to colds. By the way, its properties are so good that this plant (in the form of extracts) is used to improve the condition of people who have been exposed to radiation.

red chard

For this reason, in the cuisines of many nations there are dishes based on chard. However, it is often used only to decorate dishes.

It is not only prettier, but much he althier than the salad traditionally used on such occasions. Besides,in combination with meat or other cold snacks, it brings out its true taste to the fullest.

Of course, chard is indispensable in the organization of dietary nutrition. In particular, this plant is perfect for restoring the strength and he alth of people who have suffered a long-term illness or are recovering from injuries.

Here he is, chard. What kind of plant is this and why is it so valued, you learned from our article! We hope you decide to grow it in your backyard.

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