Indian women. Secrets of Indian beauties

Indian women. Secrets of Indian beauties
Indian women. Secrets of Indian beauties

India is a country with an incredible history and unique original culture. The special flavor of this nation has long fascinated and captivated the minds of Europeans. A separate place in the list of India's we alth is occupied by the fair sex, born in this state. Indian women look mysterious and mystical. From the inhabitants of any other countries, they are distinguished by a special become, some kind of inner strength and definitely bright and rich outfits. Let's try to figure out what we all should learn from them and what secrets "Indian beauty" consists of.

Traditions in clothes

Indian women

Indian women pay special attention to their appearance. A knowledgeable person can determine the status, social status and religious affiliation of the fair sex in national dress standing in front of him only by her appearance. The basis of the wardrobe of any woman who respects traditions is the sari - a unique garment made from a large fabric that is fixed according to the figure. For Indian women, such an outfit has a deep meaning. sari usuallyis made for a particular lady, the patterns on it tell about her life and worldview. Such clothes in themselves are quite practical - it is not difficult to take care of them, it is easy to store them. Usually girls are taught the skill of wearing and winding a sari from the age of 12.

Bright details of the look

Indian women wear a lot of jewelry. Gold and precious stones are especially honored. Bracelets are worn on both hands, there should be a lot of them, and when moving, they should ring and shimmer in the sun. A popular decoration is a nose piercing. A ring is worn in the puncture, and by its location it is possible to understand from which region the woman is from. If the piercing is in the left nostril, we have a native of the north, and if in the right - a southerner. Rings for toes are considered another national decoration-amulet. However, today they are worn mainly in the villages. But ankle bracelets and necklaces around the neck are chosen by many ladies.

Beautiful women of the world

Indian woman appearance and marriage

One look at a woman from India is enough to tell if she is married or not. Traditional nose piercings are usually done and proudly worn after marriage. We all know that Indian women should have a dot on their forehead. But in young girls it is located between the eyebrows, and in married women it is higher. Another important sign of marriage is the ring on the middle toe. However, this tradition is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Besides this, married women dye their hair parted. There is another interesting tradition: during the wedding, the groom ties around his neckhis chosen one a special necklace - waist. It symbolizes the unity of spouses and the magical protection that a woman gives to a man. However, it is not customary to wear a waist for show, on the contrary, for the sake of the well-being of her husband, a lady should hide him from prying eyes.

Indian beauty ideals

It sounds paradoxical, but not all Indian women are happy with their appearance. While we think that beauties in saris are the most beautiful women in the world, Indian women have their own ideals and strive to live up to them in every possible way. So, in the first place in the list of signs of "real" beauty for these ladies is white skin. Indeed, not all Indians are swarthy; residents of the northern regions can boast of a completely “Slavic” appearance. They have light eyes, white skin, blond hair.

modern india

And it is precisely such external data that are considered signs of higher castes. And therefore, many natives of the southern provinces, who have swarthy skin, whiten it in every possible way with the help of modern cosmetics. Modern India in many ways remains true to its traditions. For example, despite fashion trends from European countries, a feminine figure with rounded shapes is held in high esteem here. A few folds at the waist for an Indian woman are a matter of pride, not extra centimeters. Provided that they do not interfere with graceful movement and walking with a perfectly straight back.

How do Indian women live?

In India, there is still a rigid social stratification, reinforced by the difference in observed traditions in different families and the diversity of religious beliefs in society.And yet, to a greater extent, patriarchy flourishes here. Marriages are still concluded by agreement of the relatives of the newlyweds. Often the bride and groom hardly know each other before the wedding. The attitude towards women is ambivalent, on the one hand, they are revered and surrounded by care from childhood, on the other hand, it is believed that the main task of the fair sex is to become a good wife and mother. In we althy families, women are not supposed to work, and all their hobbies come down to raising children and communicating with relatives. But at the same time, housework and helping her husband in his professional activities are not considered serious work.

Indian women

India today

Beautiful Indian women have long declared themselves to the world. Residents of this country win high-profile titles in world beauty contests, act in films and perform on stage. They are still far from European feminists, but today there are many Indian women who are striving to build a career or are engaged in creativity. Modern India provides its women with enough opportunities for self-realization. Often, the fair sex even receives the approval and help of their family if they want to go into business or politics. As for appearance, in large cities you can increasingly see girls in jeans and T-shirts or ladies in their prime in business clothes. However, traditional saris and jewelry are indispensable in the wardrobe of these "new" Indian women and are taken out of the closet on special occasions.

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The most beautiful womenof the world reveal their secrets

Each country has its own folk recipes for he alth and beauty, there are also in India. And thanks to the belated development of the local cosmetic industry, many of them have been tested for generations and are actively used today. Let's start with nutrition. The peculiarity of Indian cuisine is the abundance of spices and spicy food. According to many local actresses and dancers, it is pepper that allows them to keep their harmony and beauty. And this interesting fact is confirmed by scientists. Indeed, this spice stimulates metabolic processes and prevents the accumulation of excessive body fat. But be careful - the abuse of spicy foods can lead to serious problems with the digestive system.

A simple and cheap secret for a beautiful face: get used to washing with cold water. This is an excellent exercise for blood vessels and a natural way to narrow enlarged pores. In personal care, many Indian women use food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, as well as natural oils are the components of masks, homemade creams and skin scrubs that are popular in this country. This is one of the rules of Ayurveda - effective cosmetics are obtained only from what can be eaten.

Beautiful Indian women

Envy of many causes chic curls of Indian beauties. The main secret is a daily head massage and the rejection of the use of chemical coloring agents. Indeed, many Indian women still prefer to cook even decorative cosmetics on their own fromnatural products. If the hair does not grow well, and the skin begins to peel off, you should use coconut oil. It is simply applied with massage movements to areas of the body that need additional nutrition, or to the entire length of the curls.

Folk beauty recipes from India

It's not just Indian clothes that make her so beautiful and charming. All the fair sex take care of themselves in the same way as their peers around the world. You can prepare a scrub for the face and the whole body from dry green peas. The grains should be ground with a coffee grinder, and then diluted with water to a creamy consistency. This composition is applied to the skin with massage movements, and then washed off with water.

Point in Indian women

Turmeric spice is found in many cosmetic recipes. However, it must be used with caution. The thing is that turmeric is a persistent natural dye and for this reason it is only suitable for dark skin. Consider one emollient for the skin: a tablespoon of bran is taken per glass of milk. A pinch of turmeric is added to the mixture. The finished composition is applied to the entire body before the bath.

What should we learn from Indian women?

The culture of India is incredibly popular today. Often, outfits reminiscent of saris and national motifs of this country appear on the world's fashion catwalks, which are guessed in the jewelry and make-up of models. An Indian married woman has the right to draw or stick a special point on her forehead - a bindi. Today, many Russian women also wear such an ornament.themed parties or just for the sake of creating an interesting look.

Mehendi - henna drawings on the body that last from several days to 2 weeks have recently gained particular popularity in our country. Jewelry made in India is also popular with ladies all over the world and is often worn with the most casual clothing. Women of India for the entire period of the development of civilization have come up with many interesting and beautiful items of clothing and accessories. So let's say "Thank you" to them! and let's hope that the influence of European culture will not kill the national flavor and traditions of India, but will only improve and complement them.

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