Proverbs and sayings: "Oh, sport! You are the world!"

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Proverbs and sayings: "Oh, sport! You are the world!"
Proverbs and sayings: "Oh, sport! You are the world!"

Sport has played and continues to play a big role in the life of not only an individual, but of all mankind. It not only promotes physical fitness and he alth promotion. In ancient times, it was the period of the largest sports competitions - the Olympic Games - that became the time of a general truce, for the sake of these competitions, numerous armies stopped hostilities, entering into absolutely fair competitions designed to rally them among themselves and improve relations between states. Proverbs and sayings, a large number of which in one way or another touch on a sports theme, only confirm the significance of this peaceful competition and related issues of he alth, hardening and the causes of human diseases.

proverbs and sayings about sports

Proverbs and sayings about sports

Sport and any physical activity that is good for he alth has always been encouraged. The older generations passed on to the younger ones the simple truth that sufficient mobility is the key to good he alth. From mouth tomouth passed numerous proverbs and sayings about sports. And this is not an isolated phenomenon - expressions on this topic arose not only in Russia, but also in other countries. For example, these:

  • Move more - you'll live longer.
  • Give time to sports, get he alth in return.
  • You're not friends with sports - you'll push about it more than once.

Stable expressions about he alth and hardening

Folk wisdom about raising a he althy generation to replace the older one is not limited to proverbs and sayings about sports. No less attention is paid to how to improve he alth. And one of the most popular methods was and remains hardening. The topic of he alth, hardening and their role in a he althy life occupies a significant place in a number of sayings and proverbs about sports, in particular, and the right way of life, in general, among all peoples of the world:

  • And ingenuity is needed, and hardening is important.
  • If a person is hardened, then there is no need to look for magic recipes.
proverbs and sayings about sports

Proverbs and sayings about the causes of diseases

Diseases, alas, have long and fairly densely entered human life. And this means that proverbs and sayings related to a he althy lifestyle and sports will somehow affect diseases that negate the entire result of physical activity. Or, on the contrary, they encourage the patient to engage in physical education and sports. Diseases are mentioned, for example, in such proverbs:

  • Fast and dexterous, no disease will overtake.
  • Whensick many doctors - he dies.
  • Don't give in, don't lie down, and if you lie down, you won't get up.

Sport improves the physical fitness of a person, but at the same time tests his moral qualities. Since ancient times, the strength of a person's spirit and his preparation went side by side on the path to victory: "There is no skill without patience"; "A coward doesn't play hockey."

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