What is the temperature in winter in Australia?

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What is the temperature in winter in Australia?
What is the temperature in winter in Australia?

Surely many of those who are reading this article now thought that Australia is a country of eternal summer. Alas, this is not so, but on this continent, like ours, there are seasons: their own winter and their own summer. However, they are completely different … What is the climate and temperature in winter in Australia?


Australia, which has moved away from all other continents, lives in its own separate, unique world, unlike all other countries. This continent has a huge number of natural and climatic features. All countries located in the Southern Hemisphere are characterized by a strange opposite - winter in Australia begins in June, and summer in December.

Spring in Australia

what is winter temperature in australia

This season takes the reins in September and only gives way to the new season at the end of November. The green continent is blooming again, waking up after a long winter sleep. It's not too hot yet, but it's not cold anymore, everything around is blooming and fragrant.

Summer in Australia

winter in australia temperature

Residents of Europe can hardly imagine that while they are freezing, drowning in snowdrifts, the hottest and driest period is taking place on this mainland. It comes in December, and leaves only at the beginning of March. The sun burns out the already hot earth so that the temperature in the shade can reach 40 degrees in some areas. It usually does not rain at this time of the year, and the coolest, relative to other territories, temperature is in the southern parts of the mainland.

Autumn in Australia

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"Autumn time, eyes of charm, your farewell beauty is pleasant to me …", - Pushkin said about Russian autumn. And what changes in nature can be seen from March to May in Australia? All the trees, as we are already accustomed to seeing, dress up in colorful multi-colored outfits. According to traditional customs, a variety of wine and harvest festivals are held at this time of the year, which you should definitely visit when you come to this country.

Winter in Australia

what is winter temperature in australia

Having said a few words about every season on the continent, it's time to talk about what we are all here for - the weather and temperature in winter in Australia. This time of the year, indeed, can be considered one of the best for this area. The rainy season begins, it becomes possible to see the snow and conquer the mountain slopes on skis or snowboards. What is the average temperature in Australia in winter? Speaking of June, it's worthnote that the average temperature fluctuates between +1…+11 degrees Celsius. The coldest month is July, as at this time the temperature often drops to zero or below, but rarely exceeds +10 degrees. The last month of winter, which is in anticipation of the Australian summer, keeps a mark on the thermometer from +4 to +15 degrees Celsius. I hope now you know everything about the temperature in winter in Australia. But don't stop talking about this wonderful time of the year.

Tips for tourists for the winter

Despite the fact that the climate in the northern part of Europe is quite cold, we are all used to warmth and well-heated rooms. This, having arrived on this continent in winter, will have to be completely forgotten. Here are some helpful tips to help you survive the low temperatures in Australia during the winter.

  • stock up on warm clothes. +10 is by no means a summer temperature, so autumn or spring jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters will not be superfluous.
  • Purchase warm home clothes or thermal underwear. Premises in Australia are not customary to heat in winter.
  • Start to temper. This will help your he alth to get through the cold winter on the mainland as calmly as possible.
  • Don't try to save on your choice of housing. High-quality thermal insulation in the house is the key to keeping warm and good mood


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and getting to know the amazing climatic features of the continent with us. We found out what the temperature is in winter in Australia, learned a lot of new andlearning about other seasons in this country.

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