Strelkov Fedor: "You must always go to your place!"

Strelkov Fedor: "You must always go to your place!"
Strelkov Fedor: "You must always go to your place!"

Fyodor Strelkov is a former member of the Dom-2 project. Arriving at the well-known television set, the guy said that he would seek the location of Christina Lyaskovets. The girl resisted for a long time, not accepting the courtship and attentions of the young man, but, in the end, she gave up. The love story of this couple will forever go down in the history of the project as proof that you always need to achieve your goals.

Who is Fedor Strelkov?

Fyodor Strelkov's biography is carefully hidden. The only thing known about the guy is that he was born on February 13, 1992 in Nizhny Novgorod. All his childhood and youth, Fedor was fond of sports. And as a teenager, he realized that he had a love for rugby.

Strelkov - selfie

According to Fedor, it was sport that brought up the best qualities in him: self-confidence, the will to win, stamina and fortitude. The guy has a higher education, he successfully graduated from the UNN. Lobachevsky. But in its own wayFedor did not have time to work in his speci alty.

Due to his good physique, he repeatedly participated in fashion shows and photo shoots, but he did not dare to do it professionally.

"House-2" - the path to glory

According to Fyodor Strelkov himself, Dom-2 has become for him something more than just a film set. After all, it was there that he experienced real feelings and found his love.

How did it all start? Strelkov joined the project in December 2015. The guy declared his sympathy for Christina Lyaskovets. 3 more fans claimed the attention of the girl.

The beauty immediately noted Fedor for herself, it seemed that a new strong couple was about to appear on the project. But fate decreed otherwise.

Sharp behavior of Strelkov, his unreasonable jealousy, biased attitude towards the participants alienated and disappointed Lyaskovets. The girl soon "switched" to Timur Garafutdinov, with whom she flew to the Seychelles.

And only at that moment Fedor realized how close and dear to him is Christina. The guy did everything to return his beloved. He surrounded her with care, increased attention, showered her with flowers, took her to the best restaurants.

Shooters on vacation

Fyodor Strelkov got his way, he soon declared himself a couple with Christina and settled into the room. The relationship between the guys can not be called ideal. Spectators could often watch fights and quarrels, but they all ended in violent reconciliation.

Fyodor took part in the "Person of the Year" contest. Christina supported her beloved in everything. ButThe guy could not win, he took 2nd place. This noticeably broke Strelkov, and he and Christina decided to leave the project.

But before that, the guy managed to make a beautiful proposal to his beloved. Christina herself recalls that everything was like in a fairy tale: a beautiful ring, a huge bouquet of flowers and words of love that she will never forget.

Future plans

After leaving the project, Fedor Strelkov and Kristina Lyaskovets are still together. But the wedding has not yet taken place. According to the guys, stamps in the passport are absolutely not important for them, the main thing is love and strong relationships.

The guys live in Moscow, rent an apartment, periodically visit Minsk. They love to travel very much. Last year, the lovers packed their backpacks and went to Mexico.

Fedor with a girl

At the end of 2017, there were rumors that Christina was expecting a baby. Fans looked at a photo in which Fedor tenderly hugs his beloved's tummy. But whether this news will be confirmed, we will find out soon.

And now it only remains to wish the couple love and understanding!

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