How beautiful it is to congratulate an aunt on her birthday from a niece

How beautiful it is to congratulate an aunt on her birthday from a niece
How beautiful it is to congratulate an aunt on her birthday from a niece

Birthday is the most favorite holiday of most people. And this is not surprising. Indeed, on such a day, the eyes of people are turned to only one person. The birthday boy receives many gifts and compliments. Now I want to tell you how you can wish your aunt a happy birthday: what needs to be done to make your beloved relative happy.

wish your aunt a happy birthday


Be sure to remember that the main thing in congratulations is not a gift, but the words spoken, that is, exactly the speech that accompanies the presentation of the present. After all, only on such a day do people say the maximum of amenities to a person. So, it is important to think about the text that will be pronounced. You need to correctly select all the words so that your beloved relative is satisfied.

Audio greeting

If the niece wants to congratulate her aunt on her birthday in an original way, for this you can choose several simple, but very unusual ways. The first of them is to send a congratulation on the radio. If there is, locally. If not, then on that fm-wave that aunt likes to listen to. In this case, the congratulation itself should be as short as possible.and capacious. After all, the presenters cannot allocate much time for such congratulations. So, you need to wish your relative good he alth, good luck and female happiness. After all, it is these phrases that cover, perhaps, all aspects of the life of every lady.

happy birthday wishes for aunt from niece


You can congratulate your aunt on your birthday from your niece in a slightly different way. So, you can prepare a slide show that the birthday girl can demonstrate to all guests. Here, as they say, there is where to roam. Such a slide show can take any length of time. However, the ideal option is one and a half to two minutes. During this time, a person will not get tired of watching, and attention will not dissipate. There are two options for preparing such a gift:

  1. Slideshow with photos. They can be quietly taken from the aunt herself, in her photo albums, by scanning. Or you can download it from social networks (of course, if the relative is registered and active there). Under each photo you need to make a special inscription: tender, touching. It is good if the author of the gift himself is present in the pictures.
  2. If it is not possible to find photos, you can make a text slideshow. To do this, you need to come up with special phrases-congratulations. Or you can pick up beautiful quotes, aphorisms, sayings.

And so that the viewing is not boring, you need to add music to the slide show. Ideally - a relative's favorite composition. It should be noted that in this way you can also wish your nephew a happy birthday. From an aunt to receive such a surprise, he will be verynice, and the method itself is suitable for any person, regardless of age and gender.

wish your aunt a happy birthday

Bouquet delivery

You can wish your aunt a happy birthday with flowers. This is a great idea, because, as you know, all women simply adore flowers. So, you can use the delivery services, after choosing a beautiful bouquet for your relative. And, of course, in this case, you also need to write a small but informative note. So, you can wish your aunt good he alth, excellent mood and dreams come true. And at the end you have to subscribe. Make it simple: "From a loving niece."

Special gifts

How else can you beautifully congratulate your aunt on her birthday? So, it would be ideal to prepare a special personalized gift for her. It could be anything. For example, a watch or an engraved pendant. It can also be a self-made wood product or just an embroidered picture. On such a gift on the back or back side, you can write a beautiful congratulation that will never be forgotten and will not disappear anywhere.

happy birthday wishes for nephew from aunt

Congratulations options

You can congratulate your own aunt on her birthday in a variety of ways. It can be a text in verse, in prose, it can be a part of a book or a song, or it can be a self-invented text. Yes, there are many options. You need to choose only the one that suits the spirit and mood of your beloved relative.

Poetic formcongratulations

Why not wish your aunt a happy birthday in verse? This is a great way to express all your attitude towards a relative. However, there are several options here:

  • Verse can be found ready-made. It may even be a well-known song. The value of such a gift is not diminished.
  • You can come up with a verse yourself. In this case, you can take into account the characteristics of a woman, for example, her profession or hobby. And, of course, no one will argue that such a gift is always more valuable. Even if it is difficult, it will not be according to all the rules of the poetic genre.
congratulate aunt happy birthday in prose

Examples of poetic congratulations

Let's imagine some options for how you can congratulate your own aunt on her birthday in poetic form.

1. The morning was wonderful, A holiday for our relatives.

After all, it's my aunt's birthday, We are not happy alone.

Congratulations to a relative

We wholeheartedly, we are all.

And, of course, we wish her

The bird of happiness on the porch.

2. Beloved aunt, my sunshine, I wish you only one thing:

Good he alth, long light years.

Make me happy, aunt, for many, many years.

You can also wish your aunt a happy birthday from your niece in song form. In this case, you also need to come up with or choose a text, putting it on the simplest musical step.


Of course, you can wish your aunt a happy birthday in prose. It's also a great optionsay a lot of nice words to your relative. To do this, you can simply write her a letter, a note, or say everything while presenting a gift or a toast. Lots of options.

  • Letter. In this case, you can tell a relative a huge number of pleasant warm words that people rarely say out loud. So, you can thank your aunt for all the good things. And, of course, you should also wish her everything and more.
  • Note. A shorter version, where you can only wish your aunt whatever you want.
  • The best option is toast. In this case, the prepared text will be heard by all guests, which will be even more valuable than words spoken face to face.
congratulate aunt happy birthday in verse

Examples of congratulations in prose

Option 1: "My beloved aunt! I rarely say warm words of gratitude to you, I am such a person. However, you know and remember: I love and respect you very, very much. In many ways, you are an example for me to follow. I want to be not only as beautiful, but also as strong and wise a woman as you. Today I really want to wish you good he alth, female happiness, good luck, success and all the best. And, of course, may all your dreams come true And I will do what I can to help you achieve your bright goals."

Option 2: "Dear aunt! You are a very dear and beloved person to me. I am proud of you and set an example to my friends. You are so smart and beautiful. You succeed in everything you have planned, you are always ready to help notnot only to their relatives and friends, but also to strangers. You are a very good and bright person. I am proud to be your niece. And I want to wish you strength and he alth, beauty and attractiveness. Be happy and successful in all your endeavors!"

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