Sunzha River: description and fishing

Sunzha River: description and fishing
Sunzha River: description and fishing

What is the Sunzha River? Why is she good? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. In fact, two rivers bear this name. One of them is located in the North Caucasus, and is the right tributary of the Terek, and the other is the right tributary of the Volga, located in the Vichugsky district of the Ivanovo region. Consider these two rivers below.

Terek tributary

The Sunzha River in Ingushetia

Have you ever been to Ingushetia? The Sunzha River, which is a tributary of the Terek, flows not only through the territory of this republic. She made her way through the lands of Chechnya and North Ossetia. The area of ​​its basin is 12,000 km², the length of the river is 278 km. The source is located on the northern slope of the Great Caucasus Range at an altitude of 1200 m.

This Sunzha river is used for irrigation. Its average turbidity is 3800 g / m³: it carries out about 12.2 million tons of sediment per year.


The source of the Caucasian river Sunzha is located in glaciers in the Ushkort mountain range. From here, the full-flowing beauty, cutting through the Uchkhut mountain ranges, follows in the gorge between the mountains of Sunzhi-kortand Sugulti. Then it flows north through the lands of Ingushetia for a distance of 37 km.

The Sunzha River in Ingushetia

Near the village of Ekazhevo, the Sunzha River comes out in several channels, flows at a distance of 12 km to Karabulak. Here it makes a bend to the east, carries its waters to Zakan-Yurt. From there, after 85 km, it flows into the Terek.


There is always a lot of water in the Caucasian Sunzha. After long-term and heavy rains, its level can rise by 4 m. In April-May, when there is a lot of precipitation and winter snow melts, there is a flood in the river.

In the 19th-20th centuries, almost all of Sunzha froze, except for the fast zones. Previously, even Russian armies could cross the ice with weights and artillery through it. But the climate in the Caucasus has become milder in recent decades, and the river has stopped freezing.

Business activities

It is known that the Chechens in the 19th century along the banks of the Caucasian beauty cut wood and rafted it for sale in Kizlyar in the spring during the flood. Today, the waters of the Sunzha are used for fishing and watering fields. They have been used for this purpose in the past. Fishermen say that catfish, chub and barbel are excellent here.

Caucasian river Sunzha

They take spinning rods, bait (wobbler) with them and in sunny weather they fish from 8 am until late at night quite successfully. Many of them say that from the very first cast you can catch a 300 g barbel or a half-kilogram chub here.


Kavkazskaya Sunzha has the only left tributary - Neftyanka. But she has a lot of right - this isGoita, and Assa, and Gums, and Martan, and Valerik, and Gekhi. The right tributaries of the Sunzha are also Bass and Argun.

Sunzha becomes a big river only after Assy flows into it. It is magnificent with its meanders, especially on the way from the Samashkinskaya village, where these meanders almost form full rings. Through these loops, the river flows very slowly and does not overflow into its tributaries. Because of the clay shores, its water is always muddy, it has a yellow color. The cities of Grozny, Karabulak, Nazran are located on this river.

Volga tributary

There is another Sunzha river - in the Ivanovo region. The area of ​​its drainage basin is 507 km², the length is 45 km. The source of the Ivanovo beauty is located northwest of the village of Gaidarovo Bolshoye, flows into the Gorkovskoye reservoir, located on the Volga, 2464 km from its mouth. The settlements of Kamenka and Novopiscovo are located on the river.

Water registry information

In the state water registry of Russia it is indicated that the Ivanovo beauty belongs to the Verkhnevolzhsky basin district, its water management zone is the Volga from the city of Kostroma to the Gorkovskoye hydroelectric complex (Gorkovskoye reservoir), without the Unzha River. Its river sub-basin is the Volga below the Rybinsk reservoir to the confluence of the Oka. The Sunzha river basin - the Volga (Upper) to the Kuibyshev reservoir (without the Oka basin).

In the water state register, the object code is: 08010300412110000013476.

Ivanovskaya Sunzha River has the following tributaries (km from the mouth):

  • Pezukha River (27 km, left tributary);
  • Vichuzhanka river (24 km, left pr.);
  • Shokhna River (4 km, lev.etc.);
  • Zharovka river (13 km, right avenue).

Two bridges have been built across this river: one in Kamenka, the other in Kuznetsovo.


Sunzha river, Ivanovo region

What is the fishing like on the Sunzha River in the Ivanovo region? There are a lot of fish here. The most common are: rudd, perch, bream, pike perch, silver bream, roach, tench, pike, bleak.

Intensified biting of bleak and roach begins approximately on May 9, lasts almost until the end of autumn. In October, on the spit, the perch flocks, and it can be caught in large numbers. In the winter months on the Sunzha, it is excellent for scavengers, roach, perch and white bream.

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