Mercedes models by years

Mercedes models by years
Mercedes models by years

Mercedes models are numerous. It is simply impossible to remember them all at once. After all, there are so many classes, and each of them has several dozen representatives. Well, it’s worth at least talking about the most popular models, as well as touching on the “German classics” - that is, those cars that are already considered quite “adult” today.

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E-class: start

The most reliable Mercedes models are produced in this segment. And the history of the E-class begins back in 1947. It was a car known as "170". Then others appeared - 180, and then 190. In nine years, the concern sold about 468 thousand copies (including diesel ones). However, this is already a rarity. One of the most famous old German cars is rightfully considered the w123 Mercedes. Old models are still in demand today. And the W123 is a classic. This car was so fond of taxi drivers in Germany that when it was decided to remove it fromproduction, they went on strike. Also interesting is the fact that diesel versions of this model were more popular than gasoline ones. Of these, 53% were sold. And Russia, before the Moscow Olympic Games, bought a thousand cars of this particular model - for police and VIP transportation. It would seem that now there are new Mercedes models, and the W123 is no longer relevant. But it's not. Many fans of German classic cars are still eager to own such a car. Fortunately, in our time you can find an advertisement for the sale of W123.

new mercedes e class

Famous w124

This is a follower of the above w123. The new model "Mercedes" E-class won the hearts of motorists. This representative car left no one indifferent. A new, perfect design, stunning optics, an interesting shape of the headlights, an improved interior and, of course, powerful technical characteristics - this is how the w124 versions could be characterized. Particular attention, of course, attracted (and continues to attract) the famous "five hundredth". The so-called “gangster” Mercedes was equipped with a 5-liter 326-horsepower unit and developed a speed of 250 km / h, accelerating to hundreds in a little more than six seconds. Looking at such characteristics, you involuntarily understand that many modern cars are an order of magnitude lower than the Mercedes of the nineties. And this is the brightest representative of the E-class.

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“Special” class

Talking about the Mercedes models, one cannot but touchattention S-class. "Sonderklasse" - that's where the letter designation comes from. And it translates as a “special” class. The first representative of this segment appeared in 1972. The first model became known as the W116. And, I must say, it became popular, which marked the beginning of the active production of new cars.

S-class is considered one of the best. And the quality is really good. Needless to say, even the first model had a V8 engine under the hood, which produced 200 horsepower! A little later, potential buyers had the opportunity to purchase 6-cylinders, among which there was even a carburetor version.

Surprisingly, the Mercedes models of those years even now look much more profitable than many cars produced in the 2000s, and even in the 2010s. And they are over forty years old. But, I must say, the same 450 SEL w116 with a 6.3-liter 286-horsepower engine can last as long, unlike some weak new products that will start to break down after a couple of years.

“Six hundredth”

He, like the "five hundredth", today is considered an indicator of prestige, status, we alth and excellent taste of the owner. Only the "six hundredth" is a representative of another class - not "E", but "S". Well, this is the largest series in the entire history of this segment. It was in this model that the V12 engine was installed for the first time in the history of the concern.

Interestingly, over the past forty years, about 2,700,000 cars of this class have been produced. The most numerous body was w126. BUTthe new one, w222, continues to be produced to this day. And this is a truly luxurious car that pleases not only with its design and comfortable interior, but also with impeccable technical characteristics. What is only one version of the 65 AMG - with a 630-horsepower biturbo engine. It's no surprise that modern Mercedes cars are considered the best cars in the world.

mercedes old models


These are mid-size cars, which the concern itself has positioned as “comfortable”. Hence the name of the class - "Comfortklasse". In 1993, the first data of the Mercedes model appeared. It is interesting to trace the history of the development of cars over the years - they changed rapidly. The first was the car that became known as the 190th Mercedes. The model has become popular. And production went into full swing. The main principle was to create machines that would be simple, but reliable. The company at that time was experiencing a certain crisis, so they needed to earn money. However, the developers did not abandon the principles of creating good cars. Well, that led to the C-class.

The latest model in this segment was the Mercedes w205. He looks great. Its fast-paced, sporty design with its striking headlights is an instant eye-catcher. According to the Euro NCAP check, the car received a full five stars in terms of safety - the highest rating, and rightfully deserved. In general, the car is an ideal option for people who value comfort and convenience.

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In 1967, the world learned about such an enterprise as AMG. Today it is the most popular tuning studio, which is also a division of Mercedes. But at that time, AMG was a simple office of two fellow engineers who tuned Mercedes themselves. However, success came to them rather quickly, and today everyone knows that the AMG mark means that a person is facing a powerful, fast, impressive car.

Take, for example, the CLS 63 version, released for the first time in 2011. The model was amazing. However, manufacturers decided to improve it. 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 unit, sports suspension, 7-speed gearbox equipped with an instant start function, all-wheel drive (known as 4Matic), parametric sports steering. This car really could be called the dream of any person who loves supercars and high speed. However, this was not the limit.

Mercedes models by year

New 2015

A storm of emotions among connoisseurs of Mercedes was caused by the novelty, which became known as the GT-S AMG. The car was presented in 2014, but released for sale only in 2015. Few models of Mercedes cars have caused so much controversy. This car doesn't look like it drives. This two-seater supercar is capable of reaching speeds of 310 kilometers per hour, it is excellent in handling, it reacts to any movement of the driver, it accelerates to hundreds in a little more than 3.5 seconds, and its engine power reaches 510 hp. Simply amazing cartwin turbo engine. But the design could be better. The same CL AMG (which first appeared in 1996) looks much more interesting. But how many people - so many opinions. In any case, the novelty is already being snapped up.

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