Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich: biography and personal life

Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich: biography and personal life
Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich: biography and personal life

An outstanding person, a Chechen by origin, who has achieved heights both in business and in his personal life, Baisarov Ruslan. His biography is worthy of attention, if only as an example of perseverance combined with good luck.

Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich

Descendant of a glorious family

Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich - a native of the village of Prigorodnoye, located in the Chechen Republic. Born August 9, 1968. The family in which the future entrepreneur grew up had many children. According to the memoirs of Ruslan himself, he had to work since childhood, so he understood the value of money a long time ago. A descendant of the Chechen family Khacharoy, Ruslan Baysarov sold apples in his childhood.

Young years are wonderful…

Ruslan Baysarov began his studies at the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute, from where he was drafted into the army. Having safely repaid his debt to his homeland, the young man decided to continue his studies at another university: the Oil Institute in Grozny. During his student years, he traded in foreign computer equipment adapted for a Russian-speaking audience.

Ruslan Baysarov, daughter

The start of a bigway

Baisarov started with the organization of the Infant Silver company, which he founded together with his friends - actor Stepan Mikhalkov (son of Nikita Mikhalkov) and director Fyodor Bondarchuk. "Infant Silver" settled in the World Trade Center, which was located on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment and included a small casino, one of the first Japanese restaurants in Russia and a nightclub. Ruslan Baysarov owned it all.

In the late 90s Ruslan Sulimovich Baysarov went into the oil business, founding his own oil refinery, named by analogy with previous companies - "Infant". The Baisarov case functioned very successfully: the oil product itself was processed at the Moscow Oil Refinery. His company served approximately two thousand gas stations throughout Russia, and also accepted orders from organizations not related to the oil sector.

Career went uphill: at the same time, Baysarov was appointed vice president of the Moscow Fuel Association, which included more than 50 organizations that sell about 75% of the total sales of the Moscow fuel market.

Baysarov Ruslan Sulimovich

Career advancement

Since then, Ruslan Baysarov's success has multiplied.

From 2001 to 2004, the businessman served as vice president of the Moscow Oil Company, created to provide Moscow with high-quality fuel.

Then, in 2004-2005, Baisarov was vice president of the Central Fuel Company, which included the Moscowoil refinery (MNPZ) - the main supplier of oil in the Moscow region.

In 2005, Ruslan Baysarov became vice-president of the Moscow Oil and Gas Company, which included three major players in the capital's fuel market at once: Moscow Oil Refinery, Mosnefteprodukt and Moscow Fuel Company.

In 2008, Baisarov became the owner of part of the assets of the oil company Sibir Energy. Two years later, Gazprom Neft bought Ruslan Baisarov's assets for about $740 million.

Since 2011, Ruslan Baysarov has been the head of Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation JSC, and since 2016, he has also been the head of the Board of Directors of the IC Most group of companies.

Private life

The first wife of a businessman was Tatyana Kovtunova. The model gave birth to a Chechen entrepreneur girl. For the first time becoming parents, Tatyana and Ruslan Baysarov named their daughter Camila.

In 1997, Ruslan Baysarov met Kristina Orbakaite. Although under Russian law they were not registered with Orbakaite, their relationship was recorded according to Muslim custom. Ruslan Baysarov and his wife Kristina were very happy. Soon the couple had Dani.

Baisarov Ruslan

Young Alina Tsevina, who is related to the modeling industry, gave birth to Ruslan's son Ilman.

In 2009, Ruslan and Kristina filed suits in different courts in order to determine Dani's place of residence. In the end, everything turned into a settlement agreement, according to which Dani could independently decide with whomhim to live.

Brother of Ruslan Baysarov

Girl Julia gave birth to daughter Dali.

In 2009, Ruslan married a Chechen girl from his ancestral village of Prigorodnoye, who bore him two sons, Amir and Amin.

It is known that Baysarov is very kind to children. Moreover, all significant holidays, such as Christmas and New Year, as well as every vacation, Ruslan Baysarov spends with his children. One of the we althiest representatives of the Chechen Republic prefers leadership in business, although, despite this, he remains an exemplary father. Four Huskies and two Labradors live in Ruslan's house.

Ruslan Baysarov during a working meeting

Businessman or just a person: what's the difference?

According to Forbes magazine, Ruslan Sulimovich's net worth is 900 million US dollars.

Judging by the habits, actions, attitude towards friends and children, Ruslan Baysarov in ordinary life is just a true friend, a caring husband and a loving father.

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