Special Forces, OMON and SOBR. How are divisions different?

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Special Forces, OMON and SOBR. How are divisions different?
Special Forces, OMON and SOBR. How are divisions different?

Special forces have all law enforcement agencies. Similar formations are used in the army, police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. There is SOBR, OMON and special forces. What is the difference between them? Despite the fact that these units are called upon to maintain law and order by performing highly specific tasks, they differ from each other. Each of the divisions is designed to perform certain functions. So what is the difference between OMON and SOBR and special forces? The clue lies in the abbreviations themselves. You will learn about the main specifics of using these units from this article.


In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. At this time, namely on February 10, a special unit was created, now known as SOBR. Initially, it was in the department of the General Directorate for Ensuring Public Order (GUOP). It is a special rapid response unit. They can be both regional and federal special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, namely the criminal police. Initially, it was considered a structural unit of management, whichopposes organized crime (RUBOP). Today it is subordinate to the Russian Guard. The fighters of the special rapid reaction squad are involved in cases where it is necessary to carry out the forceful detention of especially dangerous criminals.


Through this formation, namely the detachment of a mobile special purpose, public order and security in the city are ensured. OMON fighters can also be sent to hot spots.

riot police and special forces what is the difference

How are these divisions different?

SOBR and OMON have long been considered departmental structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is the only thing that unites these formations. However, these units were created for different purposes. Unlike the SOBR, the special-purpose mobile detachment has sergeants and privates. According to experts, all employees of the SOBR with officer ranks are considered operational officers. They do not provide public safety. Sobrovtsy do not reinforce patrol squads and traffic police posts. Due to the fact that the "clients" of the SOBR are mostly armed and especially dangerous criminals who are able to offer malicious resistance, which in a city is fraught with serious consequences, SOBR fighters undergo a very careful selection and special training.

what is the difference between riot police and special forces

According to experts, their psychological and physical training is an order of magnitude higher than that of the employees of the mobile special forces. This is the difference between the Special Rapid Response Squad andOMON.

Special Forces

It is a special forces army formation. They are equipped with almost every state structure from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. What is the difference between OMON and special forces? According to experts, you will not meet special forces on the street or at any event. The fact is that, unlike the riot police, the special forces counter terrorism and carry out their combat missions on enemy territory.

what is the difference between riot police and sobra and special forces


The Federal Penitentiary Service has its own special forces department. Unlike OMON, the special forces of the Federal Penitentiary Service perform the following tasks:

  • Prevents and suppresses crimes and offenses at facilities controlled by the relevant service.
  • Searchs for and captures criminals.
  • Provides security at special events.
  • Releases the hostages taken by the prisoners.
  • Protects the highest officials of this department.

Tasks of the Mobile Special Forces

OMON differs from special forces in that its employees are sent to various socio-political, sports, cultural and entertainment and other events, where the fighters of the special forces ensure public order. They may also be recruited if there is a natural disaster, epidemics, major industrial accident, catastrophe, or any other emergency. In addition, riot police suppress causes that can provoke group violations and massdisorder. Like SOBR, the special forces unit is called upon to arrest criminals when necessary.

Special Forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations "Leader"

Unlike the above units, the members of this elite formation do not need to kill the enemy. The fact is that the special forces, subordinate to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, perform completely different tasks, namely, they conduct rescue operations with particular risk. For example, he clears rubble, works in areas of man-made disasters, puts out fires of a special level of complexity, evacuates people, etc.

Special Forces Leader

In conclusion

Until 2016, the SOBR and the police mobile detachment of special purpose were subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In April of the same year, the President of the Russian Federation issued Decree No. 157. Today, a special rapid reaction detachment and OMON are subordinate to the Russian Guard, namely the FSVNG (Federal Service of the National Guard Troops).

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